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  • To be honest its less of plan than scheduling to fit me individually.

    However as I try to peer into diets past, present and future. Fat loss is a priority for me.
    In the past I lost 60lbs on starvation type diet.
    Presently lost 39lbs in 16 months of semi fasting and moderate exercise, with a lot of walking recently.

    In the future my dieting eye will be on maintaining my body fat ratio. I’m looking at the lifting community, even on one of their forms as an observer. That’s where I believe I will need to glean How to apply fasting and muscle health. Taking the que from Mosley I want to practice what what works.

    My goal is have the body fat ratio of a super athlete, but not for the rest of my life. Just as the tool to overcome 100lb obese fat loss. Meanwhile is just as important priority to keep my other eye not on fat loss, but calorie restriction’s effect on cellular longevity.
    Basically it’s a typical transformation from a sedentary person to a Diet aimed at hypertrophy in order to Cut for the week of every month , and ready myself for maintaining a strong endurance, able to do H.I.I.T for the rest of my life.
    I still have until September 2018 to reach this goal.

    For me it’s less about becoming slim for looks, and more about doing my best for my own longevity.
    5:2 got me going, 4:3 has given me results, diabetic diagnosis. Well what can I say. Is a big hurdle.
    But I just can’t seem to let go healthy diet, fasting , and exercise being the correct approach to both my goals and hurdles.

    I may switch to something like this
    Mon.. 600 cal with 3 sets of jumprope
    Tuesday.. 1750 cal with walking and stability ball core strength training.
    Wednesday 600 cal with 3sets of jump rope
    Thursday 1750 cal stability ball coreST
    Friday 600 calorie breakfast 9am followed by 7 compound lifting
    Saturday 9am breakfast 1750 calorie day jumprope after meals
    Sunday 1750 cal compound7 lifting

    I believe the 24hours from Friday to Saturday morning will be the highest point of fat demand.
    However the two back to back feed days will keep me from feeling like I’m on a starvation diet.
    That’s about 60% of my BMR calories. So I’m very careful about getting both the micro nutrients I need.

    If I were to have to pick which is Is more effective. Diet or exercise . I’d have to say exercise.
    However if I had to pick which is more effective on longevity diet is hands down the main factor.

    I mean if I ate 3500 calories a day and exercid like mad. Icould still get obese.
    So I’m planning to apply my diet according to amout of exercise I do.
    The basic rule. TDEE adjusted to weekly and monthly goal.

    But you are the only person who took offence. And I doubt you are the only lady on here who is in the target group for HRT whether you take it or not. I am myself. As I said, some people can take umbrage for … insert nationality


    “healthy diet, fasting , and exercise being the correct approach to both my goals and hurdles.”

    We are in agreement on this.

    What’s become very obvious to me is that we each have unique strategies to address the environments or situations that we are placed in. Even at that, the strategies shift based on internal emotions and external conditions. For me, I want a set pattern to obtain the results that I want and then life happens. Or the novelty and fun wears out.

    I still have not found the time for the jumping rope that you suggested, even though it seems that it could be a fun activity.

    Goal for this month: 185 lb

    Starting Weight: 195 lb

    Tracking Weight: 186 lb

    Feed, Fast, HIIT:

    Fasted Mo, Tu, partially

    More surprising is reducing body fat from 25% to 22%.

    How does that happen?

    I wouldn’t count on the body fat reading to be accurate. I looked into buying a scale that measured body fat in addition to the weight. Prior to looking, I consulted Consumer Reports to find out which one they rated as good. In their opinion, none of the scales currently on the market do a good job measuring anything except weight. They decline to rate any of them.

    Yes, body fat measurement seems to be as elusive as the weather. Unpredictable.

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