Fruit teas

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  • Can we have these on fast days or do we have to count calories? I know we can have herbal and green tea but im not a big fan of these. Today is my first fast day and ive just had a black tea……bleurgghhh. Need something to try and get rid of hunger pangs which wont cost me calories. I’m also not a bit fan of water as it bloats me up but will drink this if need be.



    From what I can tell fruit teas would only have one or two calories per cup so I wouldn’t bother counting the calories in them. They taste lovely and do help you get past that hunger pang. You would have to drink lots and lots and lots of fruit tea for the calories to be worth counting.
    You don’t need to stress about counting precisely 500 calories (or 600 if you are a bloke) a few calories either side isn’t going to blow the budget.

    Thanks for your reply. I am off shopping today to find fruit teas and some low cal meals for tonight. Hoping to find and share some delicious stuff with you all

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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