February 2018 – Monthly Challenge

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February 2018 – Monthly Challenge

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  • Good Afternoon!
    Day 1 – FD – Oklahoma

    I have about 8.5 more hours left before bed and about 200 calories left. I am planning on making a low cal soup with bouillon powder and mushrooms for dinner.

    I have been snacking on pickles and drinking water to stave off hunger pains and it is working beautifully.

    God Afternoon!

    Day 1 – FD – Atlanta, GA

    Hello All, So far its going great for me, I had only water and green tea since morning. I’m planning to save my calories for Dinner as i can withstand all day without eating at work but once i’m home i cannot control my cravings for food. Planning to eat Sauted Veggies and Idly for my Dinner

    Good Luck to everyone

    2nd post

    Wow, onto the 4th page already. Thanks to all for sharing some of your stories, it really helps to know that we are all more or less on the same track – though some are starting off, others are already there. I love that you guys all chip in and give advice to members new and old.

    Its great to see such enthusiasm for a new month and a new challenge, and so many new members too!

    Welcome all –

    @ciren2 – I remember you from when I was a newbie a few months ago – welcome back.

    I have added your name to the spreadsheet should you choose to update the challenge with your aspirations and days of FD, NFD etc

    Here is the link for the spreadsheet :


    Good luck everybody today on Day 1. This is my 4th FD in a row, and I am so busy that I am forgetting to eat!!!

    Hi, everyone! This is my first day ever to do a challenge. It is a non fast day, which is going very well. I am carefully measuring everything I eat so i can stay within my TDEE. Yesterday my FD went well, so I feel I am on a roll, one day at a time! Hope to lose 10 lbs., maybe 5 of them this month. I don’t have much to lose but I am really hoping to get some of those health benefits I read about. I also do personal training 5 days a week and yoga two days a week. I am very committed to that and have been on that regimen for years. That should help me. Also, thank you Daffodil for hosting us! Good luck everyone!

    Day 1 – FD – Melbourne
    Lost 0.2kg over the 24 hours. I started the day as a LFD but by evening time I had succumed to a little yoghurt but still well within my expected calorie count (not that i actually count them).

    Day 1 – Iceland – FD

    Thanks @daffodil2010 for hosting the February challenge and for adding us all to the spreadsheet!

    Looking forward to my fourth month of 5:2, I began early November 2017 at my heaviest ever, 104.8kg, this morning at 93.0kg. Previously I had been dieting on and off since 2013 without any success at all, so I cannot describe how happy I am to have found a way that works. It is even much easier than other diets (well this is not really a diet but a WOL) and the results are real!

    I am still thinking about what my goals for this month should be, definitely need to stay on the no-sugar wagon more or less, just not sure yet if I should aim at having no sugar at all or allowing one chocolate-day a week…

    Welcome to all new members, you will love it here!

    Day 1 – Massachusetts – NFD

    Looking forward to the February challenge. Going to give it my all.

    Current weight: 121.6
    February goal weight: 119
    Happy goal weight: 110-115?

    March is my birthday month. Would be nice if I could make some movement on my weight goal before my birthday!

    Time to shake things up – comfort is the enemy.

    Day 1 – Scotland- FD
    I managed to ignored the chocolate chips shortbread served at the coffee break during a meeting today. I was starving by dinner time and I had two big portions of soup and a chocolate soya yogurt (with 110 cal it’s my FD dessert!).

    Daffodils, can you add me n the spreadsheet please? I often log in on my phone and it’s not easy to update it. Cheers!

    2nd post

    This will be my fourth month on this WOL and in the challenges.

    I’m 53 and since going through menopause (REALLY early @47) weight has been a struggle. Also have had a lot of stress over the last few years and have simply tried and failed so many times to lose weight that I became very discouraged and slowly since 2015 had added 30 pounds!!

    I am focused on long-term sustainability so I have tried to make slow and small changes and NOT be too impatient with the scale. That being said…I know that I can do better than I have.

    So for February I’m trying to do 16:8 most days and instead of two FD’s @500 calories, I’m adding a 3rd FD and aiming for 800 for all. Overall this gives me lower theoretical calories in the week (if I stick to TDEE for the other four) and more importantly it’s one more day that won’t allow me to go overboard as I tend to on NFD’s.

