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  • Played bowls for a couple of hours,🥶🥶🥶. Chicken casserole cooking in the ninja, takes about an hour.Looking forward to it.Football on the telly tonight, so that’s most of the night taken care of. Happy birthday HH.

    H H .. hope you are having a lovely Birthday today and many more. xxxx ..

    Evening All..
    A very bitter day frost over night.. pouring with rain now.. we have managed to have dry walks…

    I have lovely dark red sparkly nail ready for my hols.

    Still feeling under the weather a bit very tired .. weather getting us all down.

    Have a lovely Birthday today and enjoy your day out.

    Well done moving 2lbs this month.. I seem to be stationary again.

    Poor Chloe getting upset.. fun cleaning her teeth ..

    Enjoy Kirsty coming tomorrow lovely when it’s a long weekend…Hope you got your brass done.

    Jean x

    Evening All…
    A good early walk at 8 and another tomorrow.. what is Natalie doing to me, 6.45 alarm!

    I have done a few holiday jobs, decanting hair things into tubs and bottles, a bit of sewing finished…case labels.

    Hoovered and dusted throughout…

    A good FD but holiday head is on.. must try next week for 2 fasts..

    Have a good evening..
    Jean x

    Just enjoy your holiday Jean, have a great time when you go and forget any fasting, you’ll soon lose any excess weight gained. Been to one of my bowling clubs AGM and paid to rejoin for the season. Two more to join then all done. It starts in 8 or 9 weeks.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, I had a lovely day…went to a vintage/antique centre, bought quite a few bits, a ring, pot, mug & books, we had lunch out, cake at Mum’s with my sister. Got some lovely flowers & vouchers to spend, garden & books so will keep me busy!
    No fasting today, we went to youngest son’s to drop off his washing & a parcel, had a treat from a bakery 🫢 Eldest son has climbed Scafell Pike today & now off to Scotland…
    Have a lovely weekend Hemmy, well done with 2lbs off Nana, hope you feel better soon Jean & hope that Chloe lets you clean her teeth Dave!

    Good morning everyone I’ve gained a pound this week but it was my birthday so can’t really complain. The scales make me laugh giving the weather and even air quality.Pity they can’t lie and say I’ve lost a pound instead of gaining. Fishing meeting next will so that’s held in a working mens club, lovely place and lovely beer so I went mad last time and stopped quiet a few from going sour. Can’t drink like I used to buy still manage a few.

    Didn’t weigh today as had my birthday, & we’re away next week for a few days…walked Xena & Enoch, then got lots of cleaning done while hubby was out. Was going to see Mum but she was meeting up with a friend, she’s out tomorrow as well so that’s nice for her. Son got three quarters of the way up Ben Nevis, but weather was awful & his crampons failed so he sensibly turned back- well, sensibly would’ve been not going in February but there you go! He’s away for another 2 days, home late on Sunday…
    We’re going to Norwich tomorrow, don’t think it’ll be a FD…
    Have a good weekend everyone 🥰

    Morning All…
    A windy and noisy day, back to bed with a cuppa. We are not meeting anyone today so go in our own time.
    Going to see Jacqui and Philip .. he is still not good after his man op, he has three different infections , he is taking an antibiotic for two and just been given a different one for the other infection…hoping he will be better by Friday or it will be just Jacqui going with me.

    You are going to be busy fishing and bowls let’s hope the weather is better than last year… I shall start boules again on the Tuesday.

    You have been busy. Lovely to be going away again is Xena going with you? Where are you going?
    Your son has done really well, sensible to stop when he did. I am only good on the flat I did a lot of walking when young. I did 40 miles across the Yorkshire moors, I tried three times but finished once in 16 1/2 hours which was a good time.

    Hope your long weekend is going well with Kirsty doing nice things.

    Jean x

    Good evening everyone. Had a drop off rain, not much thankfully.Having lamb for tea tonight😋😋😋.I think lamb is my favourite now. Watching the rugby, bit might turn over for the football unless Denise wants too keep the rugby on.

    Good afternoon, it’s quite warm but very breezy, is it another storm? National Yorkshire pudding day today so I’ll try new oven out. Chicken for tea so Chloe’s on red alert. She loves chicken, saying that she loves eating full stop 😂. Spring is just around the corner, plenty of snowdrops about. I like spring, new life.All 4 seasons have something going for them.

    Afternoon All…
    All packed and ready to go…..Charlie is packed too.. well in weight.

    Philip is about the same not any worse.. I will speak later tonight. They are packed too so it looks like he is coming… hopefully in 5 days he will improve or I could be going on my own.
    He was so poorly yesterday..

