Gaining and not being able to loose when I was maintaining.

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Gaining and not being able to loose when I was maintaining.

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  • I was maintaining for about 8 months and was doing with 6:1 or 5:2 depending how my non fast days were going. I then had a couple of weeks off due to a holiday and put on half a stone. Within two weeks I had lost all but 3lb of this and since then I have been yo-yoing between the 3lb-5lb more than I should be.

    I have tried being good on non fasting days but can’t seem to loose. Has my body got used to the two fasts a week? I have taken the odd week off to see if this could kick start anything. I have counted calories on non fast days to try and stay within my tdee but I’m baffled. How can I loose the 3lb – 5lbs and go back to my maintaining weight?
    Any tips, gratefully received.

    Hi B. You can try intermittent fasting and eat all your meals in NFD in a max 8 hours eating window, the last meal at 5 pm. If this doesn’t work, you can try IF 18/6 with 2 meals a day, for NFD, also last meal at 5 pm.

    Good luck!

    Hi, I’m going to try that. Thank you

    I have some ayurveda tips for your problem….
    Obesity means our body mass index BMI is more than 27. Excessive accumulation of fat in the body causes obesity. In a day we consume near about 1600-2000 calories and only 1000-1200 calories utilization done by yourself means near about 600-800 calories remain in the body. this leads to excess deposition of fat in the body and causes obesity.

    Increased body fat put the person at risk of critical diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, kidney diseases, liver diseases arthritis and much more
    Diet and lifestyle-

    -Avoid high carbohydrates like potato, polished, rice.

    Increase intake of fruits and salads
    avoid oily and spicy foods drink of lukewarm water with lime
    Use of powdered cum seeds, coriander leaves salt and ginger powder with outer milk should be recommended.





    Surya Namaskar

    Helps in losing extra fat. This is more effective if performed with Pranayam and kapalbharti. Brisk walk of 30 min in morning helps in burning of excessive fat of the body.
    For more details please visit

    Bubbly, maybe the issue is the type of food you eat. I have found as I got older [now 69] that some foods [white rice, beer] add pounds which are difficult to shed. Discovered this one Christmas break when one son cooked meals with lots of rice and the other son provided almost-nightly beer tastings. Of the beer, I was having maybe 4 oz/day — not binging! Anyhow, the weight arrived and took me 2 weeks to remove while continuing 2 Fasts/week. Consider this as you ponder how to lose those 3-5#.

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