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  • Welcome to the Decidedly Dangerous December monthly challenge!

    So what’s with the name? I don’t think it matters which side of the globe you are on, December always seems to be a good month to party, whether it’s on the beach or around the roaring log fire but somehow we manage to consume loads of calories in both solid and liquid form (not always alcoholic!) so it is definitely, in my opinion at least, a Dangerous month for those of us on this Way of Life. Of course, not everyone will be partying or, indeed have family with whom to share the festivities, but the temptation to over-indulge may well be there so let’s all embrace the season and plan ahead to side-step the obvious dangers and still enjoy ourselves. Our Challenge? To successfully navigate the Christmas period and, for those who have set a New Year Target, to be working steadily towards it.

    I’m your host for this month; which simply means I get the party rolling & then you all chip in to keep the Challenge going. You can post as much or as little as you wish; but many of us agree that posting regularly really helps with our RESOLVE. The only “rule” in this forum is not to use the F-word (and in this case, the F-word is “fail” – never to be repeated!)

    The monthly challenges were started by @coda in May 2016 and have been growing strong ever since. Here’s how it works:

    1. In your first post, introduce yourself to the group – helps us to get to know each other, especially helpful for newbies. Perhaps say something about where you started, journey so far, what you’re aiming for or how you are benefiting from fasting. You might like to include your starting weight or your goals for the month. But you don’t have to – share what you are comfortable sharing.

    2. Spreadsheet – @at is going to post this month’s spreadsheet below. It’s in alphabetical order by username. If you find it helpful, you can use it to record and track your progress as well as keeping track of how others are doing. It can help with perspective, accountability or planning. And if you need help just ask – there’s always someone happy to help. But you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to.

    3. Posting – Start each post with the day of the month, where you are, and if you’re on a fast day (FD), non-fast day (NFD) or controlled day (CD). We’re all over the world and in different time zones so it helps us keep track of which day we’re talking about, who else is fasting etc. For example, I’ll start (on 1st November) with Day 1 – South Africa – NFD.

    4. Frequency – Some people post daily, others check in every few days. Some are brief, others are long and chatty. If you‘re posting for a second time in the same day please head your post e.g. Day 1 second post.

    5. Content of your post– Comments or questions, complaints or celebration – anything you’d like to share with the forum. Recipes, tips, tricks and bright ideas are always welcome. Remember: we all have good days and bad days, days we fall off the wagon or have days when we are hanging on by our fingernails, days when our mojo deserts us and days where we feel completely in control. So DON’T GIVE UP – whatever it is, you are not alone!

    6. Community – This is a worldwide forum so there’s usually someone online. We all do our best to offer advice, support and solidarity.

    7. Pocket lists –A ‘pocket list’ is a list of the names of people who are sharing the same goal on a particular day. It’s great psychological support in mentally keeping that list in our back pocket, knowing we’re not alone. Anyone can join a pocket list or start a pocket list. Typical pocket lists are for a FD but in the past they’ve been used for people doing daily exercise or planks, or DTF.

    8. 5:2 basics – answers to many FAQs plus top tips:

    9. For new people joining our friendly international community – please read # 8 again

    As this month’s host, I will read every post and will try to make appropriate comments to encourage everyone. I am on Greenwich Mean Time which simply means those of you to the East (ie Australia) will be up and about long before me whilst those of you to the West (USA mainly) will be snoring gently as I post each day.
    And by way of translation, we use a lot of abbreviations. Here’s a guide to some of the more frequently used ones:

    16:8 – 16 hours fast – 8 hours non fast
    5:2 – 5 days NFD – 2 days FD

    IF – Intermittent Fasting
    ADF – Alternate Day Fasting (FD – NFD – FD – etc. etc. etc.…….)
    AF – Alcohol-free
    B2B – Back to Back (consecutive FDs)
    BMR – Basal metabolic Rate
    CFD – Controlled Fast Day (a FD below your goal weight TDEE, whatever that is!!!)
    DH, DD, DS – Darling Husband Daughter, Son
    DTF – Dry ’til Fri
    EE – Emotional Eating (reflex grazing out of a need for instant comfort instead of satisfying hunger)
    EFS – Epic Face Stuffing (we’ve all had one of those days. Definitely due to a faulty OFF button!)
    FD – Fast Day (500 cals)
    Hunger Dragon – that dreadful psychological beast that sometimes cannot be satisfied. Some people even name theirs (e.g. @i-hate-lettuce has an inner warthog!)
    IF – Intermittent Fasting
    Keto – way of eating that generates Ketones
    K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid!!!………………or Sexy!!!
    LC – Low Carb way of eating
    LCHF – Low Carb High Fat way of eating
    LFD – Liquid Fast Day (incl. tea, coffee, miso, bone broth & water)
    LOL – Laughing Out Loud
    M/WOAM – Man/Woman on a Mission (courtesy of @i-hate-lettuce)
    MFD – Modified Fast Day (800 cals) on the new Fast800, it’s a FD
    MyFitnessPal – a smartphone app & website that tracks diet & exercise.
    NFD – Non Fast Day
    OH – Other Half (e.g. spouse/partner)
    OMAD – One Meal A Day
    PFDS – Post FD Smugness (courtesy of @penz)
    Pocket List – Names to “keep in your pocket” for a common goal for the day
    TDEE – Total Daily Energy Expenditure (see the ‘how it works’ link on the home page to work out yours)
    TRE – Time Restricted Eating
    WFD – Water Fast Day (Water only)
    WFH – Working From Home
    WOL – Way of Life
    WOCA – Women Of a Certain Age
    ZBC – Zero Breakfast Club
    See you on Day 1!!

    Day 0 – waiting for December to actually start!

    Hi everyone, just checking in to let you know that I am your host for this month and our main challenge is to have fun and keep the scales under control. I’ll be doing the proper, first day intro on 1st December.

    HI @gardenlily – Thank you for taking up the hosting baton for December – loving your title of Decidedly Dangerous December – so true for many of us in terms of calories consumed 🤣

    Have happily pulled together a spreadsheet for those who like to use one – the link is below

    See you on Day 1

    Day -2 — Rural Nebraska, USA

    I’ll be here Thursday! Thanks, @gardenlily, for setting this up!

    Day -2 UK

    thanks @gardenlily for hosting this decidedly dangerous month! Count me in 🙂

    Day 0 – USA/GA

    I’m in for December

    Day 0 — USA (Illinois)

    I will do my best to be an attentive member this month. Thanks @gardenlily for taking us on!

