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  • Greetings,

    I was warned not to fast twice a week because the stop and go action affects the digestive movement badly. After one year of twice a week fasting (but I do eat a little on those fasting days), I do find that the next day, I have diarrhea. It seems the restarting movement causes some problems. Any thoughts?

    You might want to re-educate your gut bacteria and nourish them so they will multiply.
    Whip up a batch of smoothie with a little lettuce/spinach/kale in it. Then over several days, increase the amount of greens. Some people find this very useful. Here’s a recipe from my blog:

    Green Smoothie 77 calories 0.3 g fat 1.6 g fiber 1.7 g protein 31.3 g carb 30.7 mg Calcium PB GF
    HINT: this makes enough for three 6-oz servings, so it will save you time on the next 2 breakfasts.
    2 cups mixed greens – spinach, romaine, lettuce, chard – roughly chopped 2 oz banana, sliced 2 oz berries ½ apple or pear 12 oz tomato juice [such as Knudsen’s organic] 10 ice cubes

    Put the fruit and greens in the blender and swirl it together on ”high” just long enough to break down the fruit and greens. Set blender to “low,” add the juice and ice cubes. Process until smooth. Put what you don’t drink today into a jar in the ‘fridge. Next time you use it, shake it well. If you think it has become too thick, feel free to thin it with water or OJ.

    Fruit Smoothie w/ greens, ME: 74 calories 0.1 g fat 1.0 g fiber 0.5 g protein 16.5 g carbs 29.4 mg Calcium PB GF
    This is the smoothie that we have used for years, and then I added some spinach, so it is a synthesis. HINT: this makes enough for several breakfasts, so make it once and use it often. A real time-saver.

    2 oz banana 2 oz berries [black currants, strawberries, blueberries, red or black raspberries, blackberries – any combo] HINT: I make these up in ‘kits’ and keep them in the freezer. They could go into the blender frozen or leave the ‘kit’ on the counter overnight to thaw. Another time-saver! 1 cup raw spinach or Swiss chard or kale or beet greens 1 1/2 cups orange juice or natural apple cider 1 cup tomato juice
    Toss the fruit and greens into the blender. Add 1/2 cup orange juice. Process on high to blend the fruits and puree the leaves. Turn down to lowest setting and add the remaining juice. Process until smooth. Keep the setting on ‘low’ at this point, unless you like your smoothie with a huge head of foam!

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