    Just having a cuppa ….

    I love lamb but it’s quite expensive so I don’t often have it. We have daffs and snowdrops out Spring is around the corner.
    Very chilly on the riverbank this morning..

    Jean x

    Jean- hope Phil improves in time…will you still go on your own? I think a cruise is maybe not a bad holiday to try like that as you’re on a table with others for dinner & plenty going on…hope you don’t have to though!
    Dave- hope that your yorkshires are good! Lucky Chloe having chicken too…
    Hemmy & Nana, hope you’re both having a nice weekend!
    We went to the antique fair yesterday & had a pub lunch afterwards, was lazy the rest of the day! A longer walk with Xena this morning to see the snowdrops in the forest, then Church. Eldest son is home with a bag full of wet clothes, needing a haircut & hungry! Not sure how he’ll manage if he ever moves out 😂 Carbonara for us tonight…will do one FD tomorrow, then we’re away Wednesday to Cromer for a few days – not taking Xena as it’s too far for her in the car, she’s going to the dog sitter…
    Have a good evening!

    Yorkshire was ok, didn’t rise as much as normal but I didn’t use my usual mixture and the fan is very strong in the oven and it blows down. Tasted very good though. On the cruises we’ve been on you just pick a table that you want. Not easy with anyone else.Unless your at the captain’s table and I wouldn’t do that.

    Afternoon All…
    A very cold windy walk on the riverbank with Oreo.
    A lazy day today.. a few holiday jobs tomorrow..
    All packed changed to a larger case, it was very squashed in the smaller case.

    I am fasting today…

    I will go on holiday if I have too.. too much money to loose. Phil has got some clothes out today so he does want to go. Jacqui has packed but I don’t think she will come and leave him if he’s too unwell.
    Enjoy your break away at Cromer..

    I think it’s a table of 6 or 8 people you get the same table for the week. There is very few of tables for two.
    I am looking forward to it the weather looks good… low 20’s

    Jean x

    You will enjoy it Jean one way or the other. Not had much to eat today, will be drinking dirty beer as my daughter used to call it😂 tomorrow.Funny if I drink beer the weight piles on. Next week I’ll be back to normal so hopefully I won’t gain too much this week

    Hi FB Brits hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Its been a dry weekend .. so all nice and dry on our walk .. My first walk since Thursday so a bit hard going today lol. Nice to have the break though but also makes me realise how fit it keeps me. Stiff this evening.

    A lovely long weekend with Kristy.. a lovely meal out on Saturday in Aylesbury.. Yesterday I did a roast . Lovely having company but nice to get back to mine and Pips routine today .

    H H Ohh Antique’s fair and pub lunch my ideal sort of day. I hope the dry weather continues for your away days in Cromer.

    Brads .. I think alcohol is one of the worst culprits for weight gain. Nice to let your hair down now and again though.

    Sym.. I hope your son in law will be ok to travel .. what a shame you all have this worry now . Hopefully the fast is going well today

    Nana.. hope you had a lovely break.

    Weighed this morning and 1 pound up so not too bad.. At one time after a Kristy visit it would have been 4-5 lolol

    Have a lovely evening everyone. We are what we eat and drink. Xxxx

    Evening everyone, keep forgetting to post on here.
    Jean hopefully your son in law will be able to make the holiday.
    We’re going to Lowestoft this Friday for a few days to celebrate OH’S birthday. Hedgehogs hope you have a good time away at Cromer.
    Hemmy hope you had a good time with your daughter.
    Managed a fast day today and had my favourite salmon and pasta as my evening meal.
    Scales showed a half pound lost when I weighed myself last Friday.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone.
    Nana x

    Phil is feeling much better and a lot more chirpy. I think he’s realised how poorly been. I think he needs to rest more as he gets tired. He’s looked on line at his tablets he’s been taking and it’s shocked him. We knew but he was in a daze.
    He’s been getting his holiday clothes out so fingers crossed.

    Glad you had a good time enjoying Kirsty being with you. We are still getting rain and very windy too..
    All packed for holiday.

    I am looking forward to the break….

    Enjoy your trip away .. just nice doing something different..

    Enjoy your trip to Cromer on Wednesday too

    Jean x

    Quick post, a busy day, stressful shopping trip! Went to Asda for hubby’s favourite pizzas, they’ve reduced the tills & put in all self service, that didn’t work, so frustrating! Tried a normal till but there were massive queues & we were in a hurry! Hubby got so cross we abandoned the trolley 😂 So no pizza for him…my fault really as I was trying to fit too much in today- walked Xena & Enoch, had to drop stuff in to son’s, plus get back in time to see mum…
    Out for a very early walk with my friend & her dog before she has to work tomorrow, then HomeStart family call, walk Enoch…& then packing!
    Liquid FD done today.

