For all you sugar lovers, watch this video by Dr Fettke

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For all you sugar lovers, watch this video by Dr Fettke

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  • For all you people still addicted to sugar. Watch the youtube lecture by Dr Gary Fettke.

    I found a number of things interesting in that video, firstly, that it is in our genetic wiring to be addicted to sugar and sweetness. Sure the food industry plays on this, but even without that, before there was a ‘food industry’ humans were addicted to sweets and fruit which enabled them to survive in times of scarcity.

    I’m guessing that my 5:2 fasting is helping at least somewhat mimic the times of scarcity genetic principle, if not for a whole season all at once, maybe at least a little helpful broken up into smaller time spans? My shape sure has changed, so it must be doing some good!

    What Dr. Fettke said about eating fruit rings true for me. In my early days of fasting, I tried eating 1 whole apple on a FD and I was starving afterwards! What I liked seeing was Dr. Fettke, who is someone I would call a ‘non-binger’ admit that he feels hungry after eating fruit and only consumes it with that fact in mind! Seeing Dr. Fettke’s lecture definitely enlightens me to regard the eating of whole fruit with a greater ‘respect’ of sorts and to see it as a ‘dessert’ or ‘treat’.

    Interesting too that he basically says that we could get along fine with consuming no fruit since antioxidants can be consumed in so many other foods, including chocolate (I love munching on raw cacao nibs!).

    I’m so sorry that Dr. Fettke has been threatened with his medical license revocation and has been ordered to stop giving nutritional advice to his diabetic patients whose limbs he’s amputating due to their illness.

    I’m off to make some ‘fat bombs’ now!

    @Lael. Gary has enemies in powerful places. There is very little money to be made by eating healthy and being healthy.

    Very interesting! Thanks for posting Big Booty. Some good info for me who can’t eat fruit or any sugar without feeling intolerable munchies and horrible hangover effects.

    I think body needs everything to be healthy. Sugar is also needed, just like a lot of others components.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion Greg. Why do you think sugar is necessary for good health? What purpose do you think it serves?

    One a funnier note about sugar. The Hitler parody on sugar.

    Stumbled onto this one. An English cardiologist being interviewed on BBC mentions Gary Fettke and the outrageous APHRA for gagging Gary (5:15 in).

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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