Fitness trackers, are they any good ?

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Fitness trackers, are they any good ?

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  • I’m thinking of getting one for swimming (garmin swim) and one for calories and walking (fit bit one), but:-
    1)do they work
    2)are they reliable
    3)do they motivate you
    4) is it worth it.

    I have a friend who is right into her fitness and wears a fit bit all the time. One of the interesting results the fit bit gives is your sleeping pattern, turns out in her case she is a very light sleeper, and not getting a good nights sleep.

    There are a few varieties (different brands) some have built in alarms.. Vibrations or red alert band when you have not been exercising enough.

    Sorry not much info, hope it helps a little.

    Thank you anyway for taking the time to answer, cheers.

    Hi paciv:

    I do not use one. Some people love them, some seem to abandon them after a little bit. They are not accurate when it comes to counting calories expended:

    However, they are consistent, so they will report whether you are burning more or fewer calories than you did the day before.

    Good Luck!

    Hi paciv,

    I have a fitbit one and love it. I use it everyday and feel naked without it now. It registers my sleep, steeps each day, stairs climbed, calories burned and shows me how active I have been. Their site is great as well and helps me to keep track of weight, bmi, food and water if you like too.

    Regards, Katiecums

    Thanks all, Kateiecums, does it motivate you to get out and walk etc. I mean would you do more or less if you had one or not ?

    I have a Fitbit one, and it does motivate me as I’m more conscious of my daily movement. I find myself going up stairs more and walking the long way around because even small increases can count towards my daily 10,000 steps.

    I also like the tracking app so I can record my activities (or compare the difference when I’ve been slacking off). I like stats so seeing those little charts spike when I’ve had a busy day is nice.

    In hindsight if I was getting one now I’d go for a wristband with a display rather than a discrete one that just clips to my clothes – a bit more “in your face” and I’d be less likely to forget it when getting dressed in the morning.

    I have the UP wrist band, I have used it now for 2 months. I really like it as it gives you loads of information. I like to see my sleep pattern, and also the steps I take, I was doing 8000 but now making it to 14000 every day. I work mine with myfitnesspal which records what calories you are eating, there are other apps it works with if you are doing a lot of fitness ( which I dont). Mine buzzes every half hour to tell me to move which I set it at. It also gives you goals to aim for, could be steps, eating more fibre, sleeping better or more excerise.
    At 10000 steps you are not burning much energy, when moving to 14000 you are going much higher to move your calories and burning fat.
    I am pleased with it, I didn’t know which to buy, I paid £40 from currys down from £80, I didn’t want to buy one which may of ended in a drawer! I thought a more acceptable price. Mine isn’t wi Fi but so very easy to use, it plugs into my phone and up dates all information in seconds, I do it 4 or 5 times a day to see my progress. It also e mails you on a Monday with a weekly report which is nice to keep.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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