Fasters in their 40s (Previoulsy 47 year old…)

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Fasters in their 40s (Previoulsy 47 year old…)

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  • Hello Everyone,

    Last week a couple of us thought it would be a good idea to start a new thread for those of us in our 40s, those whose bodies just aren’t like they were in our 30s.
    I’m 49 and have been following the fast diet for two months. Weight loss is slow but it is decreasing and that’s what counts.
    Please join in if your interested especially those of you on our previous thread.


    Hi I’m brand new to fasting, literally only one fast day in… And just passed 40, have been overweight since I was 13 so it’s now or never for me πŸ™‚

    Hi Angie, Congrats on getting started. You’ll find the fast days get easier the longer you follow this diet. I hope all goes well for you. I’m curious, how did you find out about 5:2?

    Hiya thanks for the reply, I saw the horizon special and duly did nothing other than buy the book till my dr prompted me to try it, first fast day went well, not as hungry as I thought I’d be, I bought the fast diet kitchen meals to try them but I’m thinking cooking my own will be better .. How long have you been done by it for?

    I’m turning 42 in June and have been on the fast diet for four weeks now. I started with a BMI in the low 20’s so weight loss isn’t my goal – having a healthier geriatric period is what I am after.

    A few times I’ve gone with the ‘simply not eating on fast day is easier’ and didn’t have too much trouble with that. Today is a fast day and as I’ve started a virus that is causing me some trouble, I decided to eat a light meal; chicken and lettuce.

    The very first day of fasting was difficult, but since that first day it hasn’t been difficult at all.

    Hi Phil, I am trying for some weight loss, but the real goal is to make it to old age and not need to be on medication. At 49′ so far so good. I have many friends who are already on blood pressure and cholesterol meds. I also exercise quite a bit because I would also like to avoid falls and osteoporosis.

    I understand about those challenging fast days. Some days I start off knowing it is going to be tough. On those days, sometimes I turn them into 600 calorie days. That extra 100 calories can be just enough to make it relatively successful.

    So I wonder… would fasting help a cold since it puts our bodies into repair mode.

    Feel better.

    Hi Angie,

    I think it’s terrific your doctor suggested you try the diet. I don’t think doctors here is the States would be so dietarily progressive.

    Hi all!

    I’m from the 47 year old thread. πŸ™‚ I’m 46 and been on 5-2 since beginning of January. I’m 5 foot 4 and weigh 133 pounds. I think that’s around 60kg. I have lost 7 pounds so far but can’t seem to lose anymore. The weekends and social events kill me. I would ideally like to drop 5 more pounds and maintain! Today I pretty much fasted all day with the exceptions of 2 instant soups. Tonight I had a salad with shrimp and a small nectarine. The salad was big but I’m stuffed. I almost feel guilty! Gonna try and eat nothing else. I went to a Pilates class tonight.

    Hang in everyone!

    Hello everyone! Also coming over from the 47yo thread. I’m 43 and have been on the diet since late February. I’ve lost about 8 lbs — gone from 154 lbs (at 5’7″) to 146 — and am quite pleased about it. My goal is to get to 140, which should really be entirely doable if I would only eat a bit less on my non-fast days. Sigh. This diet is very effective, but I feel like I still haven’t found a good equilibrium. And fast days are so hard!

    I can’t argue with the results, though. Off to drink my cup of diet cocoa before bed πŸ™‚

    Hi all,

    So I had a fast day yesterday. I only had miso soup and a bouillon during the day. Night I had a salad with shrimp, dressing and feta. Plus small nectarine. Today I weighed myself and was exactly the same as I was Sunday! But discouraging. I’m 2 pounds up from my lowest few weeks ago. Planning to be careful today and fast again Wednesday. Does anyone else wrestle with whether to eat breakfast on non fast days? I do. Instinctively I now feel like conserving those calories! But it goes against what I had been told for years! Breakfast starts your metabolism. Blah blah blah. It’s confusing! Wish Michael Mosley would Comment on this…

    Hi Desperate,

    I had considered trying miso soup for fast days until I saw the sodium content. Now that I’m in my 40s, I find I am very sensitive to sodium content. You may want to check how much sodium you ingested between the miso soup and the broth.

    Hi VirginiaEdie!

    You are so right! I just looked at the boxes and It was like 1600 millegrams of sodium! how dumb! no wonder my rings are melding to my fingers! LOL…

    so no one answered me but today is a nonfast day and I just ate eggs and some spinach with roasted tomatoes…will stay away from breads and potatoes today if I can…tomorrow will be another fast day! I am so motivated to drop the recent 2 pounds. Mother’s day scares me…ugh! my in-laws are coming and it always turns into an Eating Fest!

