Getting fit whilst disabled

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  • Hi there

    Just wondered if there was anyone out there that could make any suggestions for hw I might try to improve my fitness despite a disability?

    I have a condition which results in severe sciatica and other leg pain/pins and needles, etc. in the left leg – I walk with a stick and have a blue badge for my car.

    I used to cycle 25 miles a day to and from work and now am very limited – anyone have any ideas as to exercise I might be able to do to try to improve my fitness?

    I’ve gone from 95Kg to 80KG on the Fast Diet, and want to lose another 5-10KG

    Do you swim? Try your local pool and ask what they have on offer. The water supports the weight of your body so would put less strain on your back. Ask at your local gym too – you never know they might have just the class for you 🙂
    Good luck!

    Definitely go for the pool. Even if you’re not a strong swimmer you might be able to join in an aqua class (you don’t have to keep up, just keep moving – so no disability should really prevent you from being able to take part in a small way). If you find that being in the water supports you enough for your sciatica etc. to not be much of an issue then there’s more advanced, specifically fat burning & cardio workouts you can do in the pool now, like Aqua Running. I haven’t tried it myself but I’ve seen them doing it at my local pool and you’re actually harnessed in and have buoyancy aids, so you don’t have to be much of a swimmer to take part.

    Hi Drgrobby. I agree with Lindyw and TracyJ re the swimming. In my local health club the gym had a couple of machines that may help. I do not recall the name but you sit with your back supported and your legs relaxed. You then basically row in a circular motion with your arms setting a resistance that suits you. Check out local gyms. In fact I suggest you check out your local authority and local swimming baths. They will be able to help as will your Doctors surgery and Physiotherapists at the surgery. Please try and do some exercise, you will only get positive results.
    Good luck.

    Hey Drgrobby,

    Like the others above have said, swimming is often advised, and a cant remember the name of the machine Couscous is describing, but i use it myself in some of my sessions, its bloody great! So there’s definitely stuff out there that you can use, even if you cant do certain exercises. Speak to your local gym or authority, they will have sessions and equipment that you can use. Your condition should be no reason why you cant exercise and train your heart. Your weight loss you’ve described is fantastic and should be a real inspiration to everyone. Keep it up!

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