Food for Thought on a Fast Day – Several small meals or a couple of larger ones?

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Food for Thought on a Fast Day – Several small meals or a couple of larger ones?

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  • Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting  10 myths about dieting from the article by Michael Mosley in The Times

    Claim 4. It is better to eat several small meals a day rather than a couple of large ones.

    A common belief is that if you spread out your food into lots of small meals this will increase your metabolic rate, keep you less hungry and help you lose weight. In a recent study researchers at the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Prague decided to test this idea by feeding two groups of type 2 diabetics meals with the same number of calories but taken as either two or six meals a day.

    Each group ate around 1,700 calories a day. The group eating two meals a day ate their first meal between 6:00am and 10am and their next meal between 12pm and 4pm. The others ate at regular intervals throughout the day. Despite eating the same number of calories the “two meal a day” group lost, on average, 1.4kg more than the snackers and about 1.5inches more from around their waists.

    What was also surprising is that the volunteers eating their 1700 calories spread out as 6 meals a day felt less satisfied and hungrier than those sticking to the two meals. The lead scientist, Dr Kahleova, believes cutting down to 2 meals a day might also people without diabetes who are trying to lose weight.

    Very interesting.

    I will try to get the original study to read the details. In the meantime I might just go back to two meals a day. This was what I did years ago and while not being slim, I at least maintained my weight. Once I gave in to the “healthy” approach of three meals a day I started to gain weight again.
    I could never do the snacks because once I eat I want a proper meal, I find it very hard to stop after half an apple.

    This is very interesting. I’ve always found the more often I eat, the hungrier I am and the more I want to eat.

    I am returning to 5:2 today and will only eat once or twice on fasting days…along with loads of black coffee and my beloved xylitol chewing gum!

    Thanks for these “Food for Thought” articles, Michael.
    No matter how long we are on this WOE (hopefully for life), it is good to keep feeding the mind re the research behind it.
    My husband (now non-insulin) diabetic eats only in the evening. I have a small late brunch and dinner. We have experimented and this seems to suit us. We only have a total of 250-300 cals on fast days. Have been doing this for nearly 18 months and are at maintenance. He lost 30kg, me 26kg:) As a diabetic he realises he will need to fast twice a week for life. The fasting keeps his BS levels low and steady.
    Thanks, again, for your fabulous work! PVE

    So that could be anything between 14:10 and 22:2 eating pattern. This suggests then that a 16:8ish pattern of eating will provide the fasting benefits. Add in the calorie restriction for weightloss, or aim for TDEE for maintenance.

    I know I maintained a healthy weight in my 30s naturally using 16:8ish, started eating 3 meals a day and gained weight, adopted 16:8 again whilst doing 5:2 and have been staggered by how easy the weight loss has been.

    I’m now maintaining on 16:8 and can’t do low cal fast days at all without further weight loss, but it seems I don’t need to to still reap the health benefits?

    I hope the updated book will explore this issue further and tease out the ‘fasting’ from the calorie restriction!

    HappyNow, I just read your reply to the interesting article posted by Dr Mosley that a group of 1,700 calories a day dieters who spread their food over six meals a day lost less weight, and experienced more hunger, than those eating two meals a day.
    I remember that both you and I observed that we ‘naturally’ missed out breakfast in our youth and stayed slim, but both gained weight when we succumbed to pressure to eat ‘the most important meal of the day” – breakfast. Hmmm, preferably supplied by one of the huge multinational processed food companies no doubt!
    We all need to be able to think out of the box (of cereals) when assessing what’s accurate and what’s not. What scientific evidence/studies are there to support the hypothesis that ‘breakfast is the most import meal of the day’. It’s almost a religion now, I’ve had my head bitten off many a time for questioning the science behind this! Traditionally, the Greek people never ate breakfast, but have been persuaded to do so now (via advertising) guess what? The Greek nation now has a weight problem/diabetes problem! Are we surprised, no we are not!

    Is there research on best time of day to eat?

    I should know that as I have read about it but what is 16:8? I think it means eating in an 8 hour window, so having brunch after 11am and supper before 7pm? Is that correct?

    My understanding is the same as yours. All the eating – to the point of being satisfied – is done within an 8 hour period each day.