    It certainly isn’t easy when there are special events. This coming weekend is the First Communion of a child of friends of ours followed by a big party where there will be lots of food. I too, on my non-fast days, sometimes go overboard. I’ve read from others on this group that they have found that by fasting they changed their eating habits on non-fast days. So far, I haven’t noticed any such effect. Tomorrow is my second fast day of the week (I do Mondays and Thursdays) and I think I’ll be doing the ‘easiest just not to eat at all’ plan. Not being a foodie has made the 5:2 plan easier for me than I think it is for others.

    Though weight loss is not really my purpose, I have lost some weight – I dropped from 152lbs to 147 and then to 145 and have been between 145 and 147 for the last week or so. From age 17 to about 34 I weighed an even 140lbs so if I get to there and stay there, I might switch to 6:1 rather than 5:2. I’ll have to see how it goes.

    Hi Phil,

    I’ve been doing 4:3 for two months now. I have the same problem about my non-fast days being a challenge. I believe most of the trouble is my attitude. “I can eat (insert food name here) because I can. It is not a fast day.” So I snack more than I should. I guess that’s why I’m doing 4:3 in the first place. One day of snacking won’t hurt too bad because I’ll be fasting again the next day anyway. Maybe I should switch to 5:2 and force myself to have an attitude adjustment.


    desperate, I always eat breakfast — on fast and nonfast days. I get up very early to work for a bit and then go to the gym, so by the time I get back I am ravenous.

    I’ve been finding that the first fast day of the week (Monday) is usually manageable but the second one (usually Wednesday) is just a bear. I really hope that I can eventually move to 6:1, as I think I’d find that exponentially easier. But today was a Wednesday fast day and it was a lot better than it’s been! Not quit sure why — the weather was absolutely gorgeous, which always helps, but I also just tried not to think about fasting.

    VirginiaEdie, I have the same problem with my nonfast days. I am going to try for that attitude adjustment!

    Hi Marymac,

    I tried something different today. I fasted until 230. Well I only had coffee with half and half. I’ve tried black many times but not so great. Rather have the cream and get me through!:) anyway at 2:30 I ate a late lunch. Great salad with some lean steak and a few fries:) was out to lunch with some people. Late in the day I had small handful of nuts before going to an evening Pilates class. Tonight I had only a handful of carrots. I think I can survive tonight. Plus, sometimes when I fast all day until evening meal I feel weak and then so full! Not huge fan of feeling full at night.

    I love how this plan is flexible! Also makes it easier because if I have a business lunch I can eat something healthy, forgo dinner, and not ruin a fast day…long as it’s a late lunch!

    Today is a fast day for me and usually on Thursdays (as I am doing today) I’m following the ‘it is easier not to eat’ strategy. My last meal was a light supper Thursday evening at 18h00 and my next meal will be breakfast Friday morning at around 6h30.

    Virginia, 4:3 (aka ADF) sounds too severe for me, I don’t think I could swing that.

    Hi All,

    Yesterday was a fast day for me. It actually went very well. I discovered a drink call KeVita. If you have ever heard of Kiefer, it is similar but made with coconut water instead of milk. For 16 ounces (455 ml if I did my conversion correctly) it is only 20 calories. I had the mango one. It tastes pretty good, has no sugar or artificial sweetener, including stevia, and is naturally sparkling. Because it is made like Kiefer, it is full of probiotics. I have to say, it filled me up. I think it is my new favorite fast day drink when I’m feeling hungry but really want to push on until dinner.

    Phil, I will admit that third fast day of the week is the most challenging, but I only have one more week until I drop back to 5:2. I originally had 10 pounds I wanted to loose. I have three to go. I did the 4:3 to ease my conscience on non-fast days and to speed up the process. Once I drop back to 5:2 I am going to have that attitude adjustment about non-fast days.

    I have to say, it is a blast talking to people all over the world. It is only 10:30 a.m. for me, and you wrote about already having your Thursday evening meal as if it was yesterday.

    Have a good day or evening everyone.

    P.S. I do not own an interest in any company
    that makes or sells KeVita (in case my enthusiasm
    looked like a sales plug.)

    Virginia, you discovered a typo in my post; it looks like we’re in the same timezone.

