Depressed and unfit because of belly fat.

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  • Hi Guys.

    I just joined. The reason I joined is simply because in the last few years, I have neglected myself very badly – due to events that happened in my life. As a result, I have picked up a lot of belly fat which not only do I fund very ugly, but I also feel very uncomfortable.

    I want to loose this belly fat, but I do not know how.

    I also suffer from chronic asthma.

    I also have a hernia of my groin, so am unable to exercise.

    I have looked online for weight loss programs, but I cannot afford them as they are too expensive.

    I joined here in the hope that I will get good advice and support to help me get rid of my belly fat and begin to lead a healthy life.

    Right now I am physically unhealthy and unfit and also – very depressed…one of the reasons for my depression is my belly fat.

    Please help.

    Thanks a lot.

    Hi, want2loseweight

    I also have all the fat around the belly. I must loose about 10 kg, and am not able to exercise, so the fatloss will go slowly. I will start with 5:2 the first of januar.
    I think, that when you loose just a little of fat, your mood will be better.

    Hi guys,

    Weight loss is 90% diet and 10% exercise. So no problem then for weight loss if you cant exercise. Some simple things to do. Get rid of ALL sugar. The fructose part of sugar (sugar is 50% glucose + 50% fructose) interferes with your satiated hormone leptin so that your brain doesn’t receive the “Im full stop eating message”.

    So no sugar in your coffee/tea. No cakes, bicuits, anything with sugar in it. No simple grain based carbs. No bread, pasta, pizza. If it comes from a grain its a no go zone. Get your carbs from veggies and beans. No potatoes and no rice.

    OK what do you have? Lots of veggies. Some meat like chicken, tuna, pork. Don’t be scared of full fat dairy. Cheese, full fat low sugar yogurt. Nuts like almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts. Some fruit is OK. Avoid bananas. Go for your berry fruits like strawberry blackberry etc. Kiwi fruit is OK.

    Read the labels of foods real carefully. More than 5% sugar put the packet/can back on the shelf. Avoid breakfast/health cereals like the plague. Pure crap. Not healthy. Avoid fruit juice like the plague. Pure crap. Not healthy. You want fruit, eat whole fruit.

    You will go through sugar withdrawal for about a month. Tough it out.

    Information is power, so have a look at The Obesity Code by Jason Fung and Fat Chance-the hidden truth about sugar, obesity and disease by Robert Lustig.

    Hi Want2loseweight,
    Hopefully 5:2 will suit you really well. Like you, I am unable to exercise, but that hasn’t stopped me from getting down to the point I don’t need to lose anymore weight, about 14kg in 18 months. I am staying on 5:2 (or 6:1, still working it out) as I want to continue the health benefits and maintain my new weight.

    Read the info for newbies

    Keep posting if it helps to have companions on your journey.
    Keep it simple and sustainable.
    best wishes

    Hi Want2loseweight,

    You have taken the hardest step, that is realizing the problem! I sincerely wish you luck.

    Bigbooty is right about sugar being a major problem for many. I started my weight loss almost 4 years ago. I started with the standard eat less and move more and it worked for about a year and then I spent two years where it just didn’t work and I even gained some weight. I was starving and working out like crazy but the belly fat wouldn’t go. I did manage to keep off 12kg, but I still had a gut and a BMI just over 30.

    In May of this year (2016) I decided to try cutting refined sugar. I’m currently living in Japan so most of my sugar was in deserts so it was pretty easy to cut from about 60 g/day to less than 20 g/day. 40 grams of sugar is less than 160 calories but as soon as I cut the sugar I started losing belly fat. Even better my driving hunger went away! I even added more calories in the form of nuts and other healthy fats and still was burning off the belly. My waist went from 103 cm to 86 cm in less than 4 months and I lost another 8 kg.

    With a much leaner waist and hunger under control I started some fasting and after a few months ended up on 5:2 which I find really easy to follow. This morning I was at 81.8 kg but my weight will often dip under 80 kg now. I’m trying to build some muscle too so I’m okay with the weight because I’m so much slimmer now. Yesterday I realized all my dress pants are now too large for me.

    So while I haven’t completely cut out all refined sugar, I have reduced my sugar consumption to less than 1/3rd what I did eat and I often have a sugar free day. I don’t miss it and lots of things taste sweater and better than before. Four years ago when I started my weight was 106kg and I was probably eating close to 100g of refined sugar a day.

    For the record I don’t count sugar in whole fruit. However you have to eat a lot of fruit to drive the sugar up that much! I actually eat 3 to 5 servings of fruit on my non-fasting days but I avoid refined sugar. Sometimes I allow my self a desert and also things like salad dressing have sugar in them. I just limit myself. I also avoid low fat foods since they are also low fiber and high sugar. In general I avoid processed foods.

    We are all a bit different. You just have to figure out what works for you. Once again best of luck on your life style changes and the results.

    Hi Amigo.
    How are you?
    Thank you for taking the time to reply.
    How will the fat loss go slowly?
    What is 5:2?
    Best wishes and regards.

    Hi bigbooty:

    How are you?
    Thank you for taking the time to reply.

    You say –
    ” Weight loss is 90% diet and 10% exercise.”
    Can you please elaborate a bit on that?

    Is there such a diet, that will make me lose weight –
    Without me having to pay money on that diet program?

    Also, how do I stop sugar?
    I have a minimum of 2 cups of tea daily and I put sugar in that?
    What do I do?

