Great low calorie suggestion for fast days

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Great low calorie suggestion for fast days

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  • For those of you in America, in the frozen section of the grocery store, Birdseye has these amazing pre-sauced bags of veggies. I can eat the entire bag of the cauliflower, broccoli and carrot with cheese sauce and it’s only 170 calories/10g of carbs, not to mention its really filling and super satisfying. Even better? It’s right around $2 for the bag. Thought I’d share this super quick and easy meal find.

    For those in the UK. Holland and Barrett sell Eat Water Rice, Pasta and Noodles which are incredibly low in calories (100g portion of rice is 7 cals and 100g of noodles is 21 cals). If you use these in meals on your fast days you can bulk meals up which means you fill your plate and your stomach! They are expensive but you can stock up on them when they are on special offer (H&B currently has a sale on – 15th Jan 2015). Also, not that expensive when you consider you only need to use them for probably two meals a week.

    Have you tried asking for Shiritaki noodles in SE Asian food stores? In Australia, we can get these super low cal noodles really cheaply in Chinese/Korean/Japanese food providores. Good luck. PVE

    Oh, nice idea! I should work out the calories to make my own.

    I’m new here, I’m 32, i want to lose 8 kilos, i’m vegetarian, and today is my second fast day in a row.
    It will be nice and inspiring for me if everyone share their menus.
    Wish you all a good weekend!

    Shirataki noodles and rice are also available in the US. Personally, I dont like them.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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