Different ways of managing your fasting days

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Different ways of managing your fasting days

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  • @spirit i remember mosley saying make sure you eat protein or you will have constipation. hope this helps

    @ckeilitz: In the TV programme, Michael experimented with various fasting techniques. From nothing but around 100 calories per day (I think he was eating some cup-a-soup mixture) for 4 days, to around 1,000 calories per day (aimed to be for the rest of his life). He met various people on these diets and from his own tests, he found the 500/600 calories for 2 days per week worked best for him. If eating nothing on fast days works for you, then that is fine. However, eating nothing at all isn’t much fun, hence the idea of eating some food.

    @spirit. As well as protein, coffee helps, plus I found Potters Herbals Cleansing tablets (get them from H&B) is generally good for digestion.

    I’m on my third fast day and I have to say I find it easier just to skip food alogether and drink lots of herb teas – really tasty ones. I guess I’m a bit afraid that if I eat, it will trigger more hunger than if I don’t. Plus, as many have asked on here: what is the amount of time between food to make it count as a fast? After all, we all fast at night when we’re asleep, don’t we? Should I for example, eat 500 cals tonight (I’m doing 7pm – 7pm = 24 hrs) and then resume normal eating at breakfast? Or should I eat ‘normally’ tonight, having done 24 hrs, no food?

    Hi everyone,
    I’m in Australia and to my knowledge the actual horizon episode hasn’t screened here yet, but I have watched it online and I’m keen to start the program for weight loss and general health. I only have one question which I can’t find an answer to in the book or on this forum – do the fast days have to be consecutive, or can they be spaced out through the week? There are some suggestions both ways which are making it difficult to plan when and how I start.

    Hi, Joanna C and welcome. The general consensus seems to be ‘Do whatever best suits your lifestyle and needs.’ I think many people find non-consecutive days easier but some prefer ‘two days in a row’ – the benefits seem to accrue whichever way you choose to spread out your fast days. Also, many like to keep to a regular, weekly schedule but it can easily be varied at times, to fit around other commitments. Suit yourself, experiment with the options and enjoy the flexibility of 5:2. All best wishes to you.

    I saw the show, on PBS, last week and read the book yesterday. I tried fasting for two days, over Sunday and Monday – no food, from supper on Saturday evening to breakfast on Monday morning, a total of about 60 hours. I drank a lot of water, and I had my lo-cal hot cocoa each morning, a small portion of dumplings, on Sunday and a small handful of mixed, unsalted nuts on Monday. It was invigorating!

    I’m more interested in the reduction of disease risk factors than weight loss, but I did lose 4.2 lbs, and I didn’t gain it back, the day I started eating again.

    QUESTION: Will my 60 hr fast, once a week, if I can tolerate it, be more effective in reducing risk factors than two one-day fasts a week?

    Hello to EZRider: as far as I can tell from reading around the subject of the 5:2 diet, not enough research on human beings has yet been done to be able to say for sure. (See also my reply at 12.41pm today to Joannah C) There is another, similar, slightly more prescriptive system called ‘The 2-Day Diet’, developed over many years by Dr Michelle Harvie and Prof Tony Howell (two scientists who specialise in researching breast cancer prevention). I believe that this alternative system DOES specify two consecutive fast days (and gives more specific dietary advice for the other 5 days as well).
    I’m interested that you don’t seem to see the low-cal cocoa drinks, the dumplings and the nuts as ‘food’ over your two fast days. To me, ALL calories equate to ‘food’ as far as the body’s metabolism is concerned. It sounds as though you were probably well below the suggested 500/600cal daily limit for each fast day and, so, you will presumably still gain the relative health benefits. Some people do seem to prefer to eat no food at all over 24 or 36 hours, twice a week, but most people find that too hard. What’s most important, I reckon, is to keep happy on the regime, staying within one’s own ‘do-able’ limits, so that one can sustain the effort long-term. Enjoy yourself!

