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  • Eight months ago I had a heart attack and was given a stent I was also prescribed metroporoilol,avropo hct,trovas,coplavix and given a nitrolingual spray. I had some information about statins before my surgery and despite not likeing what I heard was frankly bullied and frightened into taking the statins by the staff at the hospital. However after only five weeks on them I knew that I was not right and took myself off them and within about three weeks was no longer experincing the symptoms and no I have not told the GP or cardiologist because I dont want to have to battle with them. I have spoken to the cardiologists, gp’s and dieticians trying to understand what is the most benefical and actually sustainable way to eat to reduce my weight, and thereby my blood pressure and the need for medication (previously I had taken nothing) and they all say the same thing low fat,carb, fruit and veg, low protein and all poo hoo fasting, ketogenic or banting all things I have looked at.. however eating the way they suggest has resulted in no loss of weight instead I find I am gaining it. Am preoccupied with food and craving sugar or carbs constantly and thoroughly dissallusioned with the whole process I found you by accident and it all makes so much sense and I want to try this. However based on past conversations with GP and cardiologist I know they will shoot it down in flames especially the fat part of it and say its unsafe.. so my question is with my history and medication do I simply do what I did with teh statins and listen to my body and go ahead and trial it or are they right and it is nto safe for someone with my medicatin list and health concerns… I appreciate you cant tell me outright do it I just need a rough indication of what to expect and if its even possible…thank you.

    Hi Org and welcome;

    Here is all of the information you need to be successful with 5:2: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/ You will find if you follow it that you will experience many changes to your diet, but it is not necessary to start with dietary changes.

    Good Luck!

    Hi Orgchr,

    First of all I endorse the link that simcoeluv has given. It is an excellent introduction to 5:2. Please read it and if you can get the book The Fast Diet by Dr Michael Mosely and Mimi Spencer.

    Next, there is no ‘fat’ part of 5:2. There are individual members on the forum who assertively promote a high fat proportion in everyone’s diet. Or totally low carb or water fasts, back to back fasts, long fasts, various ways of eating. These are individual eating plans that they espouse and are not part of 5:2. They find what they espouse works for them, and may even cite some research to back what they believe. But – this is your individual path. You get to decide what you eat, not what someone else tells you to. There are no foods prescribed by 5:2.

    5:2 is very adaptable to various ways of eating. It works in all eating styles as long as you stick to the calorie guidelines for fast days and eating under your TDEE on non-fast days. What makes it work is the alternating between eating days and non-consecutive fasting days. I don’t know what country you are in but you may find that many doctors have heard about Intermittant Fasting. Use that term instead of 5:2. Intermittant Fasting has sound research behind it for improving people’s health. 5:2 is just one way of Intermittant Fasting and is the most popular because it’s do-able by the most people. My Drs are very happy for me to be on 5:2 and to have improved my health doing it.

    As you proceed on the programme you will begin to find the Fast days easier and even may look forward to them as many of us do. You’ll also find that you naturally start changing the rest of your diet on non-fast days.

    I wish you well and happy fasting,

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my post I have ordered the book and taken a look at the link and as I see the cardiologist tomorrow feel better prepared and will definitely talk about the intermittent fasting rather than 5:2

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