    I should have said that my last meal was Wednesday evening at 18h00. Maybe this not eating business is affecting my concentration. πŸ˜‰

    Hi all, I hope I can join into this thread. I am 45 years old and want to lose the weight that has been creeping on over the last 10 years. I am in Week 4 of the 5:2 and it is going OK. I plan to lose 1lb per week and so far so good. I have to watch my food and snacking on non-fast days though (and the lovely lovely wine too).
    Marymac I find Mondays easiest too, then it gets harder for the second fasting day of the week.
    Good luck to all

    Hello Everyone,

    My week of only getting 5 to 6 hours a night of sleep has caught up with me. I had to put on lots of make up not to look too much like cr$&!. Today is supposed to be a fast day, but I’m thinking of turning it into a low cal day. Anyone else had days like this and still fasted? All thoughts appreciated.

    I work in a technical support job where one week out of every four or five I am to be available for customers in time zones that require me to be working from 18h00 to 23h59 from Sunday night to Thursday night. These hours are in addition to my regular working hours. When I was on call two weeks ago and was fasting Monday and Thursday, the Thursday was pretty challenging, but I managed to slog through it keeping to my routine. I’ve been at it four weeks now and to now I’m still quite dedicated to sticking to it. I don’t know how long I’ll be so dedicated but hopefully it will stick.

    What I’ve read from the Fast Diet book, however – if you find it is too hard on your regular fast day, you can switch it up and pick a different day for your fast day. The way I look at it, even if you skip one of the days in one week, that shouldn’t be too bad, think of it as a 6:1 week. The key, and this is rather important, is to be sure in the following week you get back on the 5:2 if your whole intention is to be doing 5:2.

    Hopefully you get a better night of sleep soon.

    Hi Phil,
    Thanks for the input. Your on call week must be quite a challenge. From what I’ve read, people who don’t get enough sleep tend to eat more. That may be why your second fast day of an on call week is more challenging and why I woke up so hungry.
    I ended up probably around 800 calories for the day, but it was my third fast day of the week so I decided that was good enough.
    So…. I’m curious, you originally mentioned your were in this for the long term health benefits. Besides the weight you have lost, have you noticed any other benefits? I have to say, for me, I haven’t noticed any changes except the weight loss.


    Hi Priscilla,
    Welcome to the thread. I think all of us here have the same problem of weight creeping on in our 40s. Sigh……
    I believe a pound a week of loss is considered very doable, especially if one does that math and figures out the calorie deficit that results from two fast days per week.
    I’m closer to 50 and even though I am quite active, I can only seem to manage about 2 pounds per month. But down is better than up, even if it is slow. And I like the fast days.

    Desperate, we haven’t heard from you for a while. How are things going?

    Happy weekend!

    VE, I haven’t noticed really anything in terms of other health benefits apart from weight loss and the side effects of that – less fat on me.

    I didn’t expect to, however, as the kinds of things that autophagy does is not readily apparent. I’ll only know in my later years if this makes any difference. The tricky part is that there is no way for me to know how I would end up had I never heard of the 5:2 and didn’t fast.

    Today is a fast day for me and normally I eat a ~400cal lunch at 12h30, but I got out of bed late this morning and had to rush to get out of the house, so I don’t have a low cal meal with me. I’ll probably just end up fasting until breakfast tomorrow; it is easier this way.

    VirginiaEdie, thank you SO much for the suggestion about KeVita! I went and bought two bottles (both mojito flavor) over the weekend and drank one of them during my fast day today. I don’t know whether it was because of the coconut water, the probiotics, or quite possibly just the power of suggestion, but I felt much less shaky and hungry than I usually do by midafternoon on fast days. I’m looking forward to drinking the other bottle on my Wednesday fast day. Thank you!!!

    Hi Mary,

    You are welcome. I now have one every fast day around lunch time when my kids are eating lunch. It feels like having a treat to me. I find it hard to believe it is so tasty with almost no calories and no artificial sweetener,

    Hi Phil,

    I hope yesterday’s fast day went well. I’m in the same boat as you with possible health benefits. Only time will tell. My goal is to grow old and not need medication for anything.

    Yes, my fast yesterday went well though I didn’t quite make it through to breakfast this morning. I broke down and had two small crackers as I was putting food away last night after supper. I suppose eating 80 calories on a fast day isn’t so bad even if I had intended on having zero.

    My mother’s father died of ALS; there is a 10% chance I will too due to genetics but that is outside of my control. Both of my mother’s mother and my father’s mother lived into their 90s but each suffered a few years of Alzheimers at the end and this is what I am hoping to avoid by fasting.

    Both of my parents are doing well and keeping fit with my dad at 72 and my mom at 67. I hope to keep as well as they are at least.

