Fasting to beat jet lag

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  • I started 5:2 four years ago & lost 42lb in six months. It’s now a way of life and the weight has stayed off. I travel to the USA a lot and, like most people, suffered from jet lag on my return to the UK. Last year I experimented. My flights back are always over night. I have breakfast on the plane. After arriving home around 10am, I have two or three mugs of coffee & a handful of almonds. Then, nothing else to eat that day (plenty of water to rehydrate). Go to bed around 10pm. The next day, I wake up ravenous but, seemingly my body has reset….& no jet lag! Several of my friends have tried this approach….and, seemingly, it always works

    Wow! Thanks for sharing!

    I did a similar fast last year, but I fasted before my fight. It was the first time I fasted for 30 hours and it was a bit difficult because I wasn’t used to it. It was a flight that took off at 12:10am headed to the USA. So I didn’t eat for 30 hours before the flight. Once we settled in to our seats on the plane, I ate a snack that I had packed because it was breakfast time in the states. I did eat the plane meals but it was a JAL fight so the food was okay. In the states I ate supper at suppertime. The next day I drove 900 miles without jet lag issues. I was just a bit slow getting going in the morning but that had more to do with my family being jet lagged than me. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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