    I am lucky enough to have lunch provided at work. I choose something light and have to guess at the calories, but also choose not to have any breakfast on my fast days.So essentially I eat at 7pm the evening before and then not again until 12 midday on the fast day. I usually have salad and avocado/or chicken/tuna in the evening. Despite my guessing, I have lost 12lb since mid January and lots of inches all over. The really weird thing is that it now takes less food to feel really full now. For me, the first few weeks were tough and I used to spend all day thinking about food and when I was going to eat. I don’t notice it now. I have to feed x4 young adult males as well and even that is getting much easier to cope with. I may feel hungry, but it will be fine, I won’t drop down in a heap. The idea that I can eat pudding the next day is a great help, but I am choosing to eat less on the non fast days and now stop when i feel full. I am back in my size 12 jeans and can now do all of my summer skirts up, another 7lb and I should be able to breathe and sit down in them too!My mini goal is to lose another 2lb to make it one stone. Eczema has almost cleared up too. I wrote on the calender what I could be if I lost a 1ib a week, and I am on target.I also have a waist and my muffin top is disappearing. I had headaches too, but started drinking my usual amount to tea and they went too, I guess that was caffeine withdrawal.I am delighted with the results. I feel better, skin is improving rapidly and I HAVE A WAIST!

    Brilliant, annette52! That’s all so good to hear. Long may you continue to thrive.

    I have been doing the fast Diet for around 6 weeks now and lost 7.5lbs. I manage my fast days by having brekfast at 7am (usually porridge and water) then nothing until my evening meal at 6pm to use the rest of my 500kals, drinking copius amounts of water and green tea in between. At no point during this diet have a denied myself of treats on ‘non fast days’, i still eat the things i love albeit in smaller portions as I am no longer as hungry. Each week i have manitained a steady weight loss around 1lb a week even though I have been out for meals, had alcohol etc. I didnt have much weight to lose in the first place, but that half a stone just would not shift with other diets I have tried. I can honestly say I am a Fast Diet convert and preach about it to anyone who will listen, I cannot reccomend it enough. My friend and I so the same fast days (Monday & Thursday) and encourage each other to keep at it. The results speak for themselves……. 🙂

    I have just finished the 2 fast days this week. Not desperate for breakfast or lunch today.Lost another 1lb this week and one inch off my waist, in a week!
    Just another 15lb to go and I will be the lightest that I have been for 30 years!
    I can’t believe how easy this is.
    I bake cakes/breads on the non fast days and just ignore them on the fast days.
    The results do indeed speak for themselves.

    I am a 65 year old male in good health.
    I fasted from Saturday evening (after dinner), to TUESDAY morning, a total of @ 54 hours. My hot cocoa mix is homemade, with nonfat, dry milk and Splenda, so it is low calorie. The dumplings and the nuts made each day’s meal under 600 calories. I did very well,For a first time fast. I will try no food at all, when I become more accustomed to fasting.
    QUESTION: Will my 60 hr fast, once a week, if I can tolerate it, be more effective in reducing risk factors than two one-day fasts a week?
    Has anybody else, here, done two-day fasts, instead of the alternate day pattern? what is your experience?

    They do not feed the Big Cats, at the Bronx Zoo, on Mondays.
    They have been following this procedure for at least the last fifty years. I read about it, in a book, when I was a child.

    I’ve just enjoyed exploring the Bronx Zoo’s website and history from my armchair in the UK, so thanks for that stimulating fact, EZ.Rider. The natural feeding patterns of big cats in the wild echo the rationale of the 5:2 diet, of course. The Zoo’s 6:1 maintenance diet for their young Tigers is going to lodge itself firmly in my brain for a long time, I just know.
    I hope you get the information you’re looking for and can settle into the best feeding pattern to suit your own needs.

