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  • I’ve been on 5:2 and HIT for around 6 weeks. I disliked exercising in the local gym (ghastly ‘music’, saturated with TV screens, other punters scarily fit, cost, time to get there) so got a really good exercise bike for home use (researched the web, tried one or two, visited local distributor, waited until a nearby s/hand one came up for sale – there were plenty available). Mine’s a JTX Cyclo 6 – very solid build, weighs a ton, heavy flywheel, quiet, though almost useless monitor.

    For HIT, a heart rate monitor is obviously useful. Again, read the reviews, tried 3 or 4 wrist-type gadgets – all hopeless results for heart rate – (via Amaz** easy returns), until I settled for a chest-type band. I didn’t like the idea of a chest strap, but actually it’s no hassle. There are a few models out there, I went for a Polar H10, again, via user reviews. So far (after a week), it’s extremely accurate, and the software (displayed on an iPhone) is excellent. You can set it for a large variety of exercise (running, biking indoor or outdoor, walking, badminton, jogging, hiking, rowing etc.). Readouts include speed/distance/duration/cals/map (when tied to your iGadget’s GPS).

    Hope that doesn’t sound too much like an ad for Polar, but I’d be interested in other people’s experience with HRT monitors.

    Typo in previous post – not HRT monitors – should be HR monitors.

    I’ve also heard that Garmin do an accurate chest-type monitor, but I haven’t tried it.

    I exercise a lot and being able to determine my heart rate zones have helped me a lot too. My target is not just to be physically fit, I also want to maintain a healthy heart. So far, I am doing fine and here is the heart rate zones calculator I am using; https://healthiack.com/heart-rate-zone-calculator

    I hope it helps.

    Thanks, not easy to find amongst the sponsored ads, but a ‘heart rate zones calculator’ needs more information rather than just male/female and age?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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