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  • Hi All,
    I am so glad I landed here! 🙂
    I have started this diet last week. I want to gain more muscles and loose 2/3 kg of fat. The thing is that it seems that I don’t eat enough. I am counting my calories with Lifesum app and most of the time I am below 1k cal which is not good for my metabolism. Please note that it’s NOT done on purpose. I push myself to eat more but I get satiated quite easily. Pls note I am vegan so no meat & dairy.
    I started 53 kg and today I am 51.8 but the wight has been fluctuating over the week.
    Is anybody in the same position as I am? Or do you have any suggestion?
    Please note that I prefer to skip dinner cause it’s better for my digestion.

    Thanks for help!

    Elisa 🙂

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