    Also going to slowly warm my body back up to exercise. I used to be very fit 2010-2013 that was my priority focus, but when I went back to work full time in June of 2013, finding time to work out became a true struggle. I now back to working only 3 days out of the house, so I’m working back to more consistent exercise. Between the weight and the lethargic life these past few years, it feels really HARD!!

    I don’t know what my weight loss goal for February is–I really would LOVE to get to a new “decade” which is five pounds. But based on the last month, I just don’t know if it’s realistic. I seem to be a full tortoise. 🙂

    This wonderful forum has been a lifeline for me in many ways and am ever grateful to my “friends” near and far for helping me stay motivated and positive.


    Lots of newbies here – hope this information helps: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/

    Good Luck!

    Day 1,Germany, NFD
    Hey everyone, so good and inspiring to read all of your stories!!!
    @ciren great to have a returning oldtimer here! Wish you a great restart!
    @moppet great to have someone else from Germany here in the forum!
    @beddardo we seem to have a lot in common, almost same age, not much weight to lose, struggling with the last pounds… Welcome!!
    I’d also like to introduce myself: I am 39 years old, married with 2 sons (7 1/2 and 4 1/2 years old). I am working as a teacher in elementary school. I started this WOL in February 2017 after realizing that I was putting on weight slowly and steadily. I wasn’t overweight, 57.4 was my top weight, yet I was very unhappy with my weight going up even though I was eating healthy and controlled (most of the time…). I found this WOL and lost some weight – and put some of it back on… In November 2017 I joined my first challenge and found it very helpful. Unfortunately December and January didn’t go so well for me… Actually I was shocked this morning to see 1.6 kg more on the scale than last Saturday! After a FD yesterday!! But what can I do? I will just get up, dust myself off and get going!!! I really believe that this WOL can work for me, too!
    @at you are a great inspiration for me, because you seem to so easily keep a weight that I would also like to keep!
    I start out February now with 54.6 kg, my goal is 52 kg. Since I probably have some water retention right now, I set my February goal at 52.6 kg.
    I just looked at my January goals (besides the weight loss that did result in a weight gain) and I was actually doing very good in many things, especially in the dry January challenge!
    Here are my goals for February :
    1. Min 2 clear FDs / week
    2. Maximum weigh in once a week!
    3. Alcohol maximum once a week (controlled manner!)
    4. DO NOT EAT LEFTOVERS FROM MY KIDS! (this one will be the hardest for me but it is just for this month that I will force myself to do that to hopefully see how good and healthy it feels to throw leftovers away 🙈)
    5. No binge days! (I had 2 in January plus new years eve!)
    6.go on decluttering a la Marie Kondo
    Tomorrow I will do another FD, it works best for me to not eat (at least until the evening), but I put some milk in my tea and coffee and sometimes some chiaseeds.
    Looking forward to this month together with you all!

    🙈🙈🙈 sorry that ended up a very long post…

    Day 1 UK CD

    Today was going to be a FD but clashed with long, important meeting which included lunch. V Healthy lunch, hard meeting, went for a beer afterwards. Currently under 600 calories but a chunk of that was beer! Going to have a healthy filling late supper and set myself up for a mindful FD tomorrow. Plenty to do and I could do with some good food, sleep and start afresh.

    About me – I’ve had significant health issues for 20 years, initially lost a lot of weight and then gained a lot more esp after I stopped smoking and bc hormones. Weight crept on slowly over 10 years of inactivity then was suddenly running away with me, I felt as tho i was wearing a fat suit and could have passed for 9 months pregnant! Just like when I stopped smoking, I had a sudden strong feeling of being at a crossroads with an important choice to make for a different future.

    I’m 5’6″ and began 5:2 on 1 December 2017 at my heaviest ever – 179lbs / 81kg feeling HUGE, waddling and feeling like an alien to myself. I’m now 167lbs/76kg & have also lost 3 inches from my bust & waist, 2 from my hips & thighs. BMI has gone down from 28.7 to 27. My overall goal is to get to 140lbs/63kg and Feb goal is to lose 5lbs/2.5kg.

    I follow 16:8 as well as 5:2, with OMAD on FD which are usually Mon & Thurs. I’m veggie, gluten-free & low-carb, and avoid refined carbs & sugar. Love cooking from scratch when time allows, find it easier to have a FD routine so I make FD food at the beginning of the month & freeze it in measured portions. Started baking my weekly bread and a healthy cake, becoming addicted to cacao. I drink loads of fizzy water – currently 2.5-3litres/day and occasional alcohol – but that often leads to unhelpful food choices.