    This is my second week on the Fast diet, what is really strange is that I am enjoying the gurgle from my tummy and feel great!
    The fact that I do not have to think about what i am going to eat for my next meal, is so liberating, I am 4stone over weight, I have been with S,W since January but the loss is painfully slow at just over 1/2 a stone.
    Of course these standard diets have you thinking of food all day, what can I cook for next meal? what can I have when I go out for a meal? will I be able to cope without having a glass or two of wine with friends.
    It is so much easier to plan your 500 calories and then forget about it.
    Then on non fast days, just go with the flow. The super extra part is that I am not eating and drinking mindlessly on non fast days but am still totally mindful of food volume and content and I am actually looking forward to the next fast day. Bizarre but wow just great!

    Obviously different things work for different people, but for what it’s worth, this is my pattern for fasting days (Mon & Thu):
    I have 3 meals at the same times as non-fast days (cals):
    Breakfast: Juice (100) Banana (100)
    Lunch: Soup (150)
    Dinner: Fish or chicken & salad (250)
    I started 5:2 in Aug 2012 – I was around 10% overweight (14lb) and lost that in a couple of months, and interestingly “bottomed out” at around 140lb. This seems to be my “right” weight! It does fluctuate a bit e.g. 5lb added over Easter, but this was gone by 2nd subsequent fast day.
    I enjoy my fast days though they were difficult to begin with, and see no reason to stop. I have not changed my life-style, I have donated blood, taken exercise, etc. as usual with no ill-effect.
    I do however avoid all-day exercise on fast day, for example I’m happy to do a 7-mile morning walk on a fast day, but less keen to do an all-day 11 miler as I would feel somewhat envious of those tucking in to a ploughman’s lunch with a pint at the pub! 🙂

    No offense… BUT…

    Some of the comments on here are laughable… Its really not that hard!

    “I’ve fasted for 3 days & spread my 500 calories over 3 meals, & I’ve not lost any weight…”

    500 calories spread over 3 meals… How is that a fast…!?1?!

    & you’ve only supposedly “fasted” for ONLY 3 days… & you wonder why you have not lost weight…!?!?!

    Do the diet to the letter as it said on the TV show…

    500 cals for women, 600 for men in one meal with a full 24 hour FAST in between for 2 days in a row, for a FEW weeks… & you WILL loose weight!

    Its not just about loosing weight either, its about preventing diseases for longevity too!!!

    *And breathe…*


    Yoda – ‘No offence BUT….’ means offence is exactly what you are giving out. Have your experience, by all means, but don’t presume you know what other people’s efforts or trials amount to. I think your recollection of the original documentary ‘Eat, Fast and Live longer’ is incorrect. To get a better grip of the subject, find a copy of the programme online and watch it again – and/or thoroughly read the relevant book . The approach to 5:2 is far more flexible than your view of it appears to be. Please breath, find your own peace, and moderate any future comments you intend to make.

    Greetings All, I’m a 60 year old who has 50lbs to lose and have tried various diets without success. I’ve been on this program for just one week and am already losing weight and, more importantly, really cleansing. I’m a vegetarian and prefer to keep to my regular timing with meals for the 36 hours, just reduce the calories. The cleanse part goes better with whole foods only for me. I also take saunas and nap more on these days. The “feed” days have gone better too, as my instincts are more normal and I don’t overeat. I can exercise more vigorously on the nourishing days. It’s a nice system and is enjoyable. Are there any other vegetarians?

    Hi everyone – am now 2 months into this way of life and have been amazed at results – Am sleeping better and as I have always been a bad sleeper this is a major bonus. Am now finding I dont want the amount of food I was happy to consume befor. My regime fluctuates and I’m noy sweating the detail on a day to day basis. have found I do fast days when I feel like them. No set days but fitting in with my life, which has included several events and meals out recently, but have adjusted the fast days around them and its working fine, having lost 18 lbs so far and no headaches, rumbling tums, indigestion, or fatigue. It really does get easier week to week and my husband is delighted that Im happy with the results, and no longer am the unhappy dieter he’s been living with for the past couple of years. My BMI has reduced too and I’m feeling generally much fitter, more active and alert. So for me this is really working. Like everyone keep saying just find what works for you personally and stick to it, Don’t sweat the small stuff and begin to believe in yourself, it CAN be done and you CAN do it It really is worth it. Last week I got into a pair of 14 jeans I had from years back, from a size 18 – its such a grat feeling.