    Hello I’m here for one decidedly dangerous month 😂
    Thank you also @gardenlily! And @at for the spreadsheet as always! Catch up with you all tomorrow 👋

    Day 0 – South Africa

    I’m in for Dangerous December. Thanks for hosting @gardenlily, & thanks to @at for the spreadsheet. See you tomorrow for the first December pocket list 🎯

    Day 1, NFD, Aus

    Hello all! For me, this will be Decidedly Determined December! I have been lurking in the posts but not being accountable, publicly or privately. Mid-year I decided I had 12 months to shift enough kilos for me to feel fit, fabulous and healthy for a milestone birthday next year. If anything, I’ve put on weight. But!! I still have 6 months to achieve my goal, so here it goes.

    I’m Penz, have been doing 5:2 on and off since 2017 (I think). When I follow 5:2 faithfully (2 WFD per week and DTF), the weight comes off. And when I don’t, the weight goes on. Simple really!

    I’m married, with two dogs and live in the nation’s capital. I’m usually one of the first to post in the new day and love catching up with everyone’s news. Will be great to see old familiar faces and welcome new people to the forum.

    For those out there who are lurking and unsure of whether to join us, jump right in! We really are a truly wonderful bunch of super supportive and friendly people.

    Day 01 – Thursday– Gold Coast Queensland Australia 🦘🦘🦘 – (NFD) 🥦🍅🥦🥒🥑🥕🍅🍆🥬🥦🍄🌶🍏

    Here again and waving the flag for the Aussies! WooHoo!🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🌏🌏🌏🤣😁😀😊

    For the newbies, I’m a LOCA (Lady of a Certain Age!🥰). I started my mission on 1st February 2022 to lose overall 10-11 kg by Easter but actually failed. 😣😣 But then kept going 🚂🚂🚂 and reached my goal on 17 June 2022🎇✨🎆✨. I’ve now lost a total 12kg and am at my perfect weight.🎯🎯🎯😍🥰😘 and happy! Yes, you can do it too! I also went AF when I started, principally to avoid the empty calories then accidentally and astonishingly found that I really didn’t miss the wine, only missed the daily ritual. So now I fill my best wine glass with iced water adding lemon/lime slices which is a much healthier and calorie free ritual.😊😉😊

    To maintain my WOL (Way Of Life) I am still following 5:2 Mondays & Thursdays as FD800 to maintain and am rigidly keeping to the plan because I don’t want the fat to come back….. there be dragons lurking everywhere!🐉🐉🐉.
    I’d actually done the 5:2 in 2019 and successfully lost 11 kg in 11 weeks then, maintained for a while and then failed to follow through with the 6:1 maintenance WOL.🐉🐉🐉 Silly me because 6:1 just isn’t that hard but you obviously need to stick with it. The upshot was the fat just came back…. it’s not rocket science 🚀🚀 and totally my own fault. So, had to do it all again in 2022 and, this time, I’m making sure that I keep the fat off but with a FD800 5:2 regimen to keep me on track. So far, so good.

    So, why am I here then, since I have achieved my goal? I like you, all of you, of course, and would miss you if I left! You also keep me on track with my maintenance, thank you!

    @at ….. thanks for the spreadsheet, I have entered into it today…. 6th anniversary We’re all be celebrating that anniversary with you! 📣📢📣🔔🔔🔔

    @funshipfreddie …. you are a STAR ⭐🌟⭐🌟 Thanks so much for hosting NIMBLE NOVEMBER …. we’re looking forward to your fun posts again this month and wish you success this month!

    @stitchincarol & @northgeorgia …. the race is ONGOING🏇🏇🏇 ….. all our eyes are on you 👀👀👀👀 keep going!

    I’m actually approaching my milestone birthday on the 19th, so am very happy that I’m still on track in maintenance….. albeit just under my goal weight because of the wretched Covid and shingles hiccups! … but that’ll give me wriggle room for the festive season, right?😍🥰😋 Looking on the bright side🌞🌞🌞 and so looking forward to December … not just for my birthday but also DD and favourite (only!) grandson’s birthdays as well and, of course, Christmas. It’s been one hell of year (January relationship break-up) and so looking forward to my new life in 2023!

    To each of you on this amazing forum…. hold on and enjoy the ride… don’t stop… don’t pause… the results will come for you, promise! 😍🥰😘

    @gardenlily … you are so inspiring… I’m really looking forward to your DECIDEDLY DANGEROUS DECEMBER🤩🤩🤩 (with a little DELECTABLE thrown in for the festivities!)

    cheerie dearies 🦘🦘🦘🦘

    Thought: If we all move forward together then success takes care of itself.
    Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in, day out.
    The best thing about our forum? None of us is as smart as all of us.

    Day 1 Melbourne, Australia NFD

    A further big thankyou to funshipfreddie for hosting last month. And thankyou gardenlily for being this month’s host.

    Another hello from Australia. I am a LOCA. Like many I have lost weight in the past and then put it back on. I would like to get back down to 74kg which is above my “healthy weight”, but there is a lot of evidence to show that at an older age being in the overweight category is health protective.

    I do night duty a couple of shifts a week which makes working out FDs interesting. I have recently been reading about the circadian rhythm’s effect on our eating. It is advised to eat during daylight hours as this is how we have evolved to eat. So, I will be trying to work through my night duty without eating. I’ll try this for a couple of weeks and see how I feel.

    I start most days reading this forum as it really helps keep me motivated for the day. If I have something I’m happy about I get to brag. And if things haven’t gone well, I get encouragement to keep going.

    On my FDs I follow Linda.B’s advice and stick to mainly lots of veggies. We are starting to warm up a bit, so salads are easy. I’m going to try to follow stitchincarol’s and have a meal on my NFDs to keep my bingeing brain lizard under control.

    Day 1 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD – 🚫🍷 Day 62

    About me:- David, 60, retired casino/cruise ship crew member. Originally from Manchester in the UK, living in Port Elizabeth (aka Gqeberha) on the south-eastern coast of South Africa. I’ve been fasting on & off since 2014, & maintaining for about 3 & half years with the help & support of this forum.

    A typical FD for me is to eat nothing until 6 pm. Having small meals during the day doesn’t work for me; it just seems to trigger my appetite. So during the day I’ll drink only tea/coffee & water. Around 6 pm I usually slice up an apple & munch on that, & then have something more substantial around 7 pm. Most of the time I’ll just have an omelette with tuna or chicken + a load of veggies. Eggs are ideal for FDs; they’re very filling, low in calories & loaded with vitamins, minerals & protein. I aim for around 600 – 700 cals. On NFDs, which I think most regular 5:2-ers find more of a challenge, I practice TRE. I’m not fanatical about it; I just never feel hungry in the mornings. So I’ll have ‘breakfast’ around 11:30 am or later, maybe a snack of fruit & yogurt in the afternoons & dinner around 7 pm. I only weigh myself the morning after a FD, otherwise the fluctuations on the scale can be discouraging but are really meaningless.