    Most of my adult life I’ve eaten when I was hungry, which usually meant late morning and between 8 and 9 at night. I’m 6.1 in height, been between 12st 10 and 13st 4 weight, and I’m 53 this year. Interesting point on the skipping breakfast Elainefriend, I’ve only recently (since XMAS this year) started bowing to peer pressure in the belief that “I’ve got away with it” for so long, but have been finding I’m feeling less well, putting on weight and started getting digestive problems, which is what led me to this site in the first place and I’ll be starting a 5:2 next week. Will post back in a month or so but after reading this now intend to revert to my “normal” eating pattern, fast day or not …

    Naturally thin people eat when they are hungry. Having one as a spouse for 25 years, I notice my husband eats a meal once or twice a day – when he is hungry and thinks about it.

    There is no logical reason to not eat the way your body wants.

    I’ve always tried to work on the “listen to your body” principle, but with so much background noise these days I think I was falling into the trap of listening to my head (or what the ad people want to put into it) – you just put a smile on my face, reminded me to believe in myself and made the day better, thanks Amy C. 🙂

    What an interesting discussion! I’m in week 3 of 5:2 and starting to understand how my body works. In my first week I definitely felt a lot hungrier having to split my meals into 3, and I have now skipped breakfast for 3 fast days and felt better for it. For example, today (fast day) I ate at 1pm, by which time I was ravenous and thought that I would end up being starving all afternoon. But actually a large helping of Mediterranean veg with a chicken breast and a little couscous filled me up. I got peckish around the kids’ teatime but busied myself with other things. Once my husband came home and we sat down to eat, I actually wasn’t that hungry and happily ate a fraction of what he ate.

    So now I’m rethinking my approach to non-fast days. I do struggle with afternoons and often succumb to a snack (or 3)! Perhaps tomorrow I will try to condense my calories into that all-important 8 hour window as HappyNow said. Then the snacks won’t matter so much because I will be eating at the time I feel hungriest.

    Update: I didn’t eat until 11am today and really noticed a difference. I’m not as hungry and no “I need to go to bed RIGHT NOW” feeling between 2-4pm like usual. I did eat a little naughty snack at 4.30pm because my darling husband left it for me (he’s on 5:2 too but thinks I’m a bit too keen and doesn’t want a skinny wife). But all is not lost! I logged every mouthful on myfitnesspal and still got enough calories left for dinner. So I’m pretty pleased with myself and will continue because apparently breakfast is a pointless waste of calories for me.


    I am an unashamedly 5:2er and have been for almost a year now.Unfortunately I can become a little evangelical about it and i often have people come up to me to explain why they are unable to do the side effects are to strenuous for them.I often explain that you actually become better at fasting the longer you do it and suggest that if 25% is too strenuous then maybe start at 50% and work your way down, much the same way a smoker changes their patch strength when giving up smoking.Lets face it , for people largely overweight , it should be a lifestyle change.
    Am i off the mark giving this advice ?

    Hi Joestar I’m just starting my journey as a 5:2er today and found your post very interesting as well as the other’s posts but yours being more recent I’m replying to that.

    This is an interesting read as being an ex-smoker who couldn’t use the patches (allergy to the glue and blistering skin was not nice LOL) I took several tries of ONE thing before finally making the break and guess what it was ALL in my head … once I made the decision of “Right, this is IT” I was able to quit that day. I’d say give them the information then let them decide for themselves. If they really and truly want to do it they will find a way that suits them. I note that some people start even higher at 75% and slowly decrease to 25%, perhaps that’s more achievable for them, myself I’m going to pace myself today (day 1) and aim for 25% but not be upset if I don’t quite make it today.

    I’ve been searching for years for the right program for me to lose weight/size and have tried a multitude of things, some worked … for a while, but then the weight/size crept back on. I believe that this will not occur with this lifestyle.

    I agree with you that this is a lifestyle change and after reading the information in here about 2 meals/day that rang with a resounding resonance for me as I prefer a “brunch” and an evening meal but have often succumbed to breakfast, lunch & dinner under pressure due to it being “normal” but no more!! and yes, if I have breakfast I’m hungry around 10 or 11 in the morning and then snacking becomes very tempting. The thing is if I only eat lunch and evening meal I have the same size meals as when I also have breakfast but when having breakfast I’m hungry more often.

    I don’t generally snack but also know I need to get my portion sizes under control as I do love nice food, particularly when nicely cooked and very tasty.

