good ideas on what to eat on fasting days

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good ideas on what to eat on fasting days

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  • I find that I only have a half of a piece of toast and a cup of tea and water for breakfast.. lunch a big salad with some protein in the salad. low calorie snack in the afternoon. lots of cups of tea in between. lots of water in between .. dinner a big salad with some protein in it again.. more tea lots of water.. anyone have any ideas of a good low calorie snack that is healthy. I don’t like eating processed foods. So far I have been doing this for about two weeks and lost 3 pounds.

    Why do you need to snack on fasting days?

    Pamollygram, good for you for successfully shedding 3 pounds in only 2 weeks! That’s even better than the 1 pound a week average!

    I’m curious to know if you might feel you need the snack in the morning Pamollygram? I ask mainly because I find I do best skipping breakfast completely on my FDs and waiting till I’m substantially hungry before I take my first FD bite! This is because for some reason eating early in the day ignites my hunger dragon and then I’m usually more inclined then to want a snack before lunch! If I just wait till lunch I’m usually fine and now in my tenth week I’m finding that I desire lunch later and later! Today I didn’t eat mine till after 2 pm. Once I had my 2 pm lunch, it wasn’t long before dinner and so found I didn’t need anything in between. As far as later evening hunger, I save a 45 calorie whey protein drink to have just before bed so I don’t go to bed hungry and that works really well.

    There are many things I find I can’t eat on FDs including bread, pasta, rice or anything sweet including fruit (except berries in moderation and combined with a protein). Sweets and carbs tend to make me really hungry and I want to eat more and/or snack. Consuming minimum 50 grams protein each FD definitely satiates and I’m better able to ride out any waves of hunger that do arise.

    So, if I am going spread out my 500 FD calories by including a snack, for me it always has to be high protein and I always count every calorie for every snack in that limit. What I’ve chosen when I have spread my calories out further than just 2 meals are: 50 grams low fat cottage cheese = 43 calories, 1 x 50 gram egg soft boiled = 70 calories, 50 grams Old El Paseo Mexe Beans from a can = 49 calories, 3 tsp of Chia seeds soaked in a cup of water for 10 minutes = 60 calories. These are the types of snacks I eat. They aren’t very entertaining, but they are real food that quell the hunger dragon’s fire.

    P.S. I’m going to add here that I’m one of those people who also doesn’t do well with bread, pasta, rice and other grains on my NFDs either. I find they unleash the hunger dragon on those days just as much as they do on my FDs.

    What carbs I do find work for me are foods with resistant starches. These foods include beans and pulses and cold cooked white potatoes! The white potatoes have to be chilled prior to consuming because that is when the starch that would normally spike blood sugar is converted into a type of starch that will actually serve to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. I own a blood sugar monitor and have tested this out on myself because I wanted to prove that was true! Anyway, I’ve been known to snack on a half of a cold potato that I pull from the fridge, sprinkle with salt and note that I’m satiated after consuming. The same is true when I eat my own home made potato salad with home made real egg and olive oil mayonnaise.

    So, I’ve had to troubleshoot and find what foods most satisfy me after eating and instead do not trigger snack attacks. Isn’t it odd that I’m more triggered to snack by eating certain foods than by not eating at all!?!? You’d think it the other way around! …Just goes to show me that my snack cravings are not really hunger driven, but rather blood sugar driven.

    I find I’m also able to eat quinoa without it triggering a desire to snack! Quinoa isn’t technically a grain, but is a seed and very high in protein.

    I feel if I have a snack between my two meals I am not so crazy hungry and it keeps me in control. I don’t feel like I am so hungry that the meals won’t satisfy me.. I guess it just works for me to keep me in control.

    thanks for the response Lael! I did my fast today and I did not eat breakfast at all for the first time…I feel I was less hungry today so I have to agree with you about that!.. I think I might skip breakfast on my non fast days too. We will see.

    I lost a stone last time I embarked on this 5.2 diet and starting again tomorrow!
    Any fresh ideas for snacks and meals?

    I have learned the longer you can push off eating it is easier to not be as hungry.. I usually skip breakfast even on the days I don’t fast . On fasting days it is salad for lunch and salad for dinner I add a little bit of chicken to the salad for protein . on fasting days vegetables are the lowest calorie things to eat.. sometimes I eat a bowl of spinach… I love spinach so that works for me.

    now that I have been doing this for a while I do not need to snack as much.. probably like 90 percent less. it depends on how I eat on my non fasting days.. now that I have dipped into christmas cookies I find I am hungrier on the fasting days… so stay away from sugar and its easier… which I was doing before holiday goodies.

    an orange is low in calories, graham crackers are low, I drink water and tea, lots of vegetables, salads are my meals on fd , I am going to try quinoa on my fasting days. I find that if I add protein to my salads I am much more satisfied that just lettuce. this morning I had mushrooms with an egg white and a little piece of cheese.. I had that as a late breakfast… but it does work to have no breakfast better.. but I stayed within my 500 today so it worked… I have to change it up I can’t do the same thing every week or I will not be able to stick to it.

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