    Wishing everyone a successful Dangerous 😱 December! – Stronger Together 💪

    Pocket List – Day 1 🍒

    Day 1 – UK Cam – FD800
    Good morning everyone! Welcome to Decidedly Dangerous December – which I have offered to host. For those of you who are new to the forum (and in case anyone is curious!) I am a LOCA, living in rural Camnbridgeshire. I am a retired history lecturer who now spends her time divided between garden-related activities, dog-walking, sewing/quilting and looking after DH who is currently quite poorly. He would tell you that I am a terrible nurse but pretty good cook! I joined this WOL back in July after a lifetime of battling with yoyo weight loss/gain. Since then I have slowly lost 14lb – not a lot I know – and am within 5lb of my goal. Having at last found a way to not only lose weight successfully and painlessly, I am determined not to pile it back on to which end I have decided to temporarily go onto Maintenance until January 2023 so I can work at keeping at this weight over the seasonal festivities.

    Today is an 800FD – home-made veggie soup for lunch with a thin slice of sour dough and oven baked salmon with cauliflower rice and creamed spinach for dinner – I make the creamed spinach with zero yoghurt and lots of nutmeg & black pepper and a light sprinkle of parmesan on FDs, otherwise it would be creme fraiche and loads of parmesan! I have a bowl of carrot and apple sticks in the fridge in case I get nibbly late in the afternoon (my dragon taming time). Key to success will be keeping busy so today I am off to help at the Food Bank, need to cover some raised beds on the allotment with membrane and want to finish sewing up 3 gift bags. That should do the trick.

    I shall be posting my ‘Interesting Facts about Christmas’ in a separate post each day – I fully appreciate that not everyone celebrates Christmas as a religious festival and that other faiths have different customs but I hope that everyone will want to have a look at the weird and wonderful odds and ends I have come up with.

    No one save me on a FD today although I think @linda.b is, like me, on a maintentence day so, here goes

    Day 1 Pocket List

    December can be a dangerous month, so be diligent and don’t despair if you don’t dodge the delicious dainties! (how many more ‘d’ words can YOU think of!!)


    Why celebrate Christmas on 25 December?

    In the very early days (3rd century) many Christians believed Christ was conceived at the spring equinox (25 March) which would give a birth 9 months later on 25 December. The Romans celebrated Saturnalia, god of sowing and husbandry, in mid-December and calculated that 25 December represented the sun at its lowest ebb. This coincided neatly with other mid-winter festivals, celebrating the winter solstice with the lighting of fires and giving gifts, many of which date back thousands of years. If you are a newly formed church trying to convert heathens, far better to overlay the existing pagan festivities with your own celebrations.

    More on this special date later in the month!

    Day 1 – 2nd Post

    @gardenlily – I think our posts overlapped. Interesting Christmas facts! My ‘D’ word for the month is DRY! 😅

    Pocket List – Day 1 🍒

    Day 1 – UK – FD800

    Good morning all from a foggy and cold Cumbria 😊 Thank you @gardenlily for hosting us for this most challenging of months – I’m looking forward to your daily posts about Christmas

    I love the first day of a month – always has a positive influence – new start!

    I had a good Nimble November Challenge, even though my contribution was minimal but I did read the posts and log onto the spreadsheet – a loss of 2.2kg/4.85lbs – am now hoping for more of the same for at least the first two weeks of our Decidedly Dangerous December Challenge – would love to lose another 1/2kg this month 🤞

    A bit about myself:-
    I am a 64y.o. female living with my OH in the beautiful Lake District ⛰ having moved here when I retired in 2013. We have a married daughter who has 4 fur babies – 3 black 🐈‍⬛ and an adorable beagle called Archie 🐶
    I started this WOL on my own in January 2016 as I had gained weight during the last couple of years of my working life and was fed up with being overweight and wanted to enjoy my early retirement and get fitter!
    I discovered and joined the 30 Day November 2016 Challenge with @back2thefuture – best thing I ever did, as it got me to my maintenance weight and has kept me motivated and on track with this WOL!
    This December will be my 6th anniversary in maintenance and I certainly want to reach it still in maintenance!!
    Total weight loss = 22kg/3st 7lbs. Height = 164cm
    My maintenance weight since then has been around 58kg – I’m fairly fit, doing 5 exercise classes during the week (yoga x2, pilates x 1 and aerobic x2) and I also enjoy walking/hiking at least 3 times each week

    Lovely to see so many of our regulars posting already – joining the others on our first FD for this challenge

    Pocket List – Day 1 🍒

    I will be going out for a long walk in the fog soon but staying low level – can’t convince any walking buddies to join me so as Wordsworth said – “I wandered lonely as a cloud”……today but a group walk planned for tomorrow morning…….

    Taking the opportunity to remind myself of my personal motto since losing weight and reaching maintenance “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 1 – Ireland – CD 🚫🚶🏼‍♀️ ✅
    Starting weight – 160.1lbs

    Hi everyone! It is great to be here and starting the month as I mean to go on.

    Thank you @gardenlily for taking over the baton for Decidedly Dangerous December 😂😂
    Thank you so much @funshipfreddie for fabulous leadership and fun last month!

    I write this in my post yesterday but just popping it here too : To those that are currently suffering or getting over Covid I would say please make sure to take your time to rest and try not push through it.. it leaves it’s mark even if you don’t think you’re particularly ill at the time. I’m still not right but getting there… cycled this morning.

    My resolve starts today and I won’t wait until January as why put it off when I know it will do me only good.

    Here’s to great company and fun times again this month.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 1 – USA/GA – OMAD

    Weigh-in: 218 lbs. Ugh, what happened? In a nutshell, I can confirm that any attempts at TRE or OMAD involving the evening hours (other than a strict 500 cal meal) is disaster for me. Today is what I WANTED to do yesterday — a nice OMAD lunch and that’s it. All possible lunch plans fell through yesterday, then meetings took over. During the lunch panic, I discovered the McDonald’s app and found free and discounted food, but only available that day. So, yes, I did that. I don’t even like McDonald’s (well the hot fries are tempting, but that’s about it)… But that’s what I had at 5:00. And my mother’s insistence that her cheesecake has to be eaten by her and me because “no one else will.” All those carbs kept me hungry and snacking away until 8:30 or 9:00… ooooohhhhh…. disaster…..

