Family support?

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  • Hi fellow fasters!!

    hope everyone is well and started the new year with a bang lol, I was wondering how your family/friends/loved ones reacted to your new WOL? I got my sister to join me lol, and she is doing quite well, on the other hand my hubby isn’t aware I am even on this diet( don’t like the word diet but that’s how he sees it grr) the reason being he is opposed to any kind of diet,he really hates it when I buy lighter stuff, etc… actually cant stand shopping with him!! 🙂
    I know what his reaction would be so I haven’t said anything, its actually quite easy to follow 5.2 around him lol as I have always been someone who is careful with food… BUT, it is kind of lonely and that’s why I appreciate this forum big time, I love reading about others inspiring stories and the support on here is fab..
    well I just wanted to share this, I hope you have supportive family and if not, like me, then never mind, I find all the support, guidance and advice I need on here!!
    Happy new year!!

    Angie x

    Ugh I get really sick of people saying stuff like that about their husbands or other significant people… they’re there to offer support and respect your choices!!! Blegh.

    Anyway, maybe you can change it around and just tell him you’re doing two 36 hour fasts a week for health benefits, to cleanse out toxins from your body? Which basically is one of the basics of the fast diet, so you won’t be lying 😉

    My family is all for it, I haven’t told anyone yet who disapproved. Only my colleagues at work, but they’re mostly flabbergasted by the fact I don’t eat breakfast and lunch (and explaining is a bit hard as my Chinese is non-existent and their English is so-so). But they don’t give me any real grief.

    Anyway, yeah just keep coming on here! I always get most of my motivation here, but mostly because I’m all alone on the other side of the world 😉 So no family around to keep me going.

    Cheerio cheeryee!

    hi there Nika!

    I think I answered your post but on another thread doh me!!

    I understand what you are saying about hubbies, mine I can assure you wouldn’t understand this, but you are right I think I will sort of tell him I am doing it for health reasons mainly, which I am in a way lol.. he wont give me a hard time but he will question it on and on grrrrrrrrrrrrr

    I love coming on here as there is so much to learn from and be inspired too..
    I am sorry you have no family around you, all mine live in France so its just hub really and my doggies hehe!!
    take care

    Angie x

    Obviously I’m lucky. My OH does this too. He, typically, lost more weight more quickly than I did. Before the holidays, he was really at his proper weight, but we have both regained over the last two weeks so back on the plan next week. Can’t see anything as supportive as this forum though.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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