    Jeanius – Please tell me why my recollection of the original documentary is incorrect…?

    P.S. Jeanius you sound HOT!

    Yoda – I think you need help. Please do consult a suitable health professional. We will not be having any further dialogue.


    Been doing the FAST diet for 4 weeks and haven’t lost a pound. On my non-fast days, I’m still eating low-carb, no sugar, very little alcohol. SO disappointed!

    I am a 56 year old male who’s weight has gradually crept up over the years even though I have always excercised. I have been on every diet known had success but never kept the weight off. Prior to starting the diet have had a very sore left knee and I am waiting for a scan, however since I’ve been on the 5:2 diet my knee has stopped hurting completely after 4weeks!!! Coincidence ? I eat nothing for 36 hours and am finding it easier week after week weight loss 11pound down a trouser size more energy more alert and I have stopped craving sweet stuff.
    I believe for the first time ever I have control over my eating and weight management and will keep this going until I have lost 3 stone.

    What is the optimum duration on a fast day that I should actually be fasting (without any food at all). Like some of you I find it easier to wait until later on in the day to eat my first meal on my fast day as I find eating makes me hungrier and therefore tend to eat all my calories in one go or within a short time frame. For example today I woke up at 8am and will not eat until around half 6-7pm. I also ate a small snack around 10pm last night. Would I be correct in thinking that my fasting duration would be 21 hours (if I haven’t eaten from 10pm saturday – 7pm sunday?). I have read a lot of conflicting information regarding the fasting window but I have come to the conclusion that this should be around 16-20 hours of no food? Any advice would be appreciated!

    Hello roselord7 – I don’t think research has yet settled on a definition for the optimum duration for one’s fasting period. I believe that the advice given is to have at least one block of 12-14 hours without food during any single fast day, which can include the time spent sleeping overnight.
    Some people prefer to fast for the full 24 hours, so: if yesterday was a non-fast day and they last ate at 9pm last night, then they choose today (a fast day) to eat all their 500/600 fast-day calories in one meal at 9pm tonight (i.e. 24 hours without eating) and then they will not eat again until a normal breakfast tomorrow morning, tomorrow being another non-fast day.
    Others find that period too long a time to go without eating and prefer, on fast days, to spread out their 500/600 calories over perhaps 2 or 3 (or more) small meals/ snacks/ drinks throughout the day.
    There are all manner of variations and permutations for preferred fast-day mealtimes. For example: breakfast and evening meal, skipping lunch; lunch plus evening meal, but skipping breakfast; one evening meal only, skipping both breakfast and lunch, etc, etc.
    With 5:2, common sense suggests that giving one’s digestive system substantial rest periods is a good thing but it very much much depends what most feels manageable and sustainable for each individual.
    I concur that your 10pm Saturday-7pm Sunday period was a 21hour fast (assuming no extra calories were taken in through your beverages). If that fast was not a struggle for you then it sounds like it might suit your individual needs.
    Don’t forget, the schedule and the pattern of one’s fast-day eating can be varied, if needs be, when social, business, health or family demands require it. Maybe you can experiment to find the best options for you.

    Hello, pablo – your account from 13 Apr sounds great. I wish you continuing delight and joy from the various improvements and benefits you have already experienced.

    Hi, azwrite – re. your comment here on 13 Apr, about being disappointed, I feel for you and would ask you to read my entry (timed around noon, today, I think, and addressed to Polly) in another thread on this site: ‘Have your cake and eat it this Easter’, about where to find advice/comments from other people who are also not yet losing weight.
    I wish you much success with your goals.

