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  • My mother has eczema on her both legs and I am afraid that it might transfer to me. Is eczema a virus or bacteria? Please someone enlighten me about this. The eczema attacks her during extreme weather. It becomes swollen, itchy and red. It aggravates when she eat eggs, chicken and processed foods? Are these foods have something to do with eczema? Hope to hear from you guys.

    I also have eczema, I was informed that this is in the same group as asthma and that it is often hereditary. My gran, mum, myself and my eldest son and his daughter are sufferers. I was told by a dermatologist that it isn’t contagous. Stress sets my eczema off. I treat it with lots of vaseline, if it gets really bad I use a hormone based cream that was prescribed for me. Best advice I received was going to a dermatologist andcheck that you’re not allergic for something. You’re mum might also benefit by seeing if she is really allergic.
    Hope this helps

    I’m also a dermal filler problem and I’m consult Doctor Nyla Raja at Cheshire. She’s also recommend Botox cosmetic treatments.

    I used to have eczema (hands & fingers mostly) since starting 5:2 2+ years ago I have had 1 (weird because it was in a different place) mild ocurance of eczema. The diet & lifestyle change has effectively cured it.

    What soaps or moisturizers are you using to hydrate your skin? I am looking for a good soap, lotion/moisturizer that my mom can use to hydrate her skin. I heard coconut oil really works well in their eczema.

    Another hopefully helpful remark; after reading about coconut oil and its beneficial health qualities I decided to give it a try. No Side effects, pure nature, very appealing. It seems to help, my itchy skin is soothed and the redness disappears quickly. I’m also fasting now once a week as I’ve reached my goal weight, maybe its a combination of a healthy diet and fasting and also the coconut oil! Hope this helps.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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