Day one, here we go……..

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  • Morning folks,

    Title says it, day 1, weighed, measured, plans afoot!

    Starting today and feel I need to lose a couple of stones, tried calorie counting, became bored quite quickly, found it became more like work. My ‘name’ sums me up, salads, my version of a salad is all the nice stuff but no lettuce!

    In my early 60’s now and still keep thinking back to those salads, piled high with lettuce…..nagged to eat it! Wife makes salads, but lovely lass she is, just an odd leaf for me.

    So here I go, bit more determination this time, need to get my head round numbers, ie calories, but as long as don’t go OTT five days a week, think the 2 fasting days are in with a chance of me getting somewhere!

    Well the first week has gone well, weighs and measures day in the morning!

    Monday and today were fasting days, both went well to be honest, easier than I thought they would! Hopeful for the morning, certainly been less bloated, must be a good sign.

    Both fasting days calories burned exceeded calorie intake, others been good as well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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