    Day 1 (starts tomorrow), great to read all of your tips. Will give breakfast a miss and see how it goes.

    Joestar and Aussie Oma, it takes some time to get the fasts right. It took me several weeks to get down to less than 500 kcal on my fast days but I still lost weight and improved my diabetes. Over time the fasting gets easier, you know what to expect and how to handle it.

    A lot of the problems with fasting are not real. People are afraid of perceived problems and all these websites that are now trying to cash in perpetuate scares that are just not real. If you read some of the new fasters’ questions this shows. They are afraid of hunger pains – hunger does not hurt, it just growls at you and backs down if you’re stern. Or they are afraid of headaches. Okay, that can happen, but first of all headaches subside. Secondly we all get headaches sometimes, they are not specific to fasting so why make them a mountain of a problem? People are afraid of fainting but come on, unless you are diabetic on certain medications your body does not drop blood sugar low enough to faint. That stuff is just in your head.

    Fortunately, I started to fast before finding any websites, blogs or facebook pages about it, so I had never heard that I was supposed to be miserable, aching, “hangry” (another concept that is just in your mind) or whatever else. Michael does not mention any of that and therefore I was curious how hunger would feel but not afraid of fasting. I took to it like a duck to water.

    I would encourage anyone to jump in and see how it feels. Can’t manage 500 kcal at first? No worries, you’ll get there. Just go with the flow and you will be fine.

    Thanks for the replies Dummerchen, Buzzard and Aussie Oma,
    Aussie Oma , bets of luck with your journey, When i first started , there were a few things that really stood out. Firstly, My sense of smell and taste on my fast days were really heightened and secondly I couldnt beleive how well I felt the morning after the fast day.It was a feeling of being light and full of energy.

    Next question I have ,Michael M was on telly here in Australia on the TV show ‘Sunday night’ . He made the point that while we rest overnight the body starts to go into repair mode.This repair mode ceases when we start eating again at breakfast. I’m trying to delay what I eat in the morning so I can get the most out of the benefits that we get from fasting , question is ; If I just have a coffee in the morning will that reverse the repair mode from the overnight fast.Secondly,I’m aware of 16:8 i.e only eating in an 8 hour window. But is there a point where we over do it and the benefits start to get diluted?
    Lastly , our local Media doctor, Dr Andrew Rochford is reveiwing 5 diets this week as a Channell Seven News segment, and I beleive 5:2 is going to be one under reveiw.He has already done one on the Palio diet and given it a ‘not convinced’ reason being that it almost wholly excludes a whole food group (Carbs). I’II be reporting back with great interest with regards to his comments on 5:2.
    Have a great day all

    This is my third fast day and I am finding that smaller meals through out the day do not satiate my hunger where as two larger meals keep me going. Not all the way mind you, I still feel very hungry a few hours before I’m due to eat again, but with the smaller meals I’m constantly hungry and experienced headaches.

    @joestar, yes I felt the same way the next day, energised and feeling good after the fast days. I’ve only had three so far over an 8 day period – I’m trying to do 3 days a week- and on those fast days I am trying to delay eating for as long as possible. This morning I made it to 11am.

    Well done Sar,
    I’m just sticking with a coffee in the morning and making it to lunch with something like a Nori roll or half a chicken wrap, that gives me a half decent amount for dinner which is generally fish or chicken breast with a garden type salad and /or steamed vegies and try and get to bed early. I agree with you, it’s almost easier getting through the day with nothing than eating something, although the little i have at lunch seems to get me to dinner time.

    Greetings… My husband and I started 5:2 mid Aug. 2013. We feel after 13 months this is not hard to make a lifestyle. We both feel same as others have posted, that eating breakfast is not good. First of all we aren’t hungry either on fast days or on the 5 days. It surprised me. We have success with 2 large meals.

    Between May and Aug of 2014 we found we were shrinking, but scales were not going down. I think it is fat we are loosing and fat doesn’t weigh as much as muscle. We both work out, but that is not new for us.

