Feast days are a struggle

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Feast days are a struggle

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  • Hi I’ve been on the 5:2 for 5 weeks now and have lost 10lbs. I’m really struggling with my food intake on non fast days. I feel like I’m binging and undoing my hard work on fast days. Can anyone relate/help??
    Really enjoying it otherwise.

    I’m having exactly the same problem!! I know it’s not a free-for-all and yet I can’t stop myself from nabbing biscuits, crisps and chocolate because I somehow feel justified or that I deserve it after a fast. I’ve come to the realisation that my real challenge will be changing my entire relationship with food. I’m sorry I don’t have any tips but I hope you can take comfort that you’re not alone 🙂 I’m fasting tomorrow but am going to try to start journaling and being more mindful on Friday…good luck!!

    Hello, Sinky72 and Coolmazzy – I think the fact that you’ve chosen to start using the 5:2 approach and that you’re not happy with your initial over-reaction on your early non-fast days mean that you will soon find your way through to a better overall relationship to food in the weeks ahead. Trust your self and enjoy your potential to change old habits. All best wishes for great successes.

    I haven’t had my first ‘feast day’ yet but have lost a lot of weight by eating more sensibly and exercising more in the last few years. I do empathise with the struggle with ‘naughty’ food. I found the only way to get away from food like that is just not to buy it. I can stop myself in Sainsbury’s by ignoring the sweet and crisps aisles, and buying raspberries instead. However once junk food is in the house I am a monster until it is gone! Try walking past the aisle in the supermarket, saying No! very loudly while you do it. You sound totally mad but it reinforces the idea in your head! Hope that helps 🙂

    I started using the Livestrong calorie counter app (free) to make sure I wasn’t over eating on non fast days and it really helped me put into perspective how much I eat in general and to control it!

    Hi all, I have also struggled on the non fast days, although not as much as in the beginning. I have noticed that I eat numerous calories when I am anxious and not when I am just hungry. The fasting days helps me to reprogram my habitual runs to the fridge or pantry when feeling nervous or worried.

    My co-worker finds that for him he enjoys snacking in front of the television. So, he realizes what his habits are as well.

    I would suspect that many people have ingrained eating habits that need to be changed and replaced with better habits. Perhaps this is what is happening with respect to your situation as well.

    I am on my 4th week (9lbs down so far) haven’t weighed this week, but I have discovered that I am a carb craver! Have no portion control when it comes to bread, rice and pasta eek! Also that I nibble when I’m bored more than anything. What I have done is rather than saying no altogether to junk – incorporate it as part of a meal and allow yourself to have nice things, but in moderation. For example the other day at home I had a kit-kat for my pudding! Was yummy but once the meal is finished somehow didn’t feel the urge to go scouting through the cupboards for something else nibbly as it was “pudding” and part of a meal! And don’t forget you don’t have to scoff all the nice things in the cupboard in one go – it is possible to eat half a bar of chocolate and leave the other half until tomorrow (test of willpower) – there is always tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that……..have a “treat” but save some for another time. Avoid multi packs, and try to make snacks if you have them healthy ones sometimes. Also try to notice what drives your snacking, sad, bored, angry, reward, tired, exercise so you can have a strategy at the ready for thise times. Good luck!

    I bought the book and began with the Fast Diet plan over 2 months ago. I have not followed the diet each week. I have followed the Fast Diet on an intermittent basis.

    I have tried other diet regimes and found the Fast Diet to be very easy to use and follow, compared to others. I have lost about 20 pound in the past 2 months. I have been able to use the Fast Diet to hold down my weight even when I enjoy very hearty meals.

    Hello all

    I also find that i binge too much on my Non-Fast days. I have been on the diet for about 3 weeks now, and i haven’t lost any weight! Do you think it is a good idea to count your calories on Non-fast days, to make sure that you stay in the tdee range?

    I would appreciate it very much if someone could give me some advice


    Maybe if you make sure you eat the serving size on things it will help you not to each as much, but yet get your satisfaction. Just a thought.

    Keep on going.

    Hi all thank you for your responses, it is good (sorry guys) to know that i’m not the only one. I have started using the Myfitness Pal app on my phone to help count those pesky calories on my feast days. I do often still go over but no to the extent previously. I hope that i will get to the point where i can realise i dont need to stuff my face to “make up” for the fast days! Only lost another lb since my initial post but i guess it will take longer to lose as long as i am still bingeing :-\

    I’m having same problem and I’m careful with my calories of non fast days. Fast days are the usual 500 and non fast between 1300-1600 within my range. I don’t feel like I’m losing weight. I’m trying not to weigh myself but had non fast day today-nibbled all day and just feel fat now! Fast day again tomorrow -but feeling disheartened. I exercise 3 times a week too! Not sure what I’m doing wrong?

    Hi guys,

    If your trying to lose weight on the 5:2 fast diet you still have to remember the number one rule to weight loss.

    You need to create a calorie deficit! By reducing your calories over two days you can expect to cut 4000kcals for a man and 3000kcals for a woman over the week. 1lb of fat = 3500kcals.

    On your feeding days it’s advisable to stick to your calorie intake going off your BMR otherwise you’ll undo the deficit you have created by fasting.

    To help with craving, remember refined carbs (sugar) absorbs faster in your blood therefore your body produces insulin to lower blood sugar which in turn increases cravings. Stick to protein, fat and complex carbs so you benefit more from increasing insulin sensitivity by fasting and not over feed on feeding days.

    Good luck and stick with it, it really does work!

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