    Remember, a bunch of junk carbs full of calories piled up before bedtime doesn’t make up for a whole day of fasting. And if you’ve made it to 5:00, a FD should be considered. Oh well, missed opportunities. Today should be better. Interested to see tomorrow’s results.

    Day 1 UK FD

    Hello all ,looking forward to our December challenge and thanks for guiding us @gardenlily👏

    A bit about me – 61F living with DH on the south coast of England. Lifelong “struggles with weight “ kind of gal, found IF and the very first monthly challenge with @coda back in ‘16 got to my happy weight and maintained happily for a few years , got complacent and back to square 1. I’m finding it much tougher this time around but no point moaning about it I just need to exercise more and eat/drink less – simple right ?

    I agree @jaifaim – let’s get a jump stat on the New Year’s resolution- I know it’s going to be tough with all the celebrations but I really want to record a loss this month 💪

    Pocket List – Day 1 🍒

    Day 1 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WF 153.4

    I’m 63 female, married, three grown children, two grands, teach piano lessons, choir director, organist, church secretary, and apparently a social gadabout–at least, by the list of social events I’ve had recently. I used to be 5’4″ and now am down to 5’2.5″, making my former maximum-allowed-for-my-height weight of 145 too much for this shorter body. I was down to 140 (from my most recent high of 166 in February 2020) for quite awhile, but started eating in June and now hover around 152-153. I want to get back to 140 so my pants fit again, and eventually want to get to 132, my weight for years. Possibly, if success is going easily, I may even shoot for 125. But for now, my goal is to BEHAVE. That is currently defined as water fasting on Tue/Thur when I drive into Omaha to teach piano lessons, continuing with skim milk as my beverage of choice with most meals, and not going nuts on weekends.

    Oh, and @northgeorgia and I have set a challenge of who can drop 4 pounds first, him to 209 and me to 149.2…and the current status of the challenge is to see who gets serious about this challenge first, LOL! We began this in early November, so we’re clearly neither of us motivated by competition, sadly.

    Yesterday’s NFD was a typical mix of decent behavior and questionable choices, but it wasn’t awful–nor was it excellent–and today’s a new day.

    Loved reading everybody’s initial posts. Like @linda.b said, I would so miss you all if we weren’t all posting and chatting!

    I got a triple batch of a cookie recipe mixed up yesterday, scooped, indented (for the filling) and then frozen. Got a double batch of my cut-out cookies recipe mixed and in the fridge. Have two more that I will make in December, but am thinking I won’t bother for the cookie boutique this Saturday. Who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind at the last minute, but I certainly have lots to bake already without two more recipes added in–and, honestly, there’s no more room in my freezer, LOL! And the miracle of all that cookie activity is that I didn’t eat much dough at all. I know all the worry about raw eggs, and choose to be old fashioned in my thinking…and cookie dough is so GOOD! 🤪😂 Perhaps today would be a good day to mix up more dough if I can find room for it somewhere until I bake it tomorrow (bake it today in the chinks of time I could find??), since I’m pretty good about sticking to my WFs? Nah…that’s WAY too much temptation, LOL!

    Okay, on with my day! Have a grand one, everyone!

    Pocket List – Day 1 🍒
    @stitchincarol WF

    second post

    Hey, @maui, as to your question of whether you set a more obtainable goal of 5lbs or a larger goal of 10lbs for December…this is something where I have strong opinions. As a woman who hasn’t lost a pound in five months, I can understand I may not appear to be much of an authority on the topic, but hear me out.

    You can entirely control what you eat, right? Maybe not easily, maybe not willingly, and maybe you don’t actually do it, but it is a physical possibility.

    Can you control how the scale reacts? Can you MAKE your body lose a pound? Nope. Who was it just the other day celebrated a 3lb loss and reminded herself that weight loss is not linear and immediate (or something like that)? No, our bodies lose weight when they choose to, based on what we’ve been eating/drinking.

    Thus, I never see much point in setting a goal of what I want to LOSE. Instead, I set a goal of how I want to behave and, based on what’s realistic with that behavior, am hopeful the behavior will result in a specific loss.

    Because what if you set a goal of 10 lbs, you behave perfectly throughout December–it could happen, after all, lol–and you lose 4 lbs? Not to experience “success” even though your behavior was exactly right is really hard on our psyche. But to reach the end of the month and say, “Yup, I ate/drank exactly according to plan, so I met my goal!” is priceless.

    And besides, we all lose weight faster when we first start the process, so setting a really high goal for a second month is rife with potential disappointment.

    How do the rest of you feel about this?

    Day 1 UK FD800

    I didn’t post yesterday so HUGE thanks to @funshipfreddie for a fun-tastic Nimble November. Also to @gardenlily for hosting this month and @at for spreadsheet herding, an unsung but heroic task.

    I’m F59, one adult DD. I put on weight in 3 stages – with neuro condition affecting energy & mobility, stopping smoking and menopause. I found 5:2 and joined Dec 2017 challenge weighing 178lb, got to 145lb over the following 10 months – including a 2 month plateau when I went down 2 clothes sizes! I maintained for a year but fell off the waggon after a friend died suddenly at the end of 2019. I had covid in Feb 2020 and long covid ever since, wiped out for most of the next 2 years and still some long term effects – BP, POTS, peripheral neuropathy,cognitive impairment, energy.

    After a couple of false starts I jumped back into the Challenge on 27 May weighing 189lb. I rediscovered a love of WFD and began Oct at 172, Nov at 176lb, then glimpsed a 2 year low of 168lb on 29 November! But starting December at 171lb after a decidedly NFD looooooong day yesterday – out from 11-11! Yesterday included lunch at conference of gf pasta with an amazing sauce (yay for chefs!) plus biscuits at evening meeting and a piece of millionaire shortbread – tho I miraculously (accidentally) skipped the conference pudding :).

    My goal is to end this month lighter than I start – back under 12 stone/75kg/168lb – AND to eat mindfully. I know I’ll be eating Christmas pudding and cake and it’ll be harder to avoid treats with DD & mother both staying so I’m setting my sights on a relatively abstemious 1-21 Dec with one treat day a week. I’ve just roasted parsnips and butternut squash ready to make dahl tomorrow with kale and spinach – yummy for December fast days.

    I have survived my non-stop week of deadlines, events and meetings with miraculously only one late deadline and one meeting where I didn’t send papers in advance but reported in verbally. This 4-day week has had THREE x 3 hour board meetings, a whole day conference, four meetings and another event and i’m wiped out! Lots of loose ends to tie up and i’ll write them down tomorrow, but right now I’m off to bath & bed bc that’s really what my body wants.

