Heart rate below 60 at the end of a fast day

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Heart rate below 60 at the end of a fast day

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  • Does anyone notice that their heart rate drops at the end of a fast day? My resting pulse is 68 to 70 but have noticed that it can be mid 50s at the end of a fast day. I am 50 and menopausal and notice palpitations when lying down at night. Halter monitor came back normal. Apparently it can be one of those things with menopause. Great fun eh ladies??
    Just wondering if it is normal for heart rate to go mildly bradychardic when fasting? Or could it be potassium levels out of kilter?
    Don’t want to be irresponsible and ignore. So just wondering checking if common or if it came up in any research?
    Lost 9lbs in 9 weeks so pretty happy. Another stone to go.
    Love this diet.

    I just read your post and it struck a chord with me! I never noticed my heart rate being low, but everything else sounds the same as what I was experiencing. It was my thyroid. It wasn’t horrible but just enough to cause those symptoms. I never associated palpitations or any heart issues with the thyroid but it does affect it, as well as the usual. Even my hot flashes are not as bad!

    Thanks fitnfast It could be that alright. I do have an underactive thyroid since I was 40 and have been on Eltroxin. Recent bloods look OK though.
    Good to hear that your thyroid has been sorted. Its very common and very often familial.
    Palpitations don’t freak me out too much it was just the sub 60 heart rate.
    Many people have such a HR because they are fit… Wish I could claim that…. But I am getting there.
    GGood to highlight the thyroid issue as it affects many people.

    Glad to know your numbers are good. My first Dr. said mine was fine, even though a nurse practioner had told me thyroid was swollen and to get it checked. Found out that they changed the scale for TSH readings from 1.0 – 4.5 to .5 to 3.0! My Dr. /lab was using the old scale. Got another Dr. and he agreed with me and it’s been good ever since! And yes, it runs in the family! Along with all the other fun stuff!

    I’ve been doing the 5:2 since the end of May, just needed to get my cholesterol down which was very high at 8.4 and doc threatening statins which i’m determined not to go on! Only lost 5 lbs and weight up and down in between fast days.I only need to lose about 4 more pounds to get to my target weight.

    Main worry is that I realised my pulse rate was very low (49bpm)when trying to get to sleep at the end of a fast day last night and then read online this is dangerously low and can indicate heart problems! In the light of my high cholesterol and family history this is not good.

    Can anyone representing the 5:2 diet and Michael Moseley give me any medical advice on this please?? Want to continue but not if it actually is dangerous…!


    You say your resting heart rate was 49 when trying to get to sleep on a fast day, have you checked it on a non fast day when you are resting and relaxed?
    It may not be anything to do with fasting, and it is not necessarily an indication of a health issue as athletes often have very low resting pulse rates.
    Having said that, you should speak to your GP who knows your medical history and is therefore able to give appropriate advice.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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