    I understand Joestar wanting to tell people about it because it is so much easier than “dieting” with brain fixated on food all the time. This works with our lifestyle because it is flexible. I think we will have to just be an example with our smaller sizes. I refer to it as an eating plan. Pea Jay

    Thanks Pea Jay,

    It’s hard not to get excited about it because it works,I’ve all the methods I’ve tried with losing weight in the past, this is by far the easiest which inturns makes it the easiest to maintain. I wish people could see me when I’m in the pub having a few ales or eating potato chips and nuts , and then ask the question ‘Why is this guy still losing weight !! I think you’re right , you just have to lead by example.It’s almost like I’ve got my life back. what this ‘eating plan’ does show me is that there is a time and place for everything, A time to eat well,(3-4 days) A time to fast(2 days), and when the time presents itself, a time to let go 1-2 days.

    Oh and i forgot to add, now we are not ‘restricted’ to the 3 meals a day regime we can simply eat when we are hungry ! no need to beat yourself up any longer for skipping meals ! As I mentioned earlier I enjoy the food a lot more eating from this premise.

    I’m having a much easier time on fast days since I changed to eating one meal. Like many have observed, once I start eating I want to continue, but I find that I’m not really hungry until about 3pm, so I can cope with it until I have an early dinner, and 450 calorie dinners are definitely the way to go for me. I drink two mugs of tea in the morning with a splash of milk, and a coffee later, again with a splash of milk,then have lunch, and dinner. I only eat if I am hungry whereas before it was not a consideration. This way of eating has certainly put me more in touch with whether I am hungry or just thirsty, and if I really need to eat.

    This is my first week on 5:2 and I am interested to see how I go at my weigh in tomorrow morning. I have fasted on Monday and Thursday which fits into my lifestyle. I am doing 25% of BMR calories on fasting days and 66% on non fasting days. I made up a vegie soup with minced chicken thigh for fasting days together with an evening meal of salmon and vegies, and stirfry vegies and a small amount of chicken breast. I must admit that I have enjoyed all the meals I have had this week. Only negative is that old habits kicked in and I have jumped on and off the scales almost daily which does affect my mood. So, my goal for next week is to weigh once!!

    Hi Minnie54,

    “I am doing 25% of BMR calories on fasting days and 66% on non fasting days.”

    Just checking that you mean TDEE rather than BMR – as it’s TDEE that is recommended for the calculation.

    Good Luck with your planned goal of scale abstinence 🙂

    Hi All,

    This article interests me very much as I am trying to work out if anyone has any thoughts on restricting calories for 6 days a week : so I go two meals @ 600 calories each meal , lunch and dinner) for 4 days a week, Fast at 500 calories for two days a week and then have a rather non restrictive day, usually Saturday where I eat reasonably well, but allow some wine and indulgent foods like dessert and maybe a couple of courses in a restaurant or a hearty breakfast out at our favourite cafe.

    I have only just started eating this way, finding it works for me quite well as I would rather eat two substantial meals then several small ones more often, so I am interested to hear from anyone who eats this way and if they have been successful with their health and weight loss. Thank you.

    Just read through this thread from beginning and found it very interesting and helpful. I have been fasting 2 days per week since early Sept but managed to ‘turn a blind eye’ to keeping to my TDEE on the other five.

    I have already gained many of the benefits mentioned here and on other threads: a sense of well being the day after a fast; looser clothes; et al. Now – I am taking myself in hand and getting serious about sticking to my TDEE. Fasting today so that starts tomorrow. I will certainly experiment with the number and timing of meals, based on people’s comments here.

    Thanks and good luck to all!

    It’s interesting that the ‘you must always eat breakfast’ theory is breaking down. I love my breakfast but find that I am always hungry when eating it on my non-fast days. The ‘Sydney Herald’ has just published an article about a group at a Sydney hospital who were fasted from 8pm to 12 noon the following day (with control group of course who ate normally with similar kilojoules, exercise etc) and lo and behold they lost fat on tummies (which was the aim of the exercise) and lost weight. Looks to me as if they based the study on fast day thinking. It is odd though that as Pea jay says ones clothing is falling round ones ankles but the scales are not moving down, if anything mine keep moving up. I shall have to stop looking at the scales I guess.

    This explains why you have meals with servings in the 300 and 400 range in your book of recipes. I was actually disappointed because I like to have the usual 3 meals a day with a couple of snacks. I was looking forward to more meals in the 100’s range. I have been doing this on my own but was hoping for you to do some of my homework! Anyway, I will have to think about your suggestion of eating fewer but more satisfying meals.