    One weird thing I have noticed three weeks into this diet is that on a Fast Day, later on after my evening meal I can start to feel a little hungry and start looking forward to a nice breakfast. The mroning comes around and I’m not as hungry as I expected. In fact, this morning I had to leave half a bowl of porridge and just managed two slices of wholemeal toast with a little butter and marmalade. I could not face the porridge and my appetite was not so good! Has anyone else noticed this? I do have a hiatus hernia and take Lansoprazole, but the symptoms have been much reduced since I started the 5:2.

    Could someone claify for me what we should be eating on the Fast Day, I was under the impression that it should just be protein, fruit and veg. Are we able to buy low cal meals and eat and can we include small amounts of pasta, rice, potoates etc. Been following the plan for four weeks and have lost 11lbs which are delighted with, but seem to have hit a stage where I loose on the Fast Day and then put on on the Feast Day and don’t seem to be getting anywhere – need to rethink that I am eating on the Feast Day as well I think. Any advice greatly received.

    Thank you for your advice Jeanius! Greatly appreciated.

    I am new here and have read a lot of the posts…..I hear things like “I lost a pound one day and gained it the next.” We need to take into account our normal daily bodily fluctuations…water retention, bowel movements. Weigh yourself at the same time each day..we are at our lightest in the morning. And no panic if you think you have suddenly and for no reason gained a pound. You likely haven’t.

    I just finished my second 2-day fast, from after supper, Saturday to breakfast on Tuesday. Tuesday morning, I had French toast, fruit and hot cocoa (lo cal), and it tasted sooo Good! Monday night, though, I broke down and had 3 strawberries and a small handful of mixed nuts.
    My weight went way down, but it crept up almost to its previous level, over the next five days.
    I don’t see how you can call it a fast, if you eat breakfast or lunch or supper on a fast day? Isn’t it a goal, to stress your blood sugar and insulin levels to stimulate the survival response? How can you do that, if you eat?
    Does anybeody else here do 2-day fasts?

    Hi, I have just started the fasting diet and have a couple of questions : Am I able to spread out the 500 calories over the fast day or is it better to eat it in 1 – 2 meals ? What is best for weight loss or does it not matter exactly “when” you eat your 500 calories? Also, are you meant to just stick to fruit,veg, protein on the fast day? Thank you for your help!!

    Hi, EZ.Rider – surely 500cals in 24 hours, two (or three) times a week, instead of the average recommended intake of 2000cals, seven days a week, IS a stress to the system? Test results appear to say so, according to the original documentary ‘Eat, Fast and Live Longer’.
    Zero cals in 24 hours MIGHT be an even better stress – although, as far as I know, there has not been enough research to definitely prove that so far – but many people (including Michael Mosley) find the zero cal option too difficult to sustain long-term.
    That’s why the 5:2 system was developed: a compromise that does appear to both provoke the desired health benefits AND lead to weight loss but in a SUSTAINABLE way, as a healthy, long-term lifestyle. It’s referred to as an intermittent fast but who cares what one calls it, so long as it works?
    If you prefer a full 24hour fast, maybe even on two consecutive days, and you are able to sustain that on an on-going basis, then that’s great for you. Other people do well using their own chosen schedules within the 5:2 guidelines. There is no one ‘right way’.
    To say, as you do, that you ‘broke down’ half way through your most recent two-day full fast, suggests that you are trying to operate by sheer force of will. Perhaps you could try a more moderate approach and experiment with a gentler 5:2 timetable? I hope you can find a pattern that does work easily and well. May you thrive and enjoy the process.

