foods that can help with blood sugar drop following a FD

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foods that can help with blood sugar drop following a FD

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  • Hi there I know there must be lots of posts on here on low BS following a fast but I cant seem to find them?
    I have no problems on a FD but the following day I get to late afternoon and start feeling trembley and weak. I have porridge with honey and a banana most mornings and soup for lunch with cracker bread and cheese I weigh all ingredients. I eat a healthy dinner but then the shakes come and I need sugar….
    Any ideas of food that can combat my sugar urges would be gratefully received. I am loosing weight but these binges hold me back a little

    Are you saying that you have a fast day with 500 – 600 calories, then a good breakfast and lunch the next day, and THEN you feel all trembly and weak? I can’t see how the fast day would have that effect. Is it possible that something else is causing it?

    Only thing I can think of: Are you drinking enough water over that time period?

    Porridge, honey and banana are all sugar. It spikes your blood sugar and then it plunges causing the shakes. You need to back off the sugary carbs and add some protein and fat to your breakfast. Whole eggs are the perfect breakfast food. A great mix of fat, protein and minerals. I like a scramble or omelet with onions and lots of spinach cooked in Irish grass fed butter.

    Recent research shows that People react differently to the same food. Carbs are the usual suspect but reactions vary. Best bet is to keep track of what you’ve eaten IOT try & find what triggers your “weak spells”. Lack of proper sleep can also be a factor – do you sleep well after a FD? Staying well hydrated, as noted above, may also help.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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