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  • Any advice for dealing with those that criticize you for doing the fast diet?
    I’ve been getting a lot of flack from people who act as if it is an eating disorder, and I kindly remind them that it is no different than if I were to cut back my calories by 200 per day versus 2 days of restrictions. I also mention that our problem in society is excess not starvation. (that being said-I recognize an eating disorder when I see one-and this is NOT it) On the days I am fasting, I eat about 600-700 calories. I eat a more plant based diet, reducing my cholesterol, and other unhealthy, high calorie foods in my diet. That has to be more healthy! I cannot wait to see my test results. Many people have said that this will make my metabolism worse, but I remind them that the science doesn’t seem to support that. Maybe I shouldn’t have told anyone, but I was so excited to have lost a pound a week for the first three weeks. I feel great and don’t feel like I am depriving myself of nutrition.

    your results and body changes will speak for themselves and those who criticize may well be the ones asking you for advice, to many people are ready to knock it before they try it, just keep smiling to yourself knowing all the great things you are doing for your health xx

    Hi Arielle, Go to the success threads and quote some of the stats to them. Feel free to use me if you like:
    35 year old female, started out (probably slightly over) 15 stone and a dress size 14-16 since the age of 14. Exercise has never shifted a single lb for me (this may be genetic as a few others in my family are the same way) and only very restrictive calorie controlled dieting (which has never been sustainable for me over long periods) has ever shifted any weight through diet.

    1 year on I am now 12 stone and a dress size 12 (just bought my first pair of 10s which I expect to be comfortable in (bit tight at the moment) in about a month). No ill effects from the diet (1 severe headache during week 5 or 6, probably as a result of not enough water). I had eczema – NOT ANY MORE. I had hormonal issues – NOT ANY MORE. My skin is fantastic, I don’t get spots anymore and I sleep better than I ever have too.

    Keep it up and don’t let the buggers drag you down – they’ll soon shut up when you start noticably shedding the weight and your skin looks amazing.

    I’ve told very few people, just a few family members, because I expect most people would think I sound like a weirdo.


    I am just starting my 20th week and have only told a few people and even though I’ve lost 10.5 lbs. and 3 inches off my waist, only one person has noticed my weight loss. OTOH, I’m doing this for the health benefits and they are not something one can see from the outside.

    So, first I wouldn’t tell anyone else what you are doing. Just shock them with your soon to be fantastic results. Second for those that you have already told, remind them that “fasting” is not some new fad. Humans have been voluntarily fasting for many generations for all kinds of reasons. It is only now that the science of fasting and it’s effect on our health has become widely know, thanks to Michael and Mimi and of course the dedicated Scientists who are doing the research.

    After your results are visible to others you can be sure that many of the naysayers will be following your lead.


    I had noticed the green eyed monster rearing it’s ugly head a few weeks ago. One friend had rather gone on about now that we were both 52, we had a lifetime of a tummy ahead of us. I said nothing and picked up the size 12 t shirt and paid for it. “Didn’t I need a size 14?” Me-no a 12 will be fine.Nothing more was said.
    A week later shopping with very overweight friend who commented on the same t shirt with the words “you look slim in that t shirt, polka dots are very slimming”
    I simply replied that it was the 21 lb and 11 inches less of me that made me look slim and not the polka dots.Apart from a grudging well done, nothing else was said.
    This is at odds with work, where i have been met with gasps of surprise and congratulations with the shrinking me.As a result, there are now a couple more converts to the 5:2 way of life.

    People are often threatened by things they don’t understand and much of this way of life does fly in the face of conventional advice about losing weight. I was aghast when a friend told me she was doing it but read the book, apologised to her, and have been doing it ever since along with my husband!

    I’ve given up telling people so now I just say that I have cut my food intake down and leave it at that.

    Most people I told turned noses up at the thought of ADF and one or two were quite horrified. They just dont understand the concept and refuse to hear the health benefits because of one word “fasting”

    Thanks all for the advice. I think some of it is just a misunderstanding, and I remind people that there is no evidence to say that this will trash my metabolism. Like TracyJ, I started at 166 pounds. The highest weight I can ever remember. I am 5’2″, so this is certainly an issue. I eat fairly healthy and exercise, exercise, exercise. After a year of increase in excercise and the scale only moving to the right-I decided that there must be another way. This is the first and only diet that I have ever been on. This is the first time that I have routinely been watching my calorie intake and finally, the pounds are starting to go, slowly but surely. My clothing is now fitting better, and I just feel good. I still keep up my exercise routine because it is good for my general wellness. I am sick to death of people giving me that look that this is some sort of eating disorder or super unhealthy. When I tell them that on my fast days I eat things like plain oatmeal, a veggie burger and lentil soup, suddenly it doesn’t seem like an eating disorder at all. I’m just eating fewer calories and more of a plant-based diet. How can that be bad for me? geesh. Thanks all for the wonderful advice and support!

    They’re just very ignorant people. Their ego believes everything they know must be true & everything else must be all lies. They’re closed-minded. Therefore, if proven wrong their heads would suddenly explode.

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