Fasting without eating anything

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  • We are new to this IF regimen. My husband actually likes to fast but he does not want to eat ANYTHING on the fast days. I’m trying to convince him to follow the regimen. Any opinions or is he okay to just to have coffee and non-caloric drinks through out the day. He says as soon as he eats anything the “food switch” gets turned on.

    Not eating on fast days is fine. Many people drink non caloric drinks only or just water.

    Thanks for input Amazon. I guess I’m “old school” thinking not taking in any calories will cause your body to just shut down to hang on tight to your fat cells for survival. He does like having a couple coffee breaks during the day with creamer. No sugar though.


    Lots of people are like your husband and better off not to eat anything. It works well.

    Others find it easier and more sustainable to have food. But there are many ways to have food and you need to work out what suits you. One meal, a couple of them, a snack here and then a meal…

    Luckily 5:2 has a lot of leeway with how and when you eat up to the calorie limit.

    Good luck with it 🙂

    Thank you Cinque! He will be happy to know what I found out.

    I am another one who thinks it is easier to eat nothing on fasting days. So far I have taken that up to five days of fluids only, perfectly happily. There are a number of others on these sites who have done the same. My wife is of your persuasion and eats a low calorie fast day. We are both happy with our approach and it works for both of us.

    Hi penguin. So you fast 5 days straight without any food? Wow!

    It isn’t as hard as it sounds if you build up to it. You lose lots of weight, there are serious health benefits and you feel really good. Have a look at “5:2 and the longevity diet” thread. Just don’t try it without building up to it with gradually longer fasts.

    Littlegirl, Like penguin I find it easier and more effective to not eat anything during the 38 or so hour fast. I did start with < 600 calories though. I just finished a 5 day water fast.

    Assuming you are otherwise healthy your body won’t shut down until you get to a very low body fat say <5% or so. Most of us could fast for weeks and still be OK

    Thanks diverdog. We are going to start on this “adventure” tomorrow. I just read your profile. You are the same age as my husband and we also have family in Las Vegas. I’m sure my husband will feel more comfortable to follow fasting days without eating. I’m just a worrier I guess, like to follow the “rules”!

    The “rules” for fast days on 5:2 where set to the # of calories that would produce results but also help to insure compliance. A diet that prescribes eating nothing two days a week would not have many followers! LOL

    The book shows positive health results for the program but I believe that any plan that caused weight loss would have similar health benefits.

    However I believe there are profound health benefits from water fasting.

    Not eating is actually fasting. The 1/4 TDEE allowed is to insure compliance as diverdog pointed out. Actually if you only eat 1/4 of TDEE long term, it would probably slow down your metabolism. Water fasting actually speeds up the metabolism a bit over a few days.

    Many people like myself find that not eating at all actually reduces hunger and discomfort more than under eating does.

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