    I chose 5:2 for the health benefits as well as losing weight. My concentration & cognitive function improved really quickly & I feel more balanced and energised. Psychologically I’m feeling much more positive and my relationship with food has completely changed. I’m much more conscious of feelings, processing them rather than eating them (!) and not using food as drug or medication.

    This is long! And just the sort of post I found really encouraging when I first appeared so I hope it will help someone else to connect and continue 🙂

    Day 1 NFD. Loads of veggies consumed today-resolution for this month.

    Day 2/NFD/Melbourne Australia

    Day 1 North Wales FD

    Little bit about myself …. I post a big post at the start and then check in most days to keep me on track.
    I am almost 62 mother and grandmother. I have been slim for most of my life but 5 years ago I broke my ankle, that, with the menopause caused me to gain weight. At my heaviest I was 11 stone 6 lbs. I tried Weight Watchers. I managed to lose a lot of weight. I got down to 8 stone 2 lbs. I looked gaunt and the weight soon went back on. I tried cutting down but the weight would not shift. I hate dieting. I love my food so I started to look at ways I could lose weight. I bought the 5:2 book, followed by the audiobook and listenened to it and read it for a week or so several times. I managed to convince myself I could fast even though my husband thought I couldn’t. First few fasts were fine, third was a killer but I managed to get through it. I started the monthly challenges last June and I am now in my third month of maintance at around 9 stone 4 lbs. I feel fab.

    Things that help me ….. do not be hard on yourself, if you have a bad day start again tomorrow
    Change your fast day if you are going out, but make sure you do two a week.
    Distract yourself, keep busy on fast days.
    Drink lots of water. I drink fizzy. Contrary to research it does not make me eat more.
    Eat one meal at day, in the evening. My fast days were more difficult when I ate twice.

    Even though I am in maintenance I still fast for twice a week. I don’t count calories any more but I am mindful of what I eat and I make sure my husband hides the chocolate if there is any in the house.

    I wish all of you, old and New a successful challenge.

    Day 1 Surrey (UK) FD

    This is the strangest FD ever for me. I have gone almost the entire day without feeling hungry – as if my body is learning to tune in to this WOE!

    Apart from tea + coffee (with milk), I sailed through almost effortlessly until around 6pm, when I had some home-made veg soup. I made this with bits of broccoli and cauliflower stalk lurking at the bottom of the fridge veg compartment, with a chopped onion, carrot, celery stick, 500ml of stock (made with a shop bought stock pot), a tablespoon of pre-cooked rice and a teaspoon of chilli flakes. This is my imperfect FD recipe of choice!! It satisfies my desire to use up leftovers as well as my appetite, so that’s a win-win!

    I’ll be off to bed shortly. It’s good to feel that I’ve defeated the evening snack dragon, for today at least. I’m sure it will be back to bite me another time!

    Thank you to all who have posted their personal stories here today. It is so helpful to hear about your journeys, especially those who have reached the heady heights of maintenance! Now I’ve seen your names highlighted on the spreadsheet, I’ll be following your stories from now on. I raise a glass of sparkling water to you!!

    @daffodil2010. Please count me in for the February Challenge.

    FD was going just fine until DH arrived home with lovely sourdough bread, which I just couldn’t resist, and then I had a cheese frenzy. Aaaargh. I just ate a massive amount of gruyere. Why? Why? Why? Darn. I’ll have another go tomorrow.

    Day 1, Rocky Mountains, US, CD

    Hi all, newbies and long-term 5:2 friends,

    I found this wonderful forum a year ago and love the people, camaraderie, fun and very helpful insights.

    My goal is to discard 3 to 4 pounds in February. I am close to maintenance with another 3 to 4 pounds to discard during our March Challenge.

    I will continue to be sugar and alcohol free.
    Walking 10000 steps a day, yoga twice a week as well as Tai Chi twice a week.
    I follow 20:4 at the moment. My fast days are at 800 cals and I am following a Mediterranean diet.

    Have a great February everyone! ⚘⚘⚘

    That sounds great Redrockgirl. I do yoga too and tai chi on occasional.

