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  • I completed a half-hearted attempt at 5:2 back in 2013 when I was 14st 11lbs. I’m now 16st and 40 year old.

    I’ve recently came off antidepressants which I think contributed to a stone weight gain in the past 6 months. I like to drink a good few beers on a weekend but have also maintained a decent level of fitness by running and playing football.

    Aiming to get under 14 stone for the first time in 10 years and eventually get down to 13st.

    I think by posting on here, it’ll make me more accountable whether anyone reads my posts or not. I’ll be posting updates on a Friday after weigh in with my first fast day coming up tomorrow.

    Here goes!

    Good luck, hopefully you’ll soon get back into the swing of it!

    Thanks Hedgehogs

    Weigh in this morning – 7lbs lost. Down to 15st 7lbs.

    2 fast days around 500 cals with a 5 mile walk on the first one. I don’t eat anything until 5pm and don’t find it a problem at all. Rarely feel hungry.

    My waist was 44 inches last week but will take this measurement on a monthly basis.

    Overall feeling much better after a week and excited to lose this weight that wouldn’t shift.

    My final target is 13st with a short term target of 14st.

    Stayed the same at 15st 7lbs this week. Really struggled with my fast day on Monday as I was working from home but no bother on Thursday.

    Had a bad weekend binge drinking / eating so I’m happy not to put weight on – still a 7lb loss over 2 weeks. Gonna put that behind me and carry on in a better fashion.

    Jeans starting to feel looser today but won’t measure my waist until next month.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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