    I also find it’s pretty easy to skip breakfast on my fast days (as long as I have my coffee!!) and don’t really think about food until mid-day ish. Maybe 11:30. My lunch break is at 12:30 and I don’t have too much of a struggle holding out until then. I am then usually feeling absolutely hungry by 5pm but don’t eat until hubby gets home, but we are both ready for early dinner on our fast days so usually eat by 7pm at the latest, which puts all of our food in a 7-8 hour window.

    I lost 1.4kg the first week, but not 1 gram more for the next 2 weeks of 5:2. 🙁 Trying to look through these posts to see if I am getting something wrong, but maybe like kzee says, I just need to stop looking at the scales. I feel good, my skin is looking amazing (which I can only assume is to do with the fasting as nothing else has really changed in my life) and hubby says I am looking good no matter what the scales say. So I guess all of those things are more important than the number on the scale. Still a little frustrating . . .

    Hi Kazz and welcome:

    The average weight loss on 5:2 is a little less than a pound a week for women. You are right on schedule. Also, weight loss is not consistent.

    Numbers 1 and 2 of this post might help:

    Good Luck!

    I am not hungry in the morning and it suited me better to eat one small meal in the evening on my fast days initially.

    I am now having broth on my fast days, all through the day, staying well under my 500 cals and doing it on alternate days.

    I am in it to reverse my diabetes and with my very extreme insulin resistance, this is working better for me.

    My CRP was dropping on the 5:2 and 500 cals…I am hoping it wll be even lower with the broth.

    THANK YOU MICHAEL for your work!

    I am off the metformin and definitely making headway on the health front.

    Hi Matrika:

    Isn’t it amazing what ADF combined with a higher fat, lower carb diet will do to type 2?

    Congratulations on finding what works for you!

    Thanks simcoeluv. 🙂

    My last CRP was down to 11…bit of a miracle given I had acute diverticulitis at the time and it’s been much higher for a year…its been coming down consistently since I started 5:2. 🙂

    I have become a devoted broth drinker…drinking my way to health.

    Thanks simcoeluv – good posts – love the pants rant! 🙂

    We did read the book from the cover to cover before starting, went to speak to our GP and did the blood tests that Michael did in the documentary. I know other people on the diet and most of them lost heaps of weight at the beginning. I do know it is working. I do know it is not all about the weight and I do know that any little thing I can do to make myself healthy has to be good. I think it is just the frustration of sitting at EXACTLY the same weight for three weeks. THREE WEEKS! And hubby’s weight is creeping down a few hundred grams a week. And he gets 100 more calories than me on fast days!

    When my pants fall down ’round my ankles in a few more months or years or however long it ends up taking, I shall remember this day . . . 🙂

    Feeling great today-

    So far just had coffee and ginger tea, will eat a small meal around 2pm. I have tons of energy, but unfortunately have lots of work to do at the computer.
    I discovered LUVO frozen meals, which are really tasty, and are VERY low calorie. I have had the Red wine braised beef with polenta, which only has 250 calories- the turkey and mashed potatoes only 220! How can that be?
    Anyway, made a Dr.’s appt. for the 18th. Hope to see some improvement in my LDL. My HDL has always been very high, but I want to be pleasantly surprised. Have also lost about 6 lbs since Oct. 15th. I LOVE this diet!

    After I started writing down everything I ate in my notebook I noticed a pattern…eating early in the morning and eating smaller meals all day both made me ravenously hungry. I kept with it though because I thought it was the thing you should do to help you lose weight.

    One morning after being so disappointed with no weight loss despite me eating healthy and exercising, I decided to experiment with listening to my hunger cues.

    It turns out what works for me is delaying breakfast until around 11 am or noon and eat larger meals less often.

    Ever since that experiment I’ve never looked back and lost tons weight in the process.

    Now I enjoy eating larger, satisfying meals that keep me full for hours and I’m no longer staring at the clock waiting to eat my next mini-meal.

    I’m just starting 5:2 (was only doing 18/6 for almost 2 years, but I’m planning on combining the two).

    Everyone is different so you have to experiment to see what works for your body and for your lifestyle.

    Good luck to everyone!

    So finally moved past the plateau at which I was stuck and not only have I lost a bit of weight (which is great) but my scales, which calculate BMI now tells me I am ‘normal’ and not ‘overweight’ which just makes me feel amazingly happy.