    Looking forward to enjoying the journey with this lovely friendly international group. it’s the daily posting, shared wisdom, generous encouragment and external accountability that keeps me on track.

    Pocket List – Day 1 🍒
    @stitchincarol WF

    Day 2 Melbourne, Australia NFD 8.30am

    Successfully got through the night shift on fluids only, mainly water or herbal tea. I have had something to eat and am now longing for my bed. But I have to wait up for a tradie. I will continue with the no eating overnight, trying to keep in good with my circadian rhythm. If I don’t find it makes any difference to my wellbeing, I may chuck it in. Or maybe not if I just get used to not eating at work.

    Day 2, NFD, Aus


    And very remiss of me not to thank @funshipfreddie for hosting the November forum and for his hilariously awful jokes (which is meant as a compliment).

    You’ve summed up this forum perfectly, @malee57 ”If I have something I’m happy about I get to brag. And if things haven’t gone well, I get encouragement to keep going.”

    I think I’m going to enjoy your Christmas facts, @gardenlily. Thank you!

    Have a great weekend, everyone

    Day 1 Ohio, US — NFD

    Glad to join everyone for DD December! This week has been a monster so far and I’m all tuckered out right now, so a longer post to come!

    Thanks, Gardenlily, for hosting this festive month!

    Day 1 USA/HI NFD
    Just got home a few hours ago ….Posting late today, after 5 pm. Had to leave house early to keep appointments. Lunch with a friend while car was being serviced. Have stayed at 1000 calories for the day so far. Will try to make it to bed without eating anything else.
    Thanks @funshipfreddie for hosting November and keeping us smiling with the jokes. Thanks @gardenlily for keeping us on this journey for December.
    About me….age 76 and currently primary caregiver for DH age 88 with memory issues. Still working at art gallery 2 days where DH is one of the artists. Our son tries to be here with his dad those 2 days so I can work (which I enjoy very much). I have been trying to follow IF in various forms for a number years. First heard of it on a TV special with Michael Moseley. Found this site and followed it a few years ago but got distracted with life events. Returned Oct 1st of this year. Finding it extremely helpful and encourage others to jump in if still considering it. I’ve lost about 7 lbs since returning to this site October 1st and plan to stay with it as I still have at least 25 lbs to go.
    @stitchincarol I appreciate your response to the goal setting question. Your take on it makes good sense to me.

    Day 2 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    PFDS for me! For some reason I was NOT in the mood for fasting yesterday, but I just told myself it had to be either Thursday or Friday & just got on with it.

    @penz – 😅 I know what you meant; ‘hilariously awful’ as in terribly funny, right? 😛

    @maui – I agree with @stitchincarol. 10 lbs in one month is definitely achievable. But what you’re doing is working, so why not just stick with it, & enjoy the journey at the same time? If you feel like you’ve hit a plateau at the end of the month, then you could always try 4:3 for a while & see how that goes.

    @gardenlily – I forgot to mention yesterday; if you haven’t already, then check out the maintenance threads on this forum to see how other people navigate maintenance. After you click/tap ‘Forum’, scroll down a little, & under ‘BODY’ the last item is ‘Weight Maintenance’. There are lots of threads on there re maintenance. The ‘Maintenance Chatbox’ alone has +230 pages.

    Happy Fri-yay everyone 🍹

    Day 2 – UK Cam – NFD
    Well, yesterday was certainly interestingly different. Certainly succeeded with the 800FD – you can’t snack much whilst holding your left thumb over a hole in the mains cold water pipe (under the sink unit) and frantically catching water in a plastic jug with the other, for at least 45 mins whilst the emergency plumber looked for his car keys (or whatever it was that took him sooooo long). I won’t go into too many details but suffice to say – don’t let a ‘doddery old geezer’ with a touch of the palsy loose under YOUR sink unit with an ELECTRIC, yes, ELECTRIC saw …

    At least the kitchen floor (and the hall, and dining room) got a good wash 🙂

    Having a restful day today, very cold and foggy outside so will try for 2 shorter walks with dog and settle down in the sewing room to finish some Christmas projects (I tend to make gift bags rather than wrap presents in paper – they can be regifted the following year).

    @maui – the question of setting goals is tricky – put the bar too high and you will fail, set it too low and you don’t feel you have achieved much. I was definitely slowing down with weight loss last month and, knowing how December has so many temptations and well as tending to be a busy month socially, I decided to stick where I was and maintain that rather then try to lose more and then feel depressed when I failed. I am sure that half the battle with losing weight is having a positive outlook – if you feel you CAN do it, you will try harder.

    @malee57 – I don’t know how you can manage to work all night and not eat! Well done. Circadian rhythms are definitely important but it is amazing how they differ between people – Night Owls and Morning Larks etc. I guess you need to find your own and work around it.

    Wonderful to see so many of you joining in the December challenge – and hope you enjoy my ‘interesting’ Christmas facts – there’s another one coming along in a moment.

    Day 02 – Friday – Gold Coast Queensland Australia 🦘🦘🦘 – (NFD) 🥦🍅🥦🥒🥑🥕🍅🍆🥬🥦🍄🌶🍏

    Still quite croaky throat today with covid…….. 😫😪…. I’m hopeful that Sunday will be my first negative day…. I need to get some shopping done… after all, there is only so much you can do online. I promise I won’t go out until I’m negative…. although many do apparently…. but I won’t.

    Love your posts and reading them all…. @maui you are doing so well … congratulations! And everyone else is too. 🥇🥇🥇🥇🏆🏆🏆🏆… medals and trophies to you all!

    Quite tired today…. so more tomorrow…

    cheerie dearies

    Persistence overcomes resistance

    Day 2 – Interesting Christmas Fact – Christmas is Banned!

    Did Oliver Cromwell abolish Christmas in the mid-1600s? It’s certainly true that, during Cromwell’s reign as Lord Protector, stricter laws were passed to prohibit the celebration of Christmas. However, we do need to understand the social context. Christmas then, as now, was a time of both long-cherished rituals and excessive social behaviour. Puritans had long objected to Christmas. They saw it as a wasteful festival that threatened Christian beliefs and encouraged immoral activities.

    Presbyterians in Scotland had outlawed Christmas in 1640. In 1642 King Charles I decreed that one day a month be put aside for fasting and contemplation (an early form of 6:1?) and Wednesdays were chosen – unfortunately 25 December 1644 fell on a Wednesday so parliament passed a law saying Christmas was banned and the day should be spent in fasting & prayer to help bring an end to the civil war.

