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  • I started at 11 stone which was just over weight for my 5’5 height I have managed to get my self down too 10stone 4lbs but the thing is I really can’t tell all my clothes still fit me, my partner is only half a stone lighter but he looks so so much thinner he is the same height as well.. It’s really annoying lol!! Could the scales in boots be wrong!!

    You don’t day how long you’ve being doing 5:2.
    Well done for losing weight but if changing shape is your goal (like most of us) just carry on. You’ll soon notice a nice gap in that waistband.
    I took a pair of trousers in to the alteration man today and it was a very good feeling!

    i am a fat boy .i used to be in it.until i get the 3 weeks diet.

    5 weeks this week!! Oh I can’t wait till I can do that lol!! I have a Hoilday coming up which is why I decided to do the diet.. This is the 1st time I have dieted so I no nothing lol so will I lose it if certain places when I finally do lol

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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