    HH there was only two tills open today at Sainsbury’s but luckily there was no one in one of them. I do use self service sometimes,quiet easy to use but I always feel I’m doing their job for them. Hemmy I laughed at me letting my hair down, if only👴 Not long now Jean ate you getting excited. Hope everyone enjoys their trips away. Nothing planned for us. My mate who I play bowls with got a quote of over £2000 for holiday insurance, he’s just had a pacemaker fitted and is 80.Eventually he got it for just over£1000 from Admiral.I renewed my car insurance , some of the quotes were over£1000 😱I got it for just over £400.

    Dave- your insurance still sounds a bit pricey but glad you got it down! We had a few small packets in our shopping & I think they were so light it got confused 😂 We had quite a few bits in the trolley, just gave up!
    Hope everyone else is okay…
    Had a nice early walk, only just getting light! Rang my family, only 3 more calls & we finish, I’ll miss them…packing, washing & ironing done.
    We drop Xena off in the morning, can’t get into the flat until lunchtime but will grab a bite to eat before we get in…

    HH if you live in Manchester it’s going to be expensive for insurance.I rejoined the fishing club, had 6 pints so not too bad. Chloe is looking at me with her cute face. But it won’t get her anywhere tonight. Maybe chews is she’s not already had them.

    Good morning everyone going bowling soon, much be mad it’s 4°C so got my thermal vest on and a hand warmer in my pocket. Just took Chloe out so she’s ok until 4pm ISH.

    Good afternoon FB Brits. Xxxx

    It s a dry day but a chilly wind.. after all yesterdays rain.

    A good walk..I am not feeling very motivated today need some sunshine. lol

    This evenings dinner is a jacket potato with cheese and beans,..and some grapes. Weight is good this morning back to normal.

    Dave.. Hope you win at bowls…

    Nana .. well done on last Fridays weight loss

    H H ..Enjoy your away days.

    Sym… Hopefully Philip will be well enough to travel.. he can have a good rest when on board.

    Enjoy the afternoon everyone.. “Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive.” Xxxx

    Evening All…
    A busy day cleaning, mopping, washed a lot of Charlie’s blankets.
    I went through my books and put 6 aside to take for Jacqui and me, they are not too thick so taking a couple more.

    Hope you have got away, the weather is mild so it will be lovely by the sea.

    Steve always said Manchester is very expensive for insurance, he was surprised how cheap it was here.
    Hope you had a match and not too cold.

    I love a jacket I often have them…Phil seems a lot better, he did say if he needs to rest he would have a couple of hours in the afternoon.. I am just happy to get some good weather, a good book and cocktail….

    Jean x

    Weather was kind for bowling,I took my coat off it was a lovely sunny day. It’s only practice the proper bowling season starts in about 8 weeks. IV bought a new rolling pin, one with rings at the end so you get the same thickness of pastry all over. Deciding what to make, I’ve not used the food processor for pastry yet so will give that a go. I might make some Cornish pasties, would put my own ingredients in it.

    Good afternoon one and all. Sleet here so not the snow that was predicted. Took Chloe out with her hat and coat on. She always gets home then stands near Denise and shakes splashing her all over, funny all the dogs did the same😂😂😂. Think it’s stopped at the moment, typical we got soaked. I think I will gain a few pounds tomorrow and it’s pancakes day next week not good for weight loss.

    Good afternoon going shopping soon, I’ve stayed the same this week so very happy with that. Managed a dry walk with Chloe. Not sure what to have for tea tonight. I was watching a YouTube video he was making Scottish pies.I had one at Glasgow speedway a few years ago and it was the best pie I’ve ever had. These looked lovely.If you go on YouTube,type In Backyard chef, he’s from Yorkshire and does some fantastic food from all over Britain and abroad. He’s got the oven I just bought.I watched him using it and bought it. There was an article in the daily mirror about the oven and they highly recommended it.

    Charlie is at the sitter and settled already. She had 4 dogs in so can play together. All settled and sleeping at the moment.

    All packed and ready to be picked up… staying over at a premier inn and a meal booked for this evening… we have to be at the airport at 5am so up about 3.45am I
    Manchester to Tenerife… a chartered flight.

    Hope you try your pastry out before I come back.. remember if doing a meat pie, your meat has to be cooked and cold before filling the pie.
    Glad the oven is good buy.

