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  • Hi – what drinks are good to buy at a bar or in the pub on a fast day which aren’t full of artificial sweeteners and don’t make me look like a complete wowser? Preferably with under 10 calories. I have generally avoided going out on FD’s, but now that I am on a maintenance diet would like to branch out and go for after work drinks from time to time.

    Under 10 calories? Soda water with a slice of lime? Refreshing and a bit festive.

    Why can’t you change your FD? I know it gets busy socially at this time of year but surely you can plan ahead and work something out.
    If not it’s soda or mineral water.

    Hi and thanks for your answers. I’ve been experimenting with FD’s for the last couple of years and find the easiest time for me to fast is when I am at work- even at catered functions. After works drinks would suit me on a FD as long as I can casually ask for a very low calorie drink at the bar without it being too obvious. A few people at work know how I keep the weight off but there are ‘wreckers’ in the group I would prefer not to share with. I can’t drink alcohol after work anyway as I have to drive home. I was hoping that some-one out there would know of a nice drink that I didn’t know about that fitted the bill. But sparkling mineral water with lemon slices and lots of ice sounds OK doesn’t it?

    It sounds fine and if you have to drive that solves the issue of people trying to persuade you to drink alcohol.

    I doubt that there is anything low calorie that doesn’t contain sweetener of some description.

    I can never understand the mentality of trying to wreck someones diet, and I don’t blame you for keeping it to yourself.

    Just come back from my first FD drinks after work. I had a couple of San Pellegrino with ice and a slice of lemon thanks. Worked just fine and I can weave that into my life quite easily.

    Non alcoholic beers might fit the bill.There are various lagers, Becks Blue springs to mind. Nanny State- even available in cans in Asda- is very hoppy, low calorie with a real craft ale taste, and the most easily available in the UK.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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