    I guess I could stop biscuits, I rarely eat cake – except on occasions.
    But what do I have for breakfast?

    I mostly eat non veg – how do I convert to veggies?

    You say I can have cheese, but what do I eat it with? I normally eat cheese and bread – but you said do not eat bread. So, how do I eat cheese?

    I also eat rice at least once a day as it is part of my daily meal. If you say do not eat rice, what do I eat for food? No rice, no bread, what do I eat for meals?

    I do not get blackberries where I live and strawberries are only seasonal – and they are very sour – I hate sour foods.

    Thanks for the tips, replay appreciate it.

    Hope you reply.

    Best wishes and regards.

    Hi annette52.

    How are you?

    Thanks for your reply.

    Where do I find –
    The Obesity Code by Jason Fung and Fat Chance-the hidden truth about sugar, obesity and disease by Robert Lustig.?


    Hi Cinque.

    How are you?

    Thanks for the reply.

    I have no idea what 5:2 is. Can you please enlighten me?

    I will go and read the thread that you have mentioned, thanks for sharing those.

    Yes, I like your idea of –
    ” Keep posting if it helps to have companions on your journey.”

    Is there a section where I can start a thread on the same?

    Thank you and regards.

    Hi dykask..

    How are you?

    Thank you for taking the time to reply.

    Thanks for your best wishes.

    I liked hearing your story.

    How do i cut sugar? I have it in my daily tea.

    From 106 kg to 80 kg – that is AWESOME.

    Please chare some tips with me to get a lean waistline.

    You are very right – we are all a bit different.

    But one thing is for sure –
    I need a weight loss plan – one that does not cost me a lot of money.


    Hi Friends.

    As per your advice and the thread shown to me by Cinque, I read the 5:2 diet.

    Is it really possible to eat your daily normal food for 5 days –and kind of fast for 2 days – AND LOSE WEIGHT?

    Please share with me.


    @w2lw. If you want to learn to swim you have to get into the pool. If you want to lose weight you have to eat less, its that simple.

    90% of your weight loss will come from modifying what you eat. Your diet. The other 10% will come from increasing your exercise. What I mean is that the vast majority of weight loss comes from diet. Exercise is good for your mental state, it makes you feel good about yourself and that can not be understated. But exercise alone will not make you lose a lot of weight.

    You can not disobey the laws of physics. If you do 5:2 properly the average weight loss is about 1 pound (0.5 kg) per week. You may initially lose more than this if you are quite obese. 5:2 is free!!!!!

    How do you stop sugar? Just don’t have it. It will be tough for about a month. After that it gets easier. If you must have sweet, try stevia or cinnamon. However the quicker you can rid your sweet tooth the better off you will be.

    You don’t eat veggies???? Where do you get your micro nutrient from? Surely eat tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, pumpkin, spinach, capsicums, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, onions. Try a few different veggies (except potatoes) and see what you like.

    You slice the cheese into little cubes and just eat it. Or put it into a salad. Why do you have to have bread with it??

    When you have the rice and bread, what is accompanying it? Just have that WITHOUT the rice and bread. If its bread and cheese, just have the cheese. If its a meat curry with the rice, just have the meat curry WITHOUT the rice.

    Strawberries sour????? Really? Wow you really do have a sweet tooth. What about blueberries of kiwi fruit? What about an orange (but not orange juice). The more tart fruits will have less fructose. Less fructose is what youre wanting.

    Without being too blunt, if youre not prepared to make changes then what do you think will happen?

    Make the changes, give it a red hot go for one month and see what happens. Success doesn’t chase you, you have to chase success.

    Hi want2loseweight,

    When I started losing weight four years ago I started with portion control. I now know that isn’t a very good approach for me, but it did get me started. Portion control is easy in concept, you just eat a lot less food. It isn’t so easy to do, it takes a lot of will power because frankly it isn’t pleasant.

    However the good thing is I started learning an making small changes here and there. 3.3 years later, it wasn’t so hard to cut sugar. However I would have done that much sooner if I had realized how much it helped me. At first it wasn’t that easy but now it is easy and I really don’t miss added sugar. There are lots of foods that are actually sweet for fruit which is often extremely sweet to cheese that now has hints of sweetness. In my case if I want to sweeten something I add fruit to it. There are a lot of people that avoid fruit too. I haven’t had to do that yet, but I have experimented with doing it and in my case it didn’t seem to make much difference.

    Sometimes I allow myself a sweet desert, but I now know if I do that very much my hunger comes back. Mild hunger is one thing, sugar craving it another. However I do tend to eat more calories now. I often will eat nuts in place of ice cream. I happen to like nuts and cheese. I have a hard time of picturing needing bread to eat cheese, but then I never ate that much bread. I like cheese with most anything, but then I happen to just like cheese so that isn’t an issue for me.

    You have to figure out what works for you. I’m sure your needs will be different than mine.

    5:2 is a very simple eating pattern and I like it a lot because I really like to eat. I currently fast on Monday and Friday because that is what works with my family. The other 5 days I get to eat until I’m full. However I find that I become full sooner than I used to. I also eat more fats now and that tends to keep me full. I get my fats from nuts, dairy and sometimes meat. Actually I eat a lot of nuts and probably would be slimmer if I cut back on them! I don’t mind the expense either because overall I’m only eating 5 days a week. It is like my diet is 28% cheaper! 🙂

    Go away, Fitsn — you are selling a product and we aren’t buying it.

    want2loseweight — where are you? how are you? have you made any changes? have you made any progress? let us know!

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