    2nd post so lovely to read your inspiring stories.
    Fast day went well, had my last scheduled physio session unless I feel i need more and back to surgeon next month. Was going to try another water fast but the chilli i made for the family was too tempting. I did weigh and again like the pasta very surprised how little rice you get for 50g. 100g was too many calories. It just goes to show how I have been miscalculating and fooling myself. I urge you to weigh a few things just to get a true idea of what 50g of cooked pasta and or rice gets you – very little! So all in all I can give myself a gold star for today.

    USA NFD: Just came off my first NFD on this challenge and begun my FD. I fast for 24 hours, from 6pm to 6pm the following day, water only. The Mediteranean diet is going well for me. I figured out my TDEE and subtracted 500 calories from that number. On FD I measure and weigh everything keeping me within my numbers. I find that diet to be very filling. That’s great for me. My big problem has been my first meal after I stop fasting. The moment I eat I become ravenous and eat everything in site. That has caused me to regain the lost weight. With that meal pre made, I find that I stick to what I made instead of going through my pantry like a crazy person. Now to see the outcome of all this. I won’t weigh myself for a week because fluctuations are too disappointing! Good luck everyone!

    Hello everyone! I haven’t been in the group in quite sometime, but I’m back and ready to commit to this lifestyle. Looking forward to the great conversations and posts of the group.You all have been truly inspirational.

    Hi ccco:

    I’m not sure what you are doing. That is because you say on your diet days (which seem to be 24 hour water fasts) you weigh everything to keep within your numbers. Why, if you are water fasting? But you go on to say your first meal after you stop fasting you eat everything in sight. Are you saying you stop eating at 6 pm, wake up the next day and eat 500 cal. after 6 pm, go to bed, wake up and eat everything in sight? Or are you saying you stop eating at 6 pm, wake up the next morning and drink only water until 6 pm and then eat everything in sight?

    I might be able to help if I understand what you are doing.

    I am sorry Simcoeluv! I fast from 6pm one day and return to eating 6 pm the next day, during which I only drink water. I only count calories on NFDs. Yes, I was too ravenous when I began eating the next day at 6 pm but now I seem to have it under control with pre-made meals. I guess I can’t be allowed to roam free when overly hungry! LOL

    Day 1 Sarasota, Florida NFD Enjoying a non-fast day with a couple of indulgences but I’ll still be under my TDEE. Welcome again to any newcomers and greetings to long-time compatriots!

    Hi ccco:


    OK, you do not appear to be doing 5:2 with its 36 hour diet day (see FAQ at top of page), you are doing an every day reduced calorie diet. That means you have to count your calories that you eat before 6 pm the first day, and after 6 pm the second day and insure both days come in under your TDEE – along with all of the other days in the week.

    If you are actually trying to keep your calorie intake to 500 on your second day, then you are trying to do 5:2 and as long as your first day calorie intake was TDEE or below, you will be doing 5:2 if you hold your second day calorie intake to 500 or fewer. If your second day calorie intake is over 500, as it appears it is, then you are obviously not cutting as many calories out of your diet as 5:2 requires and your weight loss will be slow.

    To sum up, if you are not doing 5:2, make sure you are cutting enough calories out of your diet for each of the 7 days in the week to lose the amount of weight you want to lose. If you are trying to do 5:2, make sure you eat to your TDEE or less on your first day, and eat 500 or fewer calories on your second ‘diet’ day.

    Good Luck!

    Thanks, Simcoeluxv. I am trying to do an every other day fast, except on weekends but I am not able to go 36 hours without eating. That’s why I break my fast at 6 pm. I regard my day being from 6pm to 6 pm and not midnight to midnight. It’s not a 5:2 diet yet because I haven’t started eating 500 or fewer calories in a window yet for my fast days. I just drink water in that 24 hour time frame. I will in the future, though.

    Day 1 – USA/NJ – NF

    Feeling pretty good today, despite a rather rich diet. I have nearly 10K steps, on top of two 10+ days. My mental resiliency was good; missed an exit, took a new route, didn’t panic at all. Part of why I choose to incorporate fasting into my life is because it build mental strength and determination to put physical sensation and discomfort aside. Thats my yay! for today: one panic attack averted.

    day 31 NFD- started 5:2 on 2nd January and have lost 15 pounds.

    week 1- 4 pounds
    week 2- 4 pounds
    week 3- 7 pounds
    week 4- same weight

    seems like alot but desperately needed to lose the weight and been doing regular exercise along with 5:2.

    found it very rewarding so far, have some challenges coming up with friends coming to stay and a 10 day holiday coming up straight after that but im determined to reach my first goal of losing 28 pounds. will reassess once I reach that goal but thinking if I could lose another 28 pounds after that I would be extremely happy.

    must admit been finding it more difficult in the last week than the previous 4 weeks before that. hopefully weigh in next Tuesday won’t be as bad as I’m anticipating at the moment! well done to the rest of you for weight loss so far and keep it going!

