Extra Fasting Days

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  • Hi, I’m Andy and new to this page so not sure if I’m posting in the right place. I’ve been doing the 5:2 for 2 months now and getting no problem I’ve actually been doing 4:3. I find it very easy to do due to my job now allowing me time to think about being hungry. What id like to know is can I fast 4 times a week? I currently do M-T-F, id like to do m-tu Th-F but not sure if that is ok or not, any help greatly appreciated. Thanks – a very over weight guy

    Hi Andy,

    I have done 4 fasts per week many times: M,Tu, Th, F and it has worked well for me. Give it a go and see if it works out. I often found that my social life meant I did 4 fasts one week and 3 the next which with hindsight was good as fasting 4 days every week is tough going in the long term and if it becomes a burden it is much tougher to keep going.

    Good luck.

    I have done 4 fasting days in a week. Once. Two weeks ago.

    I’m finding that 3 is a lot easier than 4, and I am getting the results I want with 3 anyway.

    Whatever you do, make sure that it is something that fits into your lifestyle and isn’t too unpleasant. That way you are more likely to stick with it over the longer term.

    A few times I’ve done multiple fast days in a row, and then I end up with 3 or 4 fast days a week. I believe the longer the fast the better, but I do zero calorie fasting.

    Most of the time I just do two days a week and sometimes I don’t do any because of the concern it causes my wife. She doesn’t understand or want to accept yet that fasting can be safe.

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