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  • Hi folks,

    Day one of 5:2 for me. I feel severely bloated at the moment due to totally over indulging on holiday. Ive felt out of shape for some time now and although I have been running and exercising, I always suffered from inertia. I’m a positive person but still find it hard (like I’ve lots my mojo or something). I’ve got two children as well that consume a lot of my energy. I’m not trying to make excuses by the way.

    I did 5:2 a few years ago and had success. Nice flat stomach and no more uncomfortable feelings in my clothes. I watched the Horizon documentary again yesterday and when the health implications were discussed, that’s when it hit me to start up again. I’m a train driver so I worry about concentration lapses while at work so hoping it will be ok. It was last time I did it. I have two Americano coffees every day so that keeps me alert.

    I’m currently 15 stone and 6ft tall. I want to get down to about 12.5 stone and reduce waist measurements. But the main reason like I said, is for the proven health benefits this diet can give.

    I will keep surfing on here for inspiration when the inertia comes knocking- which I know it will!

    Thanks for reading.


    Best of luck Mainbeam.

    You’ve done it before, so you can certainly do it again.

    It took me 6 months to go from 14st 12lbs to 12st 3lbs when I first began 6 years ago (I’m 6′ 2″), so your target is quite similar to what I did.

    Once you get there just keep it going this time so it becomes your way of life thereafter.

    All the best,

    Mr. Data

    Hi Mr Data, thanks for the reply.

    That’s inspiring to know you did it in 6 months. What type of exercise did you do in that time and how often?



    Hi M,

    I’m not sure I can remember now. I’ve always tried to walk one day at weekends, usually only 3 – 4.5 miles, so I was almost certainly doing that, plus walking holidays. I may have been swimming once a week back then too. These days I’m still walking but swimming gave my left shoulder some real problems, and I got foot cramps too, so I gave that up. I now do HIIT on a bike on a turbo trainer 3 times a week. 60 sec warm up then 30 secs max intensity in a high gear with max load, followed by 30-60 secs recovery, repeated 4 times and then with a 60 sec cool down. It doesn’t take very long.

    I lost the weight at an average of just less than 1.5 lbs per week, although it definitely wasn’t always a consistent loss, and some weeks my weight went up. The long term trend was always down though, so I always believed it would work if I persevered. Unlike a lot of people I weighed myself everyday (and still do) so if a weekly weight indicated a gain in weight I wasn’t that dispirited because I’d seen the daily fluctuations and it could easily be that the weekly weight just happened to coincide with a heavy day.

    Best of luck,

    Mr D.

    Hi Mr D.

    That’s great, even better to know that you wasn’t obsessively training to reach that weight. I doing 2/3 mile runs mixed with a bit of weights/boxing training so hoping I can have the same success as you. I understand everyone’s body and metabolism is different so I won’t let that dishearten me if I don’t have the same results as you. The key word is to persevere like you say.

    I’ll post here when I have some decent results.

    All the best,


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