    Hi ccco:

    There are about 144 24 hour periods in a week, but only seven days. You are indeed on an every day reduced calorie diet so you need to reduce your calories on each of the 7 days to lose some weight. Just figure out how much you want to lose each week, (say a pound), take 3500 (the amount of calories in a pound) and divide by 7 (500), subtract 500 from your TDEE and eat that many calories each day of the week.

    I can’t find if you have lost any weight. If you have, great, but if you want to lose more, eat less each day. If you have not lost any weight, then your TDEE (after subtracting 500) is probably still too high and you will need to recalculate with a lower exercise level or just subtract more from your current TDEE estimate. TDEE is not precise, and varies a lot by person, so you have to experiment for awhile and then adjust as necessary. This explains a bit more about TDEE: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/tdee-for-the-curious-or-why-dont-i-lose-weight-faster/

    Good Luck!

    Day 2, Germany, FD
    Have a good day 2 everyone! I feel very tired and weak right now – somehow I will make it through the day…

    Day 2 NSW Australia NFD
    Hi everyone. Enjoying a NFD today – probably close to my TDEE. Next FD is Sunday. Thinking of starting FIIT on my stationery bike to built up my exercise tolerance. Enjoying reading all your posts.
    Enjoy doing whatever you are getting up to and bye for now!

    Day 2 -Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Happy Friday! It’s a beautifully cold crisp morning here, not a cloud in the sky which means when the sun comes up it will be glorious. Already in the glasshouse there is a real smell of Spring in the air. The perfume from the viola and primula (our edible flowers for Spring season) is a tonic for the body and mind, so I have renewed optimism and vigour for the coming of Spring and for everything good to happen.

    Yes, I am in great form this morning ☺️ Really looking forward to the weekend. Don’t have to work tomorrow, a good night out away in the midlands tomorrow, what’s not to like?

    Had another successful FD yesterday. Today’s is an NFD and I will be mindful u till I get home from work when there WILL be wine with dinner and perhaps a Pisco Sour cocktail in memory of Peru 😄🍷🍸
    @ Debster251 we take part in a Motorcycle Photo Rally every year. There are 24 different locations in Ireland given each year and the aim is to visit each one on the motorbike and take a photo. We have 9 months to complete, then our entry will be judged and the awards take place every February. Three years running we have won an award so fingers crossed for 4th time lucky. We won’t know until Saturday night….bit like the Oscars 😆 It’s great fun and banter though and starts the motorcycle season off 🏍

    @annemarilyn. Oh so jealous of your impending trip.

    @janejust Dr Dukan had the right idea about trying to consolidate weight loss while preparing for maintenance but the restrictions of the diet were too much. I used to eat a lot of fruit prior to Dukan, then stopped altogether as it was not allowed 😳. I still rarely eat fruit now. I could be missing out 🤔

    @simoncoeluv thanks for posting the newbies and TDEE links. I was hoping you would ☺️ Much appreciated.

    @ioanamaus I hear ya with the fluctuating weight, and counting points, calories, whatever, and many diets and difficulty to maintain ☺️. That is why I love this WOL so far. I too think 16:8 really suits my life (except weekends when I might have breakfast with DH) and I am really confident that I can maintain with this WOL. We are all in this together, here’s hoping you find your rhythm 💃

    It’s a good day to have a good day. Happy Friday all.

    Day 2, UK, NFD
    Yesterday’s FD produced a new low of 73.4 kg, which is very pleasing. But today is the end of my Dry January and the aim is to do 2 FDs a week as a maintenance regime, starting Monday. I dread to think what damage I can do to my weight over the weekend with a glass of red in hand! Hopefully it will settle down below 75 kg once things shake down.

    Happy Friday everybody!