    Speak when I can.. back next Saturday….

    Jean x

    Good afternoon F B Brits .. hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    A much better day mild and sunny after yesterdays awful heavy rain.

    I am back to my happy weight so I have lost the pound I put on last week.

    Just making a Croc pot soup .. bacon and all left over veg.lots of garlic and herbs I will liquidise it after with my new gadget.
    It will do more good than Cuppa soup.

    I am pleased with myself as I haven’t food shopped since a week yesterday using things up. Usually when I do this I end up with more thoughtful tasty meals. Planning to big shop on Sunday.

    Dave.. What are in the Scottish pies not haggis is it. lol Well done on losing that weight this week.

    H H enjoy your away days.

    Nana how are the scales for you today.

    Sym.. You are always so very organised .. have a lovely lovely time with your family.. Take care Xx

    Enjoy your day everyone.. Don’t Focus on how much you eat. Focus on what you Eat. Xxxx

    Afternoon everyone, a quick check in as I’ve come away for a few days to celebrate OH’s birthday which is today.
    Weighed myself this morning and have lost a pound.
    Jean hope you have a lovely time away.
    Nana x

    Hemmy it’s lamb in the scotch pie.Which just happens to be favourite.Looking forward to eating them 😋😋😋😋. Never made a meat pie before.

    Hi F B Brits hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    A dry but dull day here .. A good morning walk..then went to the local shop.. I am pleased i resisted any fresh cakes or pastries. I had a bacon sandwich and some grapes for lunch. . Homemade soup for dinner this evening.

    Nana Well done on your pound loss .. that’s brilliant.

    Dave.. I don’t think I fancy lamb in a pie.. I only like it roasted. Did you make the pie.

    H H .. and Sym hope all is going well for you. Xx

    Enjoy yourday everyone.. You have not failed until you quit trying. Xxxx

    I think it should be mutton but lamb will be fine. It’s the best meat pie I’ve ever had, the one in Glasgow. Not got the ingredients yet might get them tomorrow.I ordered four 4inch cake tins to do the pies in. Plus I’ve not got the herbs,white pepper,mace and marjoram.

    Well done Hemmy & Nana both losing, & to Dave for staying the same! Jean & Nana have a lovely time both of you…
    We had a really relaxing break, reading, watching the sea, & some eating! Not much walking as too wet- until it was time to leave & the sun came out!
    Xena was good at the sitter’s & she’s looking into fields or an indoor arena she can hire for Xena if she comes again- because of being awful in the car!- & for other dogs who can’t be trusted off lead…youngest son is coming for dinner tonight, they’re having steak & chips. Had to buy a pudding as there wasn’t time to make one!
    Have a good rest of weekend everyone 🥰

    Good afternoon dry at the moment. Typhoo time for you to make a comeback and any others who are reading this, we’re getting thin on the ground.Chloe wants to go out so I’ll be back.

    Yes, Dave it would be nice if a few came back- Bronwyn, Typhoo, Minols, Pasha, Pseudonym…
    Really wet & muddy everywhere after loads of rain last night, has stayed dry though. Tried a new recipe for breakfast, Nutella french toast roll ups, very nice! Back to fasting tomorrow…just had Church & a quiet afternoon, eldest is away in London with his gf, it’s her 21st birthday today …

    Hi F B Brits how is your day going Xxxx

    A strange weather day here mild and dry but dark .. mustn’t complain though it is February.

    After walking I went to Brackley Tesco and did a big shop I am favouring a Sunday as i am always a bit lost .

    Its a good day to go as no Mercedes work force lunchtime shopping.

    A Tesco smoked ham and mustard sandwich for lunch .. ohhh and fresh cream doughnut.. it is Sunday LOLOL Just homemade soup this evening

    Yes lovely to have some of the lovely peeps back here see how they are getting on with the weight journey. I miss Kay.xx

    Enjoy your evening everyone.. You are what you eat. Xxxx

    Good evening,I am deciding if I should watch the Superbowl.My son is definitely watching it, he’s got the day off work tomorrow.

    Well I watched the Superbowl, it didn’t end until almost 4am😱, so not much sleep today. Err bowling for almost 3 hours so I’m feeling very stiff now. I think the arthritis is spreading 😭I have it in my knees and now my hip is getting bad and also getting it in my hand. Horrible thing arthritis.Pancake day tomorrow so not good for losing weight🤪.

