Good but affordable exercise bike recommendations pleas

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Good but affordable exercise bike recommendations pleas

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  • Hi, I started the fast diet 7 weeks ago and now want to introduce fast exercise. I’ve read the book and indoor hit cycling really appeals to me.

    Can anyone recommend a suitable but affordable exercise bike for hit? … can pick up bikes for as little as £70 on Amazon but I’m imaging these will not take the intensity!? Wondering if I can get away with a
    c£150 bike or do I really need to be spending hundreds/thousands to get the resistance and durability needed for hit workouts?

    Any advice appreciated.

    There are lots of reviews out there. I’m not sure what’s available in your area, but some of these are very inexpensive –

    I do a lot of outdoor cycling, and for indoor work I bought a set of rollers, which is the closest you can get to being on the road. These are great for interval work and/or just cruising, and you can use any type of bike on them. I picked mine up used for $120.

    Cheers Dave,
    Seems some good affordable bikes there …. However none available in the uk 🙁
    I’ve ruled out rollers as will be kept in my lounge and don’t want to be looking at my dirty bike all the time :-0

    …..any other input from anyone much appreciated.

    Cheers h

    Hi Hayley, I’ve just ordered one from Argos at around £150 (for exactly the same reason) it doesn’t get here until Thursday but the reviews were really good. It’s a pro fitness jx aerobic exercise bike if that’s any good.

    Thanks so much. I’d gone off the boil thinking of exercise as I couldn’t decide on a bike. Your post has prompted me to look again. I’ll look at the one you’ve ordered on Argos 🙂 be interested to know how you get on with it once it arrives. Thanks again! H

    Hi Hayley

    Just like you, I recently decided to try HiiT, using an indoor cycle. Just like you, I had exactly the same dilemma about which bike to buy! I looked at Argos and other sites but ended up very confused, and a little mistrustful, of the reviews. I didn’t want to shell out on an exercise bike which turned out not to be resistant enough.

    I did some searching online and found a company which hires out exercise bikes. I’m not sure they cover the whole country, though. It is quite an outlay – it’s costing me £17 per week and the minimum hire term is 12 weeks, plus £35 one off delivery and collection cost, so £245 in all. I decided (toss of the head) ‘I’m worth it’, as it would help me find out a) whether HiiT was for me b) what I needed to look for if I bought a bike.

    Four weeks in, and it’s been great! My fitness is improving and I love the ‘quick blast and it’s over’ aspect of it! The bike is quite a lot like the ones in gyms – proper heavy duty. When I come to buy one (from Argos, as the model I am currently using is well out of my price range) I will have a much better idea what to look for and what questions to ask.

    If you are interested, let me know and I’ll post a link to the firm.

    All the best

    PS I’ve also begun doing the strength exercises they describe in the book. I’m quite a beginner, as I last entered a gym 10 years ago! I’ve found some outdoor exercise groups here (in Bristol) so I shall go to those for a while until I have got the hang of the exercises and can do them at home by myself, without constantly checking the book!

    Thanks for that. I’m not sure I’m happy to pay out that much for 12weeks and worried that if I did I’d then be disappointed once I bought the bike I could afford. However, they may have cheaper options available!? (Hopefull!!) because as an idea it’s a great way to test. So if you don’t mind sharing the link I’ll have a look (as live in Cardiff so likely to cover me to).

    I’d be particularly interested once you’ve finished your hire period and you decide to buy what you end up opting for and whether you’re happy! Keep me posted …aware may be another 8weeks but sure this info could be useful to others in the future too. Cheers h

    Hello Hayley

    Sorry it’s been a couple of days: I forgot to come back on here. This is the company I used:

    These two also just came up when I searched:

    I’ll keep you posted about what I end up buying. I hope you find something to suit, too. Let me know!

    Hello guys!

    Thanks for sharing your ideas on where to buy. I am looking for an Exercise Bike on hot deals this summer. Has anybody bought lately on the store or online?

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