Fasting and effect on organs

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  • Does fasting put strain on the organs? A colleague in my office keeps stating this, and I can find no evidence of this in a google search.

    I’m not a doctor but Michael Mosley and Michelle Harvie (of the other 2:5 diet) are and they have pioneered these diets.
    From reading both books and their rational: I would say that it’s quite the opposite-the whole point of the fasts are to rest your body from digesting food so it can go into repair mode.
    They always say though: if in any doubt consult your GP.


    Tell your colleague to produce the evidence, they won’t be able to as there isn’t any.

    As PreciousBooBoo says very probably quite the opposite.

    Hello, threelionsfan – I think the term used, in a medical sense, is that fasting ‘stresses’ the body by the sudden reduction of calories – usually just for one day, in the case of the 5:2 approach – and that stress provokes various positive changes in the body’s hormonal responses, that lead to many suggested health benefits. There is no negative connotation to the word ‘stress’ in this context and I agree with PreciousBooBoo’s comments about the body’s resulting rest and repair.
    If you have time, read around the different threads on the forum and maybe that will give you an insight into the improvements experienced by many people using the 5:2 Intermittent Fasting system, in energy levels, feelings of well-being and measurable health markers (over and above the straight-forward advantages gained by losing excess weight).
    For some reason, many people like to stay sceptical and gain-say successful health regimes, without necessarily educating themselves on the subject or trying the method for themselves. Perhaps you might suggest to your colleague that s/he needs to read the book, to learn the actual facts, and then, hopefully, there will be no need to doubt? All best wishes.

    I don’t know if it related to the organs, but I do recall Michael making a comment about making sure you get protein. I make my fast day (and pre-fast day) diet rich in protein – 25% of my normal calories, but 50% of my normal protein (meat is a rich source of protein, so a fast day dinner for me is usually a pork fillet with salad – high in protein, low in calories).

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