Exercise type on fasting days

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Exercise type on fasting days

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  • I was wondering if it is recommended to a more HIIT on non-fasting days or to do more on fasting days since on those days it seems like your body would need to dip more into fat stores since there isn’t any other fuel coming in or if it’s dangerous to do HIIT on fasting days due to the low fuel being consumed?


    I did a high impact aerobic class last week.thought it was a bad idea as it started but I think the adrenalin kept me going and I had a small bite to eat when I got home.

    Maybe next time I will eat my 500 before I do it 😕😕😕😕

    Nooooo exercise first then wait an hour and eat.

    Exercise tends to make one hungry.

    Got it. Light exercise on fast days and more intense on regular days about an hour before meals.


    I did zumba class at 7:30 pm for one hour on fast day (no calories). I noticed that I was sweating more than usual, but otherwise nothing negative. The zumba class followed by relaxing in steam room for a while. I felt wonderful and slept as a baby. It did not trigger appetite for me and kept me away from fridge. 🙂

    Personally I workout like normal on fast days. I find I have more energy to get through my workouts in a fasted state. In fact I always workout before I consume my first meal on regular days.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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