DAHL 4 ways, can you freeze them?

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DAHL 4 ways, can you freeze them?

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  • Hi
    I have just made the yellow tarkadal and the spinach pea and lime and they feed 4 ( although I could eat them all in one go)
    Can they be frozen so I don’t eat the lot right now?
    Will freeze into 4 portions and then grab as I need them.

    But it they go mushy, or. Sloppy, I won’t bother.

    Like when you freeze cooked potato..how gross is that!??


    Hello dumpling 🙂 Welcome back!! Sounds like you had a fantastic holiday – yay! I haven’t made these recipes but I have very successfully frozen Dahl made with red split peas. Not sure if that’s helpful?

    Why thank you! I must say it is hard to be home!!

    Yes,that has helped, i will freeze them andhave them onfast days
    Thank you 🙂

    Excellent! I love lentils, and always feel like they are a really good thing to be eating – healthy and delicious!!

    I can imagine it is hard getting back to ‘normal’ life. When I get home it will be after about 13 months – I’m hoping though the fact I will be back with my boyfriend will soften the adjustment!!

    All the best with getting back on the truck!

    13 mths…where?

    Yes, you will be happy to be home I am sure. 6 weeks was not long enough, although I’m over the washing and lugging luggage
    I just don’t want it to feel like a dream.
    I woke in the night thinking ‘ which city am I in and which hotel cos the bed was so comfortable…and it was my own, grrr’

    Singapore, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Britiain and Iceland so far, possibly woofing along the south of Spain, and going to Gibraltar, Portugal, repeating some countries to see friends / family, and Vietnam on the way home. Then moving to Oz 😀

    Yeah the washing certainly is a pain! I have done quite a few trips just with carry-on so I am getting pretty expert at packing what I need, and easy ways to wash and dry things!! Haha.

    Maybe you can take up a new adventure at home like learning something new, going walking in some new locations, going camping at a local campsite? I’m planning on training for another Ironman, and taking up singing lessons when I get back. Might have a change of career too though so i think it will all be exciting enough!!

    Oh my goodness that is unreal!! Do you have 5 kids with you though?! They drag you down!!!
    What a wonderful adventure and then to immigrate, you go girl!

    I might take up “planning my next holiday”

    Ha ha

    Haha no I have zero kids (so far!!), hence doing what I’m doing now – no kids, house deposit in bank, paid off most of my student loan and no mortgage yet 😀 washing for one is much easier than washing for many!! It was quite a hard decision for me to make as I have always been much better at saving than spending money, so the thought of quitting a full time job to go traveling felt very brave!! I knew I wouldn’t regret it thought, in contrary I would definitely have regretted if I had not jumped on the plane.
    I was thinking about suggesting planing the next holiday, but I wasn’t sure what the bank would say!! Hehe

    Yes the bank says ‘no’

    My sister is quitting her job in april and going over land to singapore from maidstone ,kent

    She is single, she felt,,,why not.
    So good on you both and well done re the deposit. Big kudos!
    Making memories is what this lifes all about.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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