    My grandfather had Alzheimer’s. It was tragic. Is there any scientific evidence that IF can help prevent this? Also it’s not really fasting if I eat the 500 calories. Is it? I try to mostly eat them all at the one meal either late lunch or dinner. It gets confusing to me when it comes to 5-2 health benefits but would love to believe this. Thoughts?

    Alzheimers doesn’t seem to run in either side of my family, but digestive ailments and heart disease do.

    Seventeen years ago I read somewhere that wheat allergies can cause asthma. My oldest daughter who was four at the time was troubled with asthma so we tried going wheat free to see if it would help her asthma symptoms. The whole family went wheat free to make it easier. Well, it didn’t help her asthma, but stomach issues and the mood swings she’d been having disappeared over night. Health problems that I alway had, which my parents had said were hereditary, cleared up once I was wheat free. My husband who was always very gassy, stopped having problems with that. It was amazing to us how much better we all felt without wheat/gluten.

    At the time, gluten free was on the fringe and the doctors didn’t really think we knew what we were talking about. Gluten intolerance was not accepted. You either had celiac disease or you didn’t, and if you didn’t, it couldn’t be gluten that was causing your problems.

    Then I read a book a few years ago called “Dangerous Grains.” It was an epiphany for me. I saw the sad medical history of my dad’s side of the family in that book. It was amazing all the health problems people can have from having a gluten intolerance and my family suffered from quite a number of them. It’s amazing how much the knowledge and acceptance of gluten intolerance has changed over the years.

    Anyway, I know I am rambling on. I figure I have the digestive problems taken care of by being gluten free. Keeping slim and exercising, and fasting two to three times per week will hopefully take care of the heart disease side of my genes.

    As far as fasting helping with Alzheimers… if I recall correctly, in “Eat, Fast, and Live Longer,” testing with mice seemed to indicate that mice with restricted calorie intake had less cognitive decline than over weight mice. Of course, that’s mice. The big question is always, does that work with humans?

    Finally, why is 500 calories considered a fast? I have no idea. Every once in a while I think about posing that question to the science section of the forum, but I haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe is a small enough amount of food for our bodies to still consider it a break from eating.

    Sorry for such a long post.


    desperate: I read the 5:2 book and I think the idea of the 500 calories is to make the plan more sustainable for the greatest number of people to stick with it. This reduced calorie intake works well so long as the there is zero sugar in your fast day food so that your body stays in ketosis burning fat instead of consumed sugar. With respect to autophagy, however, I’ve read conflicting reports that the body enters autophagy either after 18 hours or after 24 hours, or only after 36 hours of fasting (ie, not eating even the 500 cals). I believe it is the autophagy that will help with the long term health so on Thursdays I do not eat at all doing a 36 hour fast from Wednesday supper until Friday breakfast.

    VE: I’m glad you and your family figured out about the gluten, it really seems to have made a world of difference for you all.

    Good morning 40 Somethings,

    I figured I would check in and see how everyone is doing before the start of the weekend. Today is my last fast day of the week, and this week is my last week of 4:3. Next week it is down to 5:2.

    One thing that had really changed over the past few months is my ability to eat on nonfast days. I am finding I get really uncomfortably full with “full size” meals. I put that in quotes because meal size has really shrunk. It will be interesting to see if I continue to loose weight when I’m not alternating any more since what I consider to be normal eating has changed so much in 2.5 months.


    Hi there everyone. I would like to share my experiences.

    I’m 49 years old and have yo yo dieted for 30 years.
    I am 5 feet 2 and was 9 stone 24 years ago, then recently hit 14 stone 4!

    Previous diets I have tried have worked but I have not been able to sustain them long term.
    I did the old style Slimming World ( red days/ green days) and found I lost loads of weight quickly as I could quite literally “pig out” on pasta.

    The Atkins diet was great for me, as a big meat eater ( no, don’t tut all you out there, it’s NOT about eating loads of fat. It’s actually high protein, high veg and fruit, low carbohydrate)…but this was hard work to think about and prepare foods for work.

    But none of these diets have taught me about portion control and supressing hunger pangs, they have advocated the “pig” in me which doesn’t challenge the root problem.

    Last year at my absolute heaviest I sustained a severe knee injury ( ruptured anterior cruciate ligament,….while doing cardio kickboxing,….trying to get fit and lose weight…ha ha) and was looking at a year of gloom and decided that now was the time to make a positive out of a big negative…and give the 5:2 a go…see where it took me.

    I started on the 18th January and to date have lost 3 stone 4 pounds. Today I weigh 11 stone. Haven’t seen that for a few years.