    Hi everyone, joining today but started yesterday with a CD now on FD. I’m in my 50’s and hoping to get fitter and healthier by doing the 5:2 and walking around north London! Recently gone veggie (can’t quite do vegan yet) and struggled before Christmas maintaining a low carb diet as a veggie so hoping this will give me more balance and choice on non fast days. Feeling motivated and up for it despite knowing it will be a long journey, fed up wanting a quick fix and accept that the slow consistent habit changing approach is the right way to go.
    Good luck everyone who has signed up this February and well done to those already on their journey and hoping I can call upon everyone when I need it for advice, inspiration and maintaining my motivation.

    Day 2, Cornwall UK, NFD

    Weekly Friday weigh-in today and 0.9kg down (down from last friday, not from 1 feb!).
    Down to 86.2kg. Getting closer to my ‘non-obese’ status – just 0.7kg to go for that.

    Hello @beddardo – lovely to see another Cornish faster on the forum. I think it’s just you and me at the moment, but others may be lurking out there. Isn’t it a beautiful today? It has been a very wet winter this year – a long grinding wait for spring.

    @daffodil2010 – our daffodils are now out and looking fab! We share the same liking for flowers. Camelias out now too. I am off to collect some Gloriosa roots this morning kindly donated by a local plant enthusiast – I will climb them up the sunny side of our house. Then for a quick walk on Carne Beach with the dog. Gotta fit in some work today as well, but I feel so uplifted by my weight loss I am finding it difficult to focus!

    I am experimenting with going the ‘full-vegan’ by adopting a plant-based wholefood diet together with the fasting. I have been reading a lot of research and feel I should give it a try this year. I have moving this direction for a while with the Med Diet but have finally got rid of the butter and seen a big shift of weight in the last couple of weeks, so its a good start.

    Day 2, Germany, NFD?

    Good Morning everyone!
    I truly enjoy reading your posts, even though I rarely comment. Yesterday I fell of the bandwagon a bit, after an uncomfortable and stressful situation at work. So that rendered yesterday a NFD unfortunately.

    Tonight my lovely and I will go out to the movies and have a burger dinner beforehand, so I can’t even turn today into a fasting day… 😅

    My boyfriend handed me a danish pastry this morning to take to work with me… It was a nice gesture on his part, but now the sticky thing is sitting in my bag, tempting me with it’s little sugary voice to eat it… eat it now…

    Does anyone have a tip for how to ignore that voice? I hate wasting food, yet the poor danish isn’t in the best of shape anymore, making it hard to pass it on to someone else. So at the moment I’d feel guilty if l do, and guilty if I don’t…

    Anyway, wishing everyone a successful, happy day 😊

    Day 2 North Wales NFD

    Day 2, Finland, NFD

    Yesterday’s FD went well, helped along by the fact I couldn’t taste anything because of my flu. Drank my goal 1,5L water for the day which was good. No exercise, but that will start when i am feeling better.

    Have a great day everyone!

    Day 2, Hampshire, UK – FD

    Day 2, Cornwall UK, FD

    Going to try a slightly different fast day today as normally I have three tiny meals (which probably adds more up to 800 calories if I’m honest, but still seems to work ok for me) but today I’m skipping brekkie and then plan to have maybe an apple and some almond butter at lunchtime, and soup at dinner. Wish me luck!

    I was wondering if anyone had seen Michael Moseley’s programme on fitness this week? I was really intrigued to watch it as someone who actually really enjoys going to the gym and walk a lot and do a lot of HIIT anyway. I was really surprised that the 10,000 steps a day had originally started as a marketing ploy! I knew it was from Japan, but not that and as I’m short on time at the moment I’m going to try and incorporate 3x 10 minute brisk walks into my day instead of aiming for 10K.

    @miraclelou thanks for the encouragement and it’s nice to meet someone who is in a similar position with similar goals. This might sound ridiculous but it’s challenging when there’s not much to go, don’t you think? Great to try and keep on top of it though, especially as my whole family is overweight apart from me! Certainly spurs me on anyway.

    @cornish-jane yes really nice to have another Cornish lass on here, and yes, it’s super beautiful today. This winter has been SO wet, I feel like it has rained solidly for the last 3 months, but I am also escaping at the end of this month to the Canaries for 4 weeks so I can’t complain (although I will be working from out there too…)

    Hello day 2 from NI and a beautiful crisp day it is too – pity I am in work as it would be a lovely day for a walk – well wrapped up tho as it was a bit frosty on some of the roads. Slow day for me – I have some berries and natural yogurt for lunch and thinking of an omelette and leaves for dinner. Its the weekend that I need to be really careful off but already my face doesn’t look as puffy.

