Excess Skin after weight loss

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  • Hi all,

    I started looking after my diet last year and lost weight at a fairly regular 1kg a month, but switched to the 52 diet towards the end of July in an attempt to lose more fat from my stomach..

    Starting at over 80kg for a small stature, I am now down to 65-66kg which I’m pleased with as this was the weight I was about 30 years ago!

    The downside to this is that I have started to notice that my skin is looking a bit saggy on the chest and stomach and wondered if anyone else had experienced similar and if it would tighten up a bit given time or if I just have to live with it.

    Thanks for your interest, hoping for some helpful replies..


    Hi Mark

    Your skin is made up of elastin and collagen, two essential proteins that give your skin its firm appearance, strength, and pliantness. Helps with weight gain and ages of rapid-fire growth.
    thus, I advise you to follow these tips

    Weight gain and aging can weaken these protein fibers, damaging them. When significant weight loss occurs, it is difficult for collagen and elastin fibers to return to their original state before weight gain. This is mainly seen when rapid weight loss occurs, as the fibers shrink and shrink very quickly.

    1-Give your body some time to acclimate to the fat mass. Slow weight loss is also more sustainable in the long run. Aim to lose no further than 1 to 5 pounds per week, to begin with.

    2-Avoid the factors characteristic of skin damage

    Its dragged and repeated exposure to environmental factors present in UV can alter the structure and function of the filtrate. Aging skin can appear dry and wrinkled and is more likely to sag
    And suppose you figure that would make you the conjurer on the bill. A study set up that increased water consumption appreciatively affected normal skin.

    It’s too late to probably be relevant now, but I’ve just included something related to the over stretched skin issue in my opening post. In my case I particularly hated having a scraggy turkey neck. And I was wanting to know if anyone else had seen beneficial effects from fasting as I have.

    I’ve unknowingly been doing IF for years (approx 16:8), just because I don’t like eating late and I don’t usually eat again until lunchtime. And I’ve done exercises on and off for years as well, to ward off getting a double chin. So the underlying musculature was always pretty good. But although I haven’t got a double chin, as such, neither the IF nor the exercises stopped the awful scraggy neck, from the skin around my neck just being a bit too loose. I’ve never carried very much fat in that area but I did loose a bit of weight some 3/4 years ago and that was when the turkey neck got significantly worse. So I must have lost some fat there. I hated the look of it, and even asked the doctor in passing if there was any chance that the skin could shrink back at my age (then 63/64). In response, though, all I got was a slightly bemused shake of the head. So I’ve just been covering it up with scarves since. Until recently, that is, since starting the practice of fasting one day a week (40/42 hours). And a couple of months into that I started to notice the turkey neck was improving. I would hardly call it perfect, but I’m not a 20 year old, and I’m hopeful that the improvement hasn’t finished either. The fasting has certainly done something. It might be slow, depending on the degree of excess skin, but there’s definitely hope! I wish you well anyway.

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