Final Meal Prior To 24 Hour Fast….

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  • Hey, this is my first post on this board/forum. I have been doing Eat Stop Eat (24 hour fast once a week) for about a month now and I like it so far. Its definitely a mental test of discipline and the health benefits from it are great as well. I am already very lean but would like to gain some muscle without gaining much fat.

    What I have been doing for a final meal is going high on protein, moderate on carbs and also fairly high on fat. I find this keeps me full for more than 12 hours and the hunger only really sets in in those last few hours of fasting.

    The final meal has ended up being me going out for a big sushi/japanese meal(sushi is one of my favorite foods and I feel that the final meal should be something enjoyable but also nutritious) I finish the meal and start the fast around 8pm. Only one roll that has tempura in it, so I keep the bad fats to a minimum. The rest is salmon, tuna, shrimp, maybe some eel. I also have been sharing steak terryaki with my girlfriend when we go.

    This seems like a good final meal before a 24 hour fast but I wanted to hear other peoples thoughts. I like going out this night to treat myself but theres few restaurants which have healthy food so I have been turning to sushi.

    Is sushi a good final meal and also any other recommendations?


    Welcome to the posts mperlman1234. Basically do what suits you for your final pre fast meal. We are all different. Read the posts and the faq tag on the top right of the home page. You will get some very good responses as there are some superb comments and ideas from many posters on this site.
    Good luck.

    Excellent, thanks very much for being so kind.

    Your username reminds me how much I love couscous lol. Havent had in a while. Great idea!



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