    Hi, kslk and tashablue – In principle, on a fast day one can consume up to 500cals of ANY type of food/drink but, to stave off hunger pangs as much as possible, many people find it best to ensure they focus on protein and vegetables in particular. These are the less calorie-dense, more sustaining and healthily nourishing choices but it’s up to you to choose what works best for you. Ready-meals, pasta, rice, potatoes and fruit are all fine so long as the portion sizes and overall total intake for the fast day stay within the 500cal limit. It can take quite a bit of experimenting to find what gives you ‘the best bang for your bucks’ and keeps you happy to be on the 5:2 regime.
    When and how many times to eat? – again, it’s up to you. One of the most important principles is that the 5:2 system should be manageable and sustainable for you, suiting your own individual circumstances. (Scroll up to my comments of 1.22pm on 15 Apr to see how I replied to a similar query from roselord7.)
    Hopefully, other experienced 5:2 users will have further suggestions for you. Search around the various threads and comments already made – most issues have been raised and discussed somewhere. (NB there are other threads tucked away in the linked headings at the top of the page, eg, ‘how?’ / ‘inspiration’/ ‘in depth’)
    Best wishes to you both for good, happy and healthy eating ahead.

    @mrbeezley i also would look forward 2 nonfast days but when eating the desired meal, i could not finish it. i was shocked. since i’m a calorie counter i had to keep dividing cals and adjusting. i also did more research on age, how much exercise and weight. based on that i should be doing 1600 to 1800 on nonfast days. to do 2000 is impossible i tried one day and got sick felt like i was forcing the food / snacks especially greasy food. which i use 2 luv. i have alot of leftovers now after wrk. yay!!yay!!yay!! it seems to be working though i have lost 15 lbs so far. yay!! however, knowing that u can eat 2000 cals makes my nonfast day great w/ no guilt! actually all the days. the fast day is still hard but there is a joy of not having the daily diet grind. wish u success.

    I recently started doing 2 consecutive days of fasting, 2PM Monday to 2PM Wed with a 500 cal lunch in the middle on Tuesday, so it’s about 48 hours with 500 cal. No one has talked about consecutive days so I am wondering if it is good (faster results?) or bad (muscle deterioration?). It feels much easier to me to do it in one shot, once a week, rather than every few days. What do you think, experts?? and thank you for the inspiration Michael!

    kslk, Hi, re your question and the good comments by Jeanius. I am inherently lazy when it comes to planning meals so I am a big fan of M&S ready meals. Both their Fuller Longer meals and their Count on us range are excellent. (At least I think they are). Both seem to be well balanced in terms of protein and carbs but please read what it says on the box. Breakfast for me is oatmeal or porridge with fruit for the low cal and low GI they have. This gets me through the day until 6pm or 7pm for my main meal. Good luck.

    I started last week on Tuesday and Thursday. I feel better already. Being able to control the days I fast and not having to diet every day is really helping.

    I feel better when I dont eat, as someone else said. For me, there is an on/off switch with food, nothing gradual… I am learning from the great posts!

    I am finding the set-up and layout of this website increasingly frustrating and awkward to use and I would ask the managers of this site to review and redesign the whole thing.
    To view an example of an attractive, user-friendly and technically far more comprehensive website, check out that of Kate Harrison, author of ‘The 5-2 Diet Book’. (I suspect that if I quote the full website address here this post will be vetoed so, just search the www by her name and/or the book title.)
    Kate H’s forum is open and anyone can read all the lively contributions without having to register. (To contribute or seek members’ advice, registering is easy and, usually, quickly confirmed.)

    A brief summary of some of main problems I experience here, on this site:
    – The range of given threads is narrow and so the list of comments in most threads quickly gets longer and longer – the scrolling down seems endless.
    – There is no indication given of the whereabouts of any new postings since the last time I signed-in. (I, for one, waste a lot of time searching all the threads, only to find there are no new comments, because I can’t remember what the number totals were from my previous visit.)
    – There is no means to check back on each individual’s full collection of comments – to get an overall picture of their experiences and views – before replying to their most recent posting.
    – Valuable forum subjects are hidden away in obliquely titled links like ‘in depth’ whilst two-thirds of the home-page space is given over to stale and unchanging items under ‘twitter’ and ‘in the press’.
    – The input/response from either Michael M or Mimi S seems minimal and disappointing nowadays. Many members clearly are expecting MM and MS to be participating in the forum.

