Good HIIT workout for a runner?

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  • Hi.
    Does anyone know a good HIIT workout for a runner? Alos, should I do it based on heart rate, or by time? It will be easier to do it by time because I have an interval app.

    1600 meter broken up in different sprinting distances. Like this: easy one mile warm up, 4x100m dash 4x200m dash, 1x400m dash, cool down jog our walk. 1600m can be broken down to any increment and goal is to increase distance to 3-5 mile range.

    I’ve just started doing the one in the book. 30secs as fast as you can, 4 mins walking, x6. done it twice now. really hope it helps.

    Great – thanks for this – Im gonna start this week! You guys are sadists! 😉

    Climb stairs. Up down. Then every other step on way up. Run down every step. . Then squat jump each step. Run down. Round one. Min break. Then round 2

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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