    Welcome @dingping and welcome back @therealwil78

    @nessboy – although you started on 2nd January the days of the challenge are always the days of the month – that way no matter where you are in the world we are always on the same day – so today is day 2 it being 2nd February. It also allows for a restart and refocus at the beginning of each month with each challenge lasting one month.
    February being the shortest month should be the easiest only 28 days (she says) – we can do it – schedule in on a planner the days you will be out for dinner, or celebrating something special and work round them. This is the most flexible way of eating ever – it is not a diet it is a way of life!

    @moppet – is it really that squished you can’t give it away to someone? Don’t use your mouth as a bin – or if you really want it have it, enjoy it and move on.

    Day 2, Guildford UK, CFD

    Arrived at gym 5 mins late for class.

    Great start……


    I have a few nasty tasks to do today.


    @moppet do post. Sounds like a little bit of diet sabotage going on to me. I used my food recycling bin for any junk food. Boxes of chocs biscuits etc, went unopened into the supermarket food for the homeless bin. Other junk food just gets junked. Do post it will really help.

    @daffodil2010 I always think sunshine when I see your handle. Thank you for hosting.


    Day 2, Cornwall UK, NFD

    @moppet – throw the danish in the bin! Yes its a waste but it will do more harm in your body than in the bin.

    Day 2, London, UK, FD

    Quick post,

    @ccco, just a thought, but are you water fasting for 24hrs, then consuming TDEE-500cals on a FD? If you could manage a 500cal meal after 6pm (You could have a humungous bowl of soup or a gigantic salad for 500cals!!), then nothing until breakfast after 6am, just twice a week then up to TDEE on the other 5 days; that would be 5:2!!!! Great advice from @simcoeluv too, you might also check out the following also from @simcoeluv,


    I’m planning a FD for today, but we’ll see by about 4pm!!! I’ll be busy with Pilates, then food, then clothes shopping so, fingers crossed it’ll be an easy one!!!

    I need to stay focused this weekend and not slip back into the habits that started to resurface at the end of January, focus, Focus, FOCUS!!!

    Stay strong everyone!!!

    Day 2 Newcastle UK FD 🇬🇧.
    Well the 31st was a total blow out I’m embarrassed to say how much beer I drank before and after the football match. We ended up at an Indian buffet eat as much as you want and I sure did,they didn’t have forks we were using shovels. Yesterday wasn’t a good day either.
    Right back on track today for the rest of the month. Feeling very determined this morning and hoping I can keep this going all month. Hoping you all have a very successful month.

    Day 2, Brisbane, Australia


    I had 1200 cals today and stll enjoyed a choc top icecream at the movies! I used to view having a treat like this as a disaster, as now being off my diet and as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted for the rest of the day. I enjoyed it today while still feeling as though I was in control. No desire to binge. Just wrote in down in calories. Just getting rid of the guilt is so freeing!

    Good scale news too, down 1 kg since yesterday.

    Total loss after 1 week on 5:2 is 1.7 kg!

    Keep up the good work, hang in there, or tomorrow is another day, whichever is most applicable to your day!

    Day 2 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    Went out for a lovely meal last night with OH and dad, still feel stuffed this morning so I’m going to make today my second FD of the week. Skipped breakfast, carrot soup for lunch and fish with veg for dinner and – note to self: lots of water!!!!!

    @bigviking enjoy 🍷🍷

    Happy Friday everyone ☺️

    Hi Daffodil,

    I have entered my detail on the spreadsheet and would love to join your February challenge. I can see that I am now following the thread, do I need to always make sure I follow the ‘February 2018’ thread to make sure I am in my group?

    Thank you so much for leading it!

    So, my entry for today goes like this; correct me if this is wrong.

    Day 2, NFD

    Some of you may know I am new to this, but, I have done 5:2 diet before. It worked, but then I think, I overcompensated on my NFDs with extra treats. This time around I need to stay focused during FD but also NFD.

    My challenge on FD is to try to have my evening meal later in the evening and not enact after I had it! On my NFD I just need to eat normally but, try not to justify to myself that I can eat extra.

    Thank you everyone for being so supportive. This journey should be a long term project, and it should become a part of our lifestyle.

    I read a lovely quote the other day and thought I will share it with you; it goes:

    “Don’t wait until you’ve reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take toward reaching that goal”

    Hope you like it,

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