First day of fasting

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  • Hi guys so today is my first day of 5:2! So far the morning has been ok but now its lunchtime I am actually starving, just got an oxo and a can of diet coke for lunch, Anybody have tips for coping with the hunger, I feel a bit sick!

    Hope your all going good x

    Hi Gem, I hope you get through the day okay.
    Drinking plenty of water is my best tip. Distraction (go for a walk?) when the hunger is strong (it comes in waves, so just wait for it to pass). And remember that hunger is a sign your body is doing all the good things.
    A bowl of low cal veggies with a small drizzle of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice is also a good solution if you are feeling sick. You probably also need to add salt when cooking the veg.

    Hi everyone it’s my first day today to fasting and I was abit scared and anxious but I’m almost through the day and I have just been drinking plenty of water and I had coffee so feeling pretty proud of myself and am not feeling like I need to rush home and eat everything

    yep the hunger is worse when you start… keep going! It will decrease or at least the hunger will start not to worry you..well done on starting!

    My first day of fasting – feeling hungry ALL THE TIME, it never passes. It’s a proper hunger, not just being peckish. I have a headache all the time and sometimes nausea. Is that normal or is it a sign that I’m harming myself?

    Wasn’t brave enough to enter the world of fasting with a full 24 hour attempt so am doing 16:8 starting today. To celebrate the new me I had Chinese Takeaway last night and have swore not to have another for a full month. Hoping with a daily 1600 calories and the exercise regime I have that I can lose some gut fat. How horrible does that sound – Gut Fat lol.

    My plan is that if I manage a week of this I will add in one full day fast next week and two the week after. Found all the information around fasting made a lot of sense, just a bit concerned about how much energy I’ll have for training.

    I guess that the best tip is no drink water – your brain thinks that you put somethng in the mouth and probably this is food

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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