Gaining and not being able to loose when I was maintaining.

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Gaining and not being able to loose when I was maintaining.

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  • I was maintaining for about 8 months and was doing with 6:1 or 5:2 depending how my non fast days were going. I then had a couple of weeks off due to a holiday and put on half a stone. Within two weeks I had lost all but 3lb of this and since then I have been yo-yoing between the 3lb-5lb more than I should be.

    I have tried being good on non fasting days but can’t seem to loose. Has my body got used to the two fasts a week? I have taken the odd week off to see if this could kick start anything. I have counted calories on non fast days to try and stay within my tdee but I’m baffled. How can I loose the 3lb – 5lbs and go back to my maintaining weight?
    Any tips, gratefully received.

    Hi B. You can try intermittent fasting and eat all your meals in NFD in a max 8 hours eating window, the last meal at 5 pm. If this doesn’t work, you can try IF 18/6 with 2 meals a day, for NFD, also last meal at 5 pm.

    Good luck!

    Hi, I’m going to try that. Thank you

    Bubbly, maybe the issue is the type of food you eat. I have found as I got older [now 69] that some foods [white rice, beer] add pounds which are difficult to shed. Discovered this one Christmas break when one son cooked meals with lots of rice and the other son provided almost-nightly beer tastings. Of the beer, I was having maybe 4 oz/day — not binging! Anyhow, the weight arrived and took me 2 weeks to remove while continuing 2 Fasts/week. Consider this as you ponder how to lose those 3-5#.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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