    It has been difficult as I tried to increase my exercise at the same time and can only go on the exercise bike.

    The diet itself, I would highly recommend to anyone out there who has tried and failed . It teaches you discipline and helps you to truly understand hunger, and makes you realise that more often or not you are thirsty, and not hungry.

    The hardest is to get the “fasting” days right. I eat a mini fruit platter of 107 calories throughout the day nibbling then save about 450 calories for an evening meal. I don’t stick strictly to 500 calories and have found I can go up as high as 550 and still lose weight. I went crazy on stirfries for a while as you can fill up on lots of healthy vegetables and lean meat or prawns. Now I am onto salads.

    I have even tackled eating out very successfully and make much healthier choices. Alcohol…easy, switch from wine to spirits with calorie free mixers.

    I’m now trying to spread the word and get more people hooked on this diet. This is “the one” I feel I can sustain for life. This is not a diet, this is healthy eating. This is a change for the better!…and still got 1 1/2 stone to go…..

    Hi I’m just coming up on my 47 birthday. We are on day six of first week of 5:2 Mondays and Thursdays are our fast days. I have no idea what my weight is ATM as we moved house recently (it was two homes into one) and can’t find the scales. I am about a UK size 20-22.My guess is I’ve got 5 St to loose

    Afternoon all I’m 45 and really have been so lazy about starting this diet. I am SO determined this time and I need your help to keep on track. Whats the easiest way of planning and preparing for the fast days? I know if something isnt easy for me I will ditch it!! I’m about size 14 and was 13 stone last time I weighed myself..Im afraid to weigh myself now. Oh and I find it SO SO difficult to replace bread in my diet..any suggestions?? Sorry loads of questions πŸ™‚

    Hi Loiusep,

    Welcome to 5:2. I think you may want to weigh yourself and take your measurements. It may be hard to take but you will be greatful that you had those starting numbers. When the weight starts to come off and your measurements shrink you will know how much you’ve changed. It is very satisfying.

    There really aren’t any good replacements for bread. Salads are better, and if you are having a burger, you can wrap it in lettuce.

    Finally, when you first start your fast days you will probably find yourself having a few small meals, but many people, myself included, find over time waiting until dinner for the one and only meal of the day works best. Things will evolve over time.

    Good luck!

    Thank you Virginia..I will take measurements as you suggested tomorrow! On your fast days do you nit even have tea or coffee til dinner time? X

    Hi Louise,

    I drink tea hot or iced but with nothing else added except some lemon sometimes, water, seltzer water, and a drink I recently discovered called Kevita. It is a probiotic drink similar to Kiefer but with coconut water instead. Sixteen ounces, a little less than 500 ml, is only 20 calories, and it’s fizzy. It is my lunchtime treat.

    Once I hit about 3 in the afternoon, I know it is no problem making it to dinner at that point.

    I’ve recently considered trying not eating dinner at all because the for last few fasts I wasnt even that hungry by dinner. Unfortunately, I haven’t quite had the will for that because everyone else in the family is eating dinner. I may try next week when the hubby is out of town.

    Have you tried a fast day, yet?

    Is anyone still active on this thread? πŸ™‚

    I am a newcomer I am 45 and started last week the 5-2 program today is a NFD I hope to find inspiration here.

    I am a 49 year old woman and starting 3rd week of 5:2, but haven’t lost any weight. The first week I didn’t really watch my calories on NFD but the 2nd week I did and stayed under 2000 / also exercised. I’m 5’6″ and weigh 145 – need to lose 10 lbs to get to my ideal weight. Does anyone have any encouragement for a slow start and that this will kick in and start working?

    Hi embc and welcome:

    You didn’t say if you figured out your TDEE? 2000 cal. is simply a guess at what an average woman uses each day. Many use much less, and if they eat to 2000 they will not lose weight.

    Here are some tips – you might read the TDEE post for that information, and the Really, No Weight Loss post for a little encouragement:

    Good Luck!

    @embc. Where did you come up with the 2000 limit? That seems too high given youre only 145 lbs and 49 years old. You should be about 1550 calories. Use the TDEE calculator at the top of the page. Your fast days are being counteracted by eating too much on your non fast days.

    That was the number this site gave me as the calories on non fast days (Your TDEE is: 8427 kJ / 2014 calories) based on exercising 3-5 days a week – i guess that’s wrong. Just was checking thinking maybe other people might have had an encouraging story about having a slow start.


    Did you read Really, No Weight Loss?

    Good Luck!

    @simcoeluv yes thank you – that was helpful!

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