    This was followed in 1645 with a Directory of Public Worship stating that Christmas, Easter and Whitsun church celebrations (traditional feasting days) were to be banned. The complete ban on all festivities both in church and at home came in 1647 and a popular ballad was written ‘The World Turned Upside Down’.

    1652 Parliament passed a law stating shops and businesses to remain open on25 December and people attending any sort of religious celebration would be fined. During the 1650s various attempts were made to enforce the bans but without much success and with the restoration of Kings II in 1660, things returned to normal. Interestingly, although all foods associated with Christmas were taboo, mince pies escaped the ban being made, at that time, from minced meat!

    Visit the Cromwell Museum for a fuller account:

    Day 2 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 216 lbs. OMAD lunch worked yesterday! Gotta run…

    Day 2 – Rural Nebraska, USA – A day of CONTROL 151.2

    Yes, it’s a CD–but, since I’m going to be baking countless cookies, I phrased it a little differently at the top to remind myself I will NOT be nibbling. Certainly not non-stop and not even occasionally. That, at least, is what I’m attempting to persuade myself. We’ll see how much success I have with that decision.

    Yesterday’s WF was tougher than some, but entirely successful, and I’m delighted with the lovely scale number. If only it weren’t the weekend, LOL! My mojo is so much stronger on Thursday than on Friday, Saturday, Sunday…I understand that I simply have to make a decision to behave, but the door into the part of my brain where I make such decisions seems to be locked tight.

    @michelinme Your week sounds exhausting!! Did you ever book time at the getaway you were talking about?

    @malee57 Well done on liquids only while working the night shift! The real question is, how did your body feel for having no food in it overnight??

    @penz You having homemade pizza and red wine tonight? That’s something that I’ve been surprised by, is how many of you think red wine goes with pizza; the typical American combo is beer with pizza. And to make homemade pizza every Friday is a lovely tradition!

    @matpi How’d your final go??

    @funshipfreddie I chuckled when you said 10 pounds in one month is definitely achievable. You would say that because you have a man’s metabolism. May I do some math for you? My TDEE is 1500 calories, and I suspect @maui‘s is about the same–or lower. So to lose 10lbs requires a deficit of 35,000 calories. So, if she’s burning 1500 a day, that’s 46,500 she’ll burn in December. To have a deficit of 35,000 calories, that only gives her 11,500 to consume over 31 days–371 calories per day. Not so easy, see? I’m going to guess your TDEE is 2200, to pick a number out of thin air. That means you’re burning 68,200 calories over 31 days, and a 35,000 calories deficit still gives you 33,200 to consume over 31 days–1,071 calories per day. Not so achievable for us poor females. 🤪😂😂

    @gardenlily Oh, what an awful scenario you painted for us!! And, personally, I would have felt such a day deserved a beer. And then would have “needed” some cheese and crackers. And then been certain that some smoked almonds would finish it off nicely. Except by then I’d have been thirsty, so a second beer would have been in order…and so it would have gone. For you to say that plumbing mess made 800 easy proves how strong and determined you are; well done!!

    @gardenlily Wow. I’ve read that over the years–about Christmas being banned–but to ban any sort of religious celebration sounds contrary to the point of banning “excessive social behaviour” and “immoral activities” and to encourage true piety. People are really dumb sometimes, huh? I know this from personal experience since I want to be thinner but frequently eat as if I need to gain a dozen pounds, LOL!!!!

    Okay, the cookie dough balls are out of the freezer and thawing on the kitchen counter, and the cut-out cookie dough is out of the fridge warming up enough to roll out and cut, so it’s time for me to get at it. Please send me all the good vibes you have to spare that I don’t nibble the day away…masking tape across my mouth is NOT out of the question, LOL!

    Have a grand one, everyone.

    And for good measure: It’s going to be hard, but hard is not impossible. (Or something to that effect.)

    Day 2 UK CD

    My weekly weigh in and I’m just over 169lb – woop woop! That’s a lb down on yesterday, 20lb down since I restarted on 27 May and back to weight last seen in March 2021. I’ve successfully lost all the weight put on over the last 18 months and almost back to where i was two years ago…. halfway there!

    Yesterday’s FD800 was fine – it felt like a lot of food after the full on week. Nice to have baby baked potato/sweet potato with spinach and baked eggs, apple and pear compote and brazil nuts. Nuts are SO satisfying. But eating too late and not drinking enough water – goals for next week.

    After the packed week I ache all over and can barely sit up so mainly lying down today, epsom salt & lavender bath before early night tonight and start stretching it out tomorrow. My body has held up and that’s amazing but now it needs some tlc. Batch cooking will also wait until tomorrow

    @linda.b @daffodil2010 keep looking after yourselves. Rest as much as you need and don’t push it – it takes far longer to recover than a normal virus, but your body will thank you for taking care x

    Day 2 UK NFD

    Time to put my weekend resolve to test 💪thanks for breaking down the reason 10lb is a very difficult target @stitchincarol , makes sense when you see it like that 💡

    I might try taking a leaf out of old Oliver’s book and avoid some of the excess this month @gardenlily – an interesting read 📖

    Day 2 – UK – NFD

    Managed a successful FD800 yesterday and weight this morning was 58.6kg!!!

    Ended up doing 13.85km/8.61miles yesterday and 13.58km/8.44miles today – both days were a bit foggy but fairly mild really and best of all no rain!!

    Went for my last haircut for this year this afternoon which always makes me feel good 😊although it did feel strange to take my hairdresser a xmas present so early!!

    Was going to have another FD today but have now been surprised with a seafood 3 course meal this evening with 🥂 – so as no plans for the weekend I will aim for CD on both days 🤞

    @maui – your question of whether you set a more obtainable goal of 5lbs or a larger goal of 10lbs for December – personally I would say to set yourself up for success by going for the more obtainable goal of 5lbs as this month is “Decidedly Dangerous December” and you can then start the New Year on a positive note to encourage you for a bigger loss in January which should be easier to achieve?? and as others have said what you are doing is working so keep at it and just see what result it keeps bringing you x
    @linda.b – wishing you a continuing recovery and hopefully you will soon test negative x Thank you for sharing that “Persistence overcomes resistance”
    @stitchincarol – I’m also in the red wine with pizza group 🍷

    I seem to have found my Fasting Mojo back so trying to keep it “active” by being more aware of what I am eating and drinking (alcohol wise 🤣) and hoping that I will end this month closer to my maintenance range – I have decided to get back to my 56-58kg range as that is where I really felt happiest/more comfortable at – With this in mind I am aiming to post daily during Decidedly Dangerous December to keep me accountable and motivated!!

