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  • I completed a half-hearted attempt at 5:2 back in 2013 when I was 14st 11lbs. I’m now 16st and 40 year old.

    I’ve recently came off antidepressants which I think contributed to a stone weight gain in the past 6 months. I like to drink a good few beers on a weekend but have also maintained a decent level of fitness by running and playing football.

    Aiming to get under 14 stone for the first time in 10 years and eventually get down to 13st.

    I think by posting on here, it’ll make me more accountable whether anyone reads my posts or not. I’ll be posting updates on a Friday after weigh in with my first fast day coming up tomorrow.

    Here goes!

    Good luck, hopefully you’ll soon get back into the swing of it!

    Thanks Hedgehogs

    Weigh in this morning – 7lbs lost. Down to 15st 7lbs.

    2 fast days around 500 cals with a 5 mile walk on the first one. I don’t eat anything until 5pm and don’t find it a problem at all. Rarely feel hungry.

    My waist was 44 inches last week but will take this measurement on a monthly basis.

    Overall feeling much better after a week and excited to lose this weight that wouldn’t shift.

    My final target is 13st with a short term target of 14st.

    Stayed the same at 15st 7lbs this week. Really struggled with my fast day on Monday as I was working from home but no bother on Thursday.

    Had a bad weekend binge drinking / eating so I’m happy not to put weight on – still a 7lb loss over 2 weeks. Gonna put that behind me and carry on in a better fashion.

    Jeans starting to feel looser today but won’t measure my waist until next month.

    Since November I went off track and tried the Warrior Diet where I ate one full meal per day. That worked for a couple of weeks but was hard to sustain. I’ve since been messing around trying to get back to 3 meals per day without success. I’m now at 15st 13lbs and starting 5:2 again from today. This is the only thing that works for me, I just need to be mentally stronger to get through the early fast days as I know it gets easier.

    Welcome back Robbo80, I hope you get back in to fasting easily. If I understand correctly the warrior diet is an extreme form of time restricted eating. On fast days I eat just the evening meal with one or two pieces of fruit and cups of tea to get me through the day, but I wouldn’t want that level of restriction every day.

    It’s helpful to have some strategies for the FDs to make them a little easier.
    Plan the meals ahead and make sure food is ready to prep easily or even just reheat.
    Choose filling but low calorie meals – that means padding meals out with lots of veg. A pot of hearty veggie soup like a minestrone or scotch broth can work really well. They are filling, warming and generally keep you feeling satisfied for a while.
    Drink plenty of water as it can deter your appetite for a little while.

    You said you haven’t succeeded eating 3 meals a day. I wasn’t sure if you meant that you no longer wanted 3 meals, or that snacking was the issue. If you don’t want 3 meals, you don’t have to eat them. I never eat breakfast because I’m not hungry first thing in the morning. I usually eat a late brunch and dinner because that matches my appetite. If it’s snacking that’s the issue then it’s an issue many of us have, me included. On the NFDs I plan healthy snacks, mostly fresh fruit or a handful of nuts. When the snacking gets too bad you need to distract yourself with a task or a walk – something that you can focus on that takes you away from the food source. Something I use on a FD if I’m craving something I can’t eat that day is “Yes, you can have it tomorrow”. Our subconscious doesn’t like NO, so I find this little mantra works better for me. Of course when tomorrow comes around and it’s a NFD the obsession to eat that particular thing has usually vanished. You can also adapt this mantra to delay snacks until meal time by saying “Yes, you can have it with lunch/dinner”.

    Good luck Robbo

    Morning LJoyce

    Thanks for your support, the tips you mention are things I will take into account.

    I’ve completed two fasting days this week with no problems. Ate nothing until 7pm then had a meal of under 600 cals. I’ve noticed around this time that I feel a bit zen, almost tranquil. Such a good feeling.

    Got weighed this morning and lost 7lbs so I’m now down to 15st 6lbs. I now expect 1lb a week loss.

    I’ll not be giving up this time.

    Well done on a successful week one. Good to hear the FDs went well.

    Glad to hear you’re doing so well, @robbo80!

    In January 2020, I was just shy of 20 st. I’m now just a wee bit above your starting point, 16 st. My goal is 11 st. (big dreamer here!)

    Thanks LJoyce

    NorthGeorgia that’s a great loss, I hope I can follow in your footsteps.

    How are you finding the fasting days?

    Stayed the same at 15st 6lbs but I did have a really bad weekend with eating and drinking (I’m a big drinker) so that’s fine with me.

    Struggled with my second fasting day but got through it.

    I’ll move forward and have a better week this week. Less drinking for definite.

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