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  • I started the diet this week and had my first fast day on Monday. I did really struggle and had to have a tangerine and apple between the hours of 7am and 6pm. I had 40g of porridge with 30g blueberries for breakfast and then haddock, poached egg and spinach for tea. In the evening I felt so drained and tired! Today is my 2nd fast day and I’m close to giving in and eating something as my stomach made an awful rumbling sound earlier and a colleague said I should eat! The two days I wasn’t fasting I’m wondering if I haven’t eaten enough as I can on some days at work be fairly active, although it’s mainly desk based. I worked out my TDEE and it said I need to be eating over 2300 carlories on non fast days which I don’t think I’ve been having anywhere near as I have cut down a lot on the normal days. I know it’s early days but at the moment I’m so hungry. Just wondered if it’s because I’m not eating enough the normal days and if anyone had any advice from their experience, etc? Thanks!

    The only way anyone loses weight is by eating less calories than the body needs, and the less calories you consume the more weight lost.
    Your TDEE is the maximum you should eat to lose weight. You should bear in mind that the average weight loss for a women on 5:2 is about 1lb per week, and the amount you eat on non fast days will influence that.
    Fasting can be very difficult at first, but you will get used to it. Do you have to eat breakfast? If not it might be an idea to eat an apple and a tangerine mid morning, have a light lunch and a light dinner.
    Hunger pangs are not constant, they come and go. If you feel hungry have a hot drink, ensure you drink plenty of water, and carry on with whatever you were doing. The other thing you can do is try to cut down on sugary foods and processed carbs on non fast days, as they can make you feel hungrier than healthier options.
    good luck

    Thanks for the advice! I had pretty much no carbs or sugary food on the two non fast days. I think it’s probably because it’s such a shock that I’m struggling so much and perhaps I should have eaten a tiny bit more on the non fast days. I have been having a lot of water and herbal tea too.

    Unfortunately I’ve definitely failed today as just got far too hungry. Had fruit and a cereal bar this afternoon. I will start afresh again on Monday though and give the no breakfast a go, fruit mid morning and a light lunch/dinner as that will probably work better for me!

    Hi Avril, I hear you and I am only on my first day. Good advice from Amazon, thanks. I am hungry, but it’s more that I use food to get through the day, I’m an emotional eater AND a constant craver, beat that!

    I do hope Amazons strategy works for you.

    It is all about getting used to fasting, exercising some willpower and learning what works for you. I don’t eat until dinner on fast days as I like to have a substantial meal, but others have 2 or even 3 small meals.
    We’ve all been conditioned to believe that hunger pangs means we must eat or something terrible will happen, when in fact all that will happen is that they’ll pass and return later. It is mind over matter.
    It will get easier, and you will lose weight, but you have to be strong and be prepared to be hungry sometimes. When you think you can’t go another minute without food, remind yourself that it is only 2 days out of 7, and much easier than counting calories every day and feeling deprived all of the time.

    I started Monday too. For some months now I have been having breakfast of Greek yogurt & berries for breakfast & decided to move to the zero% option instead of the full fat. I am not a big lunch eater anyway & usually just have soup & maybe cheese. I had bouillon instead along with at least 6 glasses of water & a couple of cups of black coffee. Monday was a doddle ( to my great surprise) & I had chicken & low carb veg stir fry veg for supper.

    Today has been a similar regime but I found myself really hungry at 5pm & moved supper time forward. Hopefully this way will be effective for me but I am prepared to be flexible & realise that sometimes I might have to change my days around or eat at different times. I am maybe lucky that chocolate & sweets hold no interest for me but there is a lot of lovely cheese in the fridge that is calling but without a glass of red wine I can hopefully resist.

    I think taking that approach plus keeping well hydrated are the two things that will keep me going. Oh & no wine unless it is a night out!

    Thanks Amazon. All true, I just have to remember it in the heat of the moment.

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