    Have a good weekend everyone x

    Day2 USA/HI FD800
    Weigh-in 170
    Appreciate everyone’s posts about goal setting. Taking it all into consideration, I checked my height and it appears I am 5’3” instead of 5’4”. I know this happens often at my age but was still a shock. Lol
    Checking weight loss calculators it seems a weekly weight loss of 1 to 1.5 lbs is attainable with an average of 1000 calories a day. Plan to alternate FD800 days with 1000 to 1200 calories NFD so average for each week will be 1000 calories. I know from past history that I must monitor daily and MyFitnessPal app is very helpful. My doctor suggested Keto so also watching the macros and getting the Carb/Fat/Protein percentages more in line for keto.
    Feeling very encouraged and looking at a very reasonable goal of 30 weeks to loss 30 lbs. June 30, 2023 I will be at 140lb .. the most I can weigh and still hit the healthy zone on the calculator. Hoping to surprise myself with a meeting this goal much earlier…. Adding exercise should speed things along a bit. At least I have a path that I can clearly see leading to success.
    Thanks to all the team here!

    Day 1-2 USA (Illinois) NFD

    I am Gwynne, 74-F, live in rural NW Illinois with DH, both of us retired, me from teaching school music. ♫♪♫ Four grown children and 5 granddaughters live pretty far away. GD#6 is due in late April! Now I keep busy with lots of volunteer activities (choir, Children’s Museum, church) and never seem to have much free time. I hardly eat a full meal any more, but it seems to be okay.

    I began 5:2 in March 2016, then found this amazing website and bloggers with @coda and her challenge that May. I was pushing 200 lbs. (90.7 kg) with no losing in sight. I read the book, thought the science and research were sound, so jumped in. My Fitness Pal has been a REAL pal since I hate counting calories. I have only used the free version from the beginning. It has about a dozen of my fave recipes saved in it as well. I started losing almost right away trying to keep under 1750 calories on the 5 and about 500 on the 2 FD’s. Got down to 160# (72.5 kg) over about 10 months and have pretty much maintained since then. That’s nearly 6 years! Generally do 6:1 these days, although OMAD is pretty common on one of the 6 as well. My BMI is right at the high end of acceptable… works for me to keep away some wrinkles.

    I so appreciate the international appeal of this forum. I have learned new names for foods, and even new foods themselves.

    For any newbies here, keep the faith and do the program! You will achieve your goals!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 3 NFD country west Australia. 85.6 kgs.
    Thank you so much @funshipfreddie for hosting November. I still look back at some of the jokes – much much appreciated.💐🤣
    And am IN for a Definitely Decidedly Daringly Determined DO 5:2 Diligently Dangerous December because things are Definitely DIRE Diet-wise!!!!!!!!,
    Me ? LOCA – health professional who SHOULD and DOES know better!!!!
    Joined this forum in November 2016 with some others also currently on this forum, having lost a bit of weight beforehand.
    I was looking at 5:2 for health benefits mainly and also weight loss.
    Got down to 71.2 kgs in 2017 😇, hit a plateau for 3 months !!!!!! had a hissy fit 😡, fell off the wagon, dabbled not very seriously with 5:2 for the next few years whilst eating enough for a small nation !! 🙄
    Ended up 89.9 kgs !!!! THE most I have EVER weighed, including a couple of pregnancies!!😲😲😲
    A daily weigher but Saturday only recorder of weight I watched the scales go up and up and UP and aways thought I could shift the weight…..🥵without exercising and without doing 5:2 with any conviction…🤔
    Previously when I was doing 5:2 as it worked for me, I did do under 500 calories on FDs and started to use MFP to get control of NFDs which were always much more problematic for me.
    I had never counted calories before starting 5:2 and don’t really like it – but it does keep me on track.
    Portion control and knowing just HOW many calories I was consuming was a real. eye opener.
    Just eating way too much of everything even though it was m mostly healthy.
    One problem – I LOVE to cook , and I never met a calorie I didn’t like…. ( so 2 problems ! ) and eating
    mindlessly ( OK OK … so several problems/ issues 🥵)
    Was doing 5:2 very determinedly in November and got to 84.4 kgs. Not great but at least a loss.
    Life has been hectic ( an excuse not a reason!!) and I have reverted to some mindless eating patterns.
    SO back on the wagon for December and into 2023.
    I have a similar journey to some who have already posted:5:2, Weight loss, less/no 5:2, more weight.
    And it is SO much harder trying to lose weight and get fit the older one gets.
    But really wanting to improve my health – did I mention I am a health professional ?????
    Daily posting on this forum is instrumental in helping me stay the distance.
    Lots of lovely people across the world all supporting each other.😊💐
    Attempting a much more modest goal for December of reaching 84 kgs before the New Year.
    @gardenlily, thank you for hosting December 💐and also the Christmas facts. I love them.
    @linda_b hope you are finally negative soon !!🤞
    @maui, with you in adding in exercise to hopefully speed up the process !🏃‍♂️
    @michelinme, congrats on the weightless. Well done!!👏
    @stitchincarol, Oh I hear you about wanting to be thinner but then eating as if there was no tomorrow!! I wonder why I/we do this???🤔🤔🙄
    @malee57 , well done on the night shifts with only fluid. 💐
    Now just off to one of many parties booked for the next few weeks. Sausage rolls, cakes, biscuits and chips in abundance as it is a children’s party……🤔
    Onward and ….onward.

    Day 2 Ohio, US — FD800

    Another heavy day filled with catch-up chores. Fasting has gone well, but am really wiped out now. So longer post to come —

    Day 3 Melbourne, Australia NFD

    Today was going to be a FD but I am changing it to tomorrow. I made it through most of last night on water, but at about 5am I was really hungry, so I had a sandwich. My problem is that I don’t eat a proper evening meal before I go to work and so when it is a really busy night, like last night, I don’t last the whole way. Something I need to work on when I am back at work next week.

    We are having a couple of days of very summery weather this weekend. Which means it is time to catch up on laundry.

    Have a good weekend all.

    Day 3 – UK Cam – CD
    Yep, I am completely in Control of my Diet (ha ha!) no, seriously, trying hard despite the delightfully delicious (definitely not diet) chocolate Advent Calendar that my DD gave me – it’s from Hotel Chocolat and is DIVINE. (sorry about all the Ds there).