    (As there is no obvious place for this subject, I will put these comments in more than one topic heading, to ensure they can be read.)

    I would really like to see more clear and open info on the non fast days. I have no drama at all with the fast days. I find going without food to be the easy part.all the info is on that. What drew me to this diet is the fact it says there is no restrictions on non fast days?? this was like all my prayers had been answered as I only had to diet for two days a week. On further reading (and I have read the book twice) I see you have to calorie count the other days?? I also see protein is bad.
    Now I was planning to just do as recommended and eat as I would normally on feast days, so I don’t eat junk or drink on weekdays, but the leash is off on the weekend, will this still work for me? I also have bee doing a pro protein, very low carb thing during the week so I suppose I have to rethink that. I really want this to work as it says it does.

    @paul joseph: I don’t think you have to calorie count on the non-fast days, but rather, just eat normal and don’t overdo it. My initial progress went well because it coincided with me being off drink for lent, so I was losing 1-2 lb a week. However, post lent, I’ve been a bit too keen on enjoying myself at weekends and so now I’m barely losing weight. The fast days are being cancelled out with the weekends. So I’ve got to cut back on my weekend drinking.

    Why don’t you just fast on the weekends?
    That would keep you from overdoing it.

    I’m on my third 2-day fast, Sunday and Monday. I only had one strawberry and a small fist full of nuts, Sunday night, and my lo-cal hot cocoa, this morning.
    It seems to me, that, if you want to control your insulin and blood sugar levels, you should not eat carbs or sugars on your fast days. They make your blood sugar levels go up and down rapidly. Proteins and vegetables seem to me to be a better choice. You can’t get fat eating cucumbers!

    Today, I’m down to the weight I had 40 years ago! It creeps up a little on feast days but never to the level I was at before I started fasting. Still, I’m more concerned about my blood chemistry, which I’ll have tested in July.

    Tomorrow, it’s French Toast for breakfast!

    @ez Rider. I’m just having a sort of break from the programme. Fasting but enjoying myself at weekends, so they cancel each other out, hence steady weight. I lost 13 lb in my first run. I’ll probably restart the proper programme soon.

    I am loving this new way of eating. I started mid January and to date I’ve lost 19.5lbs and have 7.5lbs to go until I reach my goal weight. I feel fitter, I have lost my post babies jelly belly and I am super excited about my promised ( by my hubby) new wardrobe when I reach goal weight:-) I think it is pretty flexible as through time I have adapted it to suit me – I tried one meal per day but found it very difficult. Now I have nothing after 9 pm in Monday evening then I have a small slice of toast with low fat butter in the morning and a cup if tea with 1% milk and sweetex. I then have a few glasses of water until lunch, when I have a small salad – lettuce, tomato, spring onion, pickled cabbage, 1/4 chopped red pepper, 1x slice of cold ham and a teaspoon of reduced fat coleslaw and 5 grapes. Then for dinner I have a low cal ready meal (246 calories) and water til bed. Then I have nothing from 9pm until 9am the following morning. I then repeat this wed night into Thursday. The rest of the week I pretty much have what I like, but with a few minor adaptation that I now don’t even notice. 1%milk, 1/2spoon sugar, low fat butter, no sugar dilute and coke zero in my vodka at weekend. It really is this simple:-) but I have a question I have a big night out in 5 days and have a fab dress that fits well, but would an extra fast day help me lose a little extra by then? What do you guys think about consecutive day fasting? Not tried it yet. Thanks in advance:-)

    Hi Lauarab, doing an extra fast day is absolutely fine. Some of the best research on the benefits of intermittent fasting have come from ADF, alternate day fasting, which means 3.5 days a week. With ADF you are allowed to eat freely on non fast day. An alternative approach would be 3 days a week. Don’t go beyond what feels comfortable otherwise you may just get out of doing it at all

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