Food options for the lazy non-cooks

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Food options for the lazy non-cooks

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  • I have to admit on my Fast days I usually go for a Veg Pot (ones from innocent/quorn) usually 250-350 calories each and a few minutes in the microwave. I realise it is lazy, but it works for me after a long day at work!

    One of my favourite things to eat is a diced apple with a skimmed plain yoghourt sweetened with stevia and cinnamon. It’s yummy! =) My apples are usually about 280 g, so they have about 146 calories, the yoghourt has 45, so the two things don’t even amout to 200 calories.

    You can have this food twice and still have 100 calories left if you’re a woman. But you may want to have it just once and spend your remaining 300 calories in something completely different for variety. It may give you a psychological edge – having diverse foods may trick you into believing that you’re not depriving yourself by restricting your daily calorie intake to 1/4 of what’s normal.

    Another yummy food I usually have for a relatively low number of calories is a sandwich made with a toasted slice of Mestemacher rye bread with muesli (141 cals) + 2 diet Laughing Cow cheese wedges (46 cals both) + 1 can of light in water (60 cals) + whatever lettuce you like (I favour ruccola or raw spinach leaves) and tomato slices (ridiculously low number of calories). The calorie count goes up to 247 without counting the lettuce and the tomato, but, really – how much could that be? 15 cals?

    I used to have a sandwich like that every morning for breakfast, but with smoked salmon instead of canned tuna in water. I don’t think the calories count changes much with smoked salmon, though – you don’t really have to use that much.

    The thing about German-style rye bread is that it’s so filling! If you have problems with sugar addiction like me, it helps keeping sugar cravings at bay 😉

    I have eggs bacon and toast for under 110 cals. It may be only egg whites, but I get two. I have   1-2 slices of turkey bacon (2 slices is only 30 cals) and my sara lee whole wheat bread is 45 cals a slice. When I aint fasting I like to have my Cup of whole wheat noodles with alfredo sauce and chicken strips or some sort of meat crumbled. I been getting hormel chicken strips. The whole batch lasts over a week.  Fasting days, I like my breakfast I stated above and my 300 calorie salad that I munch on throughout the day. I dont go hungry. At least today I didnt. My day before the fast, I load up on high fiber foods (28-30 g). I lose the most weight if I eat over 28g. For me thats easy. On non fast days I eat old fashioned quaker oats with flax seed, and it keeps me full til lunch and sometimes afterwards.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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