    Despite the advent calendar sidetracking, I did Ok yesterday finishing off a quieter day spent sewing, (swearing at sewing, unpicking sewing, resewing) and sorting gifts ready to parcel up with a very good quorn chilli made in the slowcooker – DH had a huge jacket potato and I had cauliflower rice, topped off with a good dollop of creamed spinach- very yummy and not too calorific.

    Today is put up the Christmas lights which will involve stepladders, little hooky things on sticky pads – the sort that stick to everything but the thing you want them to – and, of course, the lights themselves which will have knitted themselves into a real tangle, despite being put away wrapped around cardboard… Most of them are either battery or solar,although to be honest, the solar ones struggle most days to do more than glimmer in our climate! We have a magnificent birch tree in the front garden that I love to decorate but DH prefers the apple tree which is easier and nearer the house. No doubt there will be some falling out during the operation. Foodwise we will have eggs for lunch, probably mushroom omlette & salad bowl, and then a fish pie for supper as I will be exhausted by then and that can cook in the oven while I have a well-earned soak. Biggest challenge, not nibbling at fruit cake block DD brought over (with advent calendar) it’s amazing how many corners need tidying up …. 🙁

    @lilymartin – delighted to see you back ‘on the wagon’ complete with determined mojo – as you say, a lot of us have been there, regretted putting on the weight and just need to knuckle down and get on with it! I hate calorie counting – the idea of having to spend your whole life checking what you eat – but at the end of the day you are what you eat.

    @malee57 – good luck with the laundry! With the rise in power costs over here in UK, using the tumble dryer is definitely a no-no, so we are back to scratchy towels which I hate. Getting a good blow on the washing line when the weather is good works wonders but towels dried indoors just don’t feel right.

    Glad you all like the Christmas Facts – I’ll try to keep them a bit shorter!

    Good luck to anyone on a Saturday FD.

    Day 3 – Interesting Christmas Fact – Christmas Trees

    Many of us will be putting up our Christms Tree this weekend or, if not a tree then some symbolic branch or twig, so here is a an interesting fact about Christmas Trees:

    Although Prince Albert (husband to Queen Victoria) is often credited with introducing the Christmas Tree into England in the 1840s, the fir tree decorated with lights and gifts dates back to early times when trees were worshipped. Seemingly an enterprising missionary suggested the heathen natives might prefer to worship the god who made the tree rather than the tree itself.

    Most people agree that the custom of bringing a tree into the home and decorating it came from the Germanic races and Martin Luther in the early 16th C compared the candles on a decorated Christmas tree to the starry heavens from which Christ descended at the Nativity. Prince Albert certainly promoted the decorated Christmas Tree but Queen Charlotte, wife of Goerge II, had a decorated tree with gifts around it in 1800 and Charles Dickens described ‘a tree was planted in the middle of a great round table, and towered high above their heads. It was brilliantly lighted by a multitude of little tapers and everywhere sparkled and glittered with bright objects’.

    Enjoy your Christmas tree but, please be careful putting lighted candles on it!!

    Day 3 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @stitchincarol – well, when you put it like that…😂 10 lb loss definitely achievable, but a female might need to include a little exercise. Kidding! And you’re spot on – my TDEE is about 2200!

    Some regulars still mia this month? @i-hate-lettuce, @daffodil2010, @flourbaby, @mariaelena, @babs_b – come out, come out, wherever you are 👀

    Aiming for a very sensible weekend where food is concerned. Would be nice to hang onto the wriggle room until later in the month. I’m thinking I should stop taking these BP pills already. The reading was 107/56 last night! A so-called friend suggested a couple of glasses of wine would fix that 🤐

    Have a good weekend everyone 🌤 🌈

    Day 3 UK CD

    Yesterday’s CD became a NFD with not one but TWO almond/coconut flour mug cakes! But somehow I weighed in down another lb this morning at 168lb/76.2kg, proof again that 5:2 results are neither instant nor linear. After ups in August & October I’m delighted to be down already in December, and super motivated to head for the next milestones of 11 stone something and under 75kg…

    Still tired and aching despite 12hours sleep – yes, 12 hours! It’s a very quiet weekend as I recover from the over-full week, just gentle stretching, hydration, relaxing and pottering today, getting ready for church tomorrow and another early night. I’m sure I should be preparing for Christmas but I’m simply too tired to even think about it

    Day 3 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 217 lbs. Good news — no change since last weekend. Bad news — last weekend was Thanksgiving weekend, so my weekly average is up 2 lbs.

    Anyway, back on track …

    Day3 USA/HI NFD
    169 lb today’s weigh-in
    Nice to see 169 again! My plan for today’s NFD will be 16:8 and 1000 calories.
    On the MyFitnessPal app the calories burnt with exercise are added to your allowable calories for that day. Curious as to whether anyone here adds those calories to the allowable calorie goal.

    Day 3 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Made my “messy eggs” for a good breakfast before heading off to a show “Plaid Tidings” at our local theater. It’s called a “jukebox musical” as it uses songs of the era, this time with Christmas theme. It’s the same cast as “Forever Plaid” if anyone knows that show.

    There is an adorable commercial running on World Cup TV here, and maybe it is viewable internationally. The difference between “football” (USA style, Peyton Manning) and “soccer” (David Beckham) and also crisps and chips. The advert made me think of our international fellowship here. Poor USA could not do anything against Netherlands this morning.

    Have a terrific day and weekend all —
    Onward and downward.

    Day 3-FD-Northern VA USA
    72 yrs old; pediatrician, still working full time in the office.
    Had great success in 2017 with fasting to help lose 23#, but then did not do proper maintenance, and here I am again, about the same. Actually, have lost about 5# over the past two months, but have about 20 # to go to be in healthier range.
    So enjoying reading everyone’s posts. I do that every day, even though last month I didn’t have much to post. Thank you to @gardenlily for hosting this month, and to @funshipfreddie for last month’s hosting and humor!
    Also, I certainly agree with @stitchincarol about the wisdom of controlling how we eat, but not worrying too much about setting goals for specific weights. Let’s see if I can put that common sense to work!

    Day 4 Melbourne, Australia FD 7.30am

    I am laughing at myself as I was a tad disappointed this morning when I weighed in at 76.25kg. 3 weeks ago, I was over the moon to get below 77kg for the first time in a year. I need to keep all this weight stuff in perspective. I am rapt to be losing weight, but my main goal is to improve my health.

    Today is a FD. But I know I am going to be pretty busy doing lots of housework. So, I’ll see how things go. Tomorrow I am hosting the Christmas lunch for a group of good friends. Thankfully everyone brings something to eat. I have some very non healthy slices in my freezer which I will defrost in the morning.

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