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  • This might not be the ideal location for this post, but it’s the one I decided upon.

    I have now done 13 fasts (currently in my 13th, as it is 5 p.m. of my second fast day of the week) and after the first few, I decided that, in order to allow my body to repair for as long as possible, I would go 24 hours without consuming calories. The first few “fasts” I did, I couldn’t even bring myself to call them fasts, because when I eat two meals a day, it’s hardly a fast. I started calling them “reduced-calorie days.”

    So I started going 24 hours with only water and plain tea and then eating 400-500 calories after 24 hours. It just feels like a real fast to me.

    This morning, I had to take my 3-year-old nephew to daycare, so I took him and my two youngest kids (9 and 8) to breakfast before school. I decided on the spot that I would allow myself to be flexible. So I had a cup of black coffee (which I sweetened with Splenda, something I don’t usually do) and one fried egg. I didn’t go 24 hours today, but I feel like it was a really good compromise because I was still able to go three stretches of 12 hours at a time between meals and also be social with the kids.

    I will do 24 hours next week (and that is my standard from now on), but today, I allowed myself to be flexible.


    Good stuff, Melinda, I completely agree with your approach. The success of this lifestyle is in its long term sustainability so it’s about making it work for you, your body and the way you like to live.

    I too have increased my actual time with no food at all (just black coffee, water and herbal tea) to about 24 hours and then I eat my 450 or so calories in the evening. I find I sleep better that way.

    I am fasting today (having done Monday and Wednesday as well) just because I have a quiet night in alone this evening so I thought I could. Many people on this forum will be reaping the benefits of yesterday’s fast day so feel good and enjoy!

    Annie x

    Yep – this one’s definitely a keeper thanks to the individual flexibility and the lack of actual rules.

    I started off over a year ago doing 2 small snack/meals a day and a bag of salad veg to ‘get me through’ the morning but it’s been a long time since I had 2 meals on a fastday now. I pretty much fast every day now and just allow myself the flexibility to eat (if I want to or if there’s some kind of social thing) earlier in the day if I need to. Otherwise it’s 20 hours plus most days. Makes fast days much easier to handle because they’re not ‘special’ any more and it means I can go crazy with my one big meal on a non-fastday if I’m eating out or getting a takeaway or something, or have the flexibility to have 2 reasonable meals otherwise.

    Loving it!

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