    Hemmy- you’re doing so well ATM, you’re only having small meals by the sound of it so you can afford to have some treats!
    Dave- rotten being in pain…my joints are okay for now but I’m getting alot of muscle pain & tendinitis all over! A long bowling session for you!
    A busy day here & I ache! Walked Xena, then Enoch, we went shopping & then took Mum for a walk in the forest to see the snowdrops, we do that every year. As well as usual jobs…FD has gone well, I did a liquid fast today with a protein shake tonight.
    Have a good evening!

    Hi, I am about to start my first fasting day tomorrow, feeling both daunted and excited at the same time. Living in Cornwall, but originally from Dorset. I am 3 stone overweight and suffer with Asthma and Anxiety. Any advice or tips really appreciated!

    Hi Anabell most of us do a fast day on Monday and Thursday.If you can drink water that’s a big help, stops you feeling hungry.I do the 800 calories fast only on fast days though.But be careful on non fast days,if you eat too much on them days then it will all be in vain. Use the calculator somewhere on here to find your TDEE.I always dusty well under what it says on non fast days and I have lost 3 stone doing the fast diet. Coming on here really helps, you can talk about anything and everything. Most of us have a dog or cat.

    Hi Annabelle & welcome on here!
    Everyone is different, I find it easier to have one or 2 meals on FDs, not 3. If you can have something with plenty of protein it’ll help fill you up, eggs are good, & tuna for me. I love soup too, lentil & carrot seems filling on a FD…As well as weighing, it’s a good idea to measure waist etc before you start as sometimes that can change more than pounds! Hope your 1st FD goes well, come on here for encouragement 👍
    Lovely part of the world you live in, I love Cornwall! Whereabouts are you?
    Didn’t eat until lunchtime, got to make sure I don’t overdo it now! Pancakes tonight…

    Yes pancakes tonight😋😋😋. That’s the beauty of the 5:2 you can work around things. I think next week will be much better for losing weight. Going to make scotch pies soon, got all the ingredients now, need a bit of room in the fridge. Why does it always rain when we go to Sainsbury’s 🤪.

    Hi F B Brits hope you are having a good day.

    Welcome Annabelle lovely to have you joining our little corner or the forum. Its a beautiful part of the country you live. xx

    It does help to be in communication with like minded people all trying to either lose weight or keep it off.

    I have managed to lose 2st and been at goal weight give or take a few pounds at holidays for a good while now.

    Dave… It will be interesting to see how your “Scotch pies” turn out.. ” Watch this space as they say lol. Enjoy your pancakes.. I am not a fan thank goodness.

    H H I also think eggs are brilliant on Fast days.. In fact I think a few years ago I had a Cup of milky coffee for breakfast and a fried egg sandwich and an orange on fast days for my main meal It seemed to work.

    I do hope Sym is having a lovely time. Xx

    Today was monthly meet up for Buckingham Garden centre lunch with Chris.. Hunters chicken with chips and Coleslaw so tasty and I ate a big plateful for me.. Its so much nicer eating with others.

    When times get tough the tough get going. Xxxx

    Hi Everyone ..
    Madeira was beautiful…
    Here from sunny 24 degrees in Grand Canaria .. sitting catching rays in the old town….
    Really lovely cruise booked again for next year.. it’s a figure of 8 over two weeks.. so we have done one half so the other half next year.
    Phil is still not really well, first day he feels a bit better. We rang the hospital for advice.. they say it takes time. I feel better as we are in port every day now if we need medical help.. although we have a hospital on board.
    I will scan the posts later as we are out and about.,

    Jean x

    Good afternoon been bowling. We played over 3 hours on Monday and we were all like 90 years olds Monday night 😂. Played 2.5 hours today so should be better. When we play a league game we only play around 45 minutes to an hour so it’s a lot more when we practice.I might start off the scotch pies tonight and finish then off tomorrow.

    Evening everyone, we enjoyed a lovely few days away celebrating OH’s birthday. The weather was kind to us and we enjoyed a nice long walk by the sea.
    Weighed myself Friday morning before we left and I’d lost a pound.
    Jean sounds like you’re having a good time a bit of a worry with Phil though. Envious of your weather it’s chilly here today but we still enjoyed our usual Wednesday lunch.
    Dave good that you’re continuing to keep up with your bowls even if you feel it afterwards.
    Hemmy sounds like you had a nice lunch today.
    Welcome Annabelle, we’re a friendly group on here. I don’t do 5:2 as such but do the 18:6 method daily instead having 1300 calories every day. It works for me I tend to lose half to one pound a week. My OH and I have lunch out every Wednesday with friends and on Fridays we meet up with friends and enjoy a takeaway.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.
    Nana x

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