    I also tried skipping breakfast all week, not just on the fast days and found that I was definitely less hungry. I used to always wake up hungry, but now notice that I don’t. Need to remember not to eat if my body is not hungry. So strange to do in our western society especially when lunch break is at a specific time. Not much I can do about that . . . but trying to be better about listening to the cues my body is giving me. K

    Hi everyone. All my younger adult life I did not eat breakfast especially during the working week. I always questioned about breakfast being the most important meal of the day and to eat lots of small portions during the day. However I succumbed to the breakfast mith and for that matter ensuring I also ate lunch as I believed my metabolic rate would slow as the so called experts preach. Naturally over the years I put on weight and felt sluggish…just like my metabolic system had almost stopped…I just had to look at food and I put on weight. I was at a loss how to achieve a healthy weight through life style and not by a short term diet regime. Thank God i saw Michael’s longevity show by accident (bought the book) and started 5:2 around 3 months ago and I have to say not every week I stuck to it due to social activities and due to comfort eating (especially as it is winter here down under). But more consistently I have stopped eating breakfast (except for bacon and eggs on some Saturday mornings), and more often than not skip lunch on work days. I have lost 8kgs. I am now losing fat that has been there for more than a decade…i imagine that would be harder to shift old fat than recent weight gain. I feel so much better for fasting, I feel my metabolism has increased (that is how I can eat food like bacon and eggs and I do love chocolate) and I do not feel like I have deprived my taste buds at all. If you have read my story this far thank you and what I want to say is I believe for me is the more I eat…the more I want to eat. In my unscientific brain I believe when you eat you are feeding hungry fat cells, when you fast you finish them off. 5:2 lifestyle is too easy and I also believe in the 18:6 eating pattern…just as how lived before all the so called experts messed up my mind.

    Hi copthis, intersting post and well done for liosing weight so quickly and finding your eating roots again. Why don,t you join us on the Maintenance Chatbox thread where we encourage each other beyond the “losing” weight phase which sometimes can be trickier than losing weight.
    I hope to see you over rhere…

    This post is so interesting and I can’t wait to put these theories into practice.
    I am grossly overweight and crippled with arthritis and one of the reasons I eat 4 times a day is to line my stomach in preparation for the 24 pills that I have to swallow each day. This is going to change, hopefully the lansoprozole tablet which is a stomach protector will do its job and the food can get the heavo.
    The only thing I am concerned about is that my TDEE is set at over 2300 and I know that I will not lose any weight by consuming that amount of calories each day so I will try starting with 1700 and of course 500 on my fast days.
    I still feel that 2 meals @ 850 Cals each is way too much but I am looking forward to putting it to the test.
    Thank the Lord I found this forum.

    I have a related question to this topic. On my fast days, I have one cup of coffee for breakfast with 1 tablespoon of creamer for breakfast, then for lunch I have 1/2 cup of homemade hummus (no oil) with one red bell pepper and then for dinner I repeat lunch. Most days inbetween, I take my vitamins with water, vit d, b12, probiotic, and algal dha. I have researched the calories, 500 and have been on the 5:2 diet for about a year now. Seeing no results, no change. I know I eat a lot on my off days so I am starting to incorporate another day with no treats. My question is, do you think that I am not seeing any results because I have 3 eating periods in a day? Do vitamins count? Thanks!

    Hi yespat:

    If you have been eating 500 cal. two days a week for a year and have not lost any weight, then the answer lies not in eating three times a day or taking vitamins, but in your comment “I know I eat a lot on my off days . . .” Unless and until you get a handle on your non diet day calories, you will not see much improvement.

    Good Luck!

    would there be added health benefits to eating 16:8 on non-fast days rather than eating on the more average pattern of 12:12? Not so bothered about weight loss – far more interested in cancer/heart disease prevention as both are common in my family.

    Hi bluenotes:

    There is no research I am aware of that indicates a 16:8 eating pattern is more healthy than a 12:12 – but there are many people that believe it is more healthy. As there is not research I am aware of that indicates 16:8 is unhealthy, it is simply up to you and what you believe. Personally, I’m not interested in eating by the clock. Most humans have not eaten by the clock for thousands of years, and the human race has progressed as much as it has and is still here!

    Here are some tips that might help you with 5:2:

    Good Luck

    Simco, and all,

    You’ll be interested in the following.

    It suggests there IS a benefit in restricting the feeding window, and also in avoiding eating large meals in the evening…

    I look forward to seeing more research on the subject.

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