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  • I started the 5:2 at the end of April, I lost 1st 4lbs in 8 weeks, but havent lost for 3 weeks in a row now.
    Ive been reading more and more about the different variations to this way of eating, and have become more and more confused.
    Ive been eating my normal supper at 6pm on a none fast day, and then Ive been eating my normal supper again 24hrs later, and in between Ive been having the 500cals that we are allowed to have……Have I been doing it wrong all this time…???

    Hi mjm, if you have a normal supper at 6p.m. – let’s say it’s Sunday – then you have your 500 calories for the entire Monday and your first regular meal would be at the earliest Tuesday morning. 24 hours after your last regular meal would be Monday 6p.m. which is still part of your fast day.
    The way I understand what you wrote is that you had your 500 cals on Monday and then you had regular supper Monday night? Considering your wonderful weight loss I probably misunderstood.
    Anyhow, reaching a plateau after a while happens to most of us, don’t get discouraged!

    Thank you for getting back to me fastinginberlin, Yes Ive obviously been doing it wrong, eating my 500cals plus my normal meal at supper time…!! how on earth did I lose any weight at all…lol, I must be very lucky. I dont think I can manage the 36hrs with only 500cals, the most I can manage is 19 1/2.
    Back to the drawing board for me. 🙂

    You must have been doing something right, your success speaks for itself – maybe you ate generally smaller portions. I must say I like your diet better 🙂
    Keep in mind that the 36 hours include 2 nights, so it’s only from the time you get up till you go to sleep you’d have to make do with the 500 cal. Good luck!

    Thank you fastinginberlin, Im going to give the 5:2 a propper go from tomorrow, I will try and stick to the rules this time…lol. 🙂
    If you would like further information on MY diet, I will be happy to pass it on to you, perhaps I should write a book..!!der!.. 🙂

    I do my fast straight through the day until dinner – i.e. no breakfast or lunch or anything else (just water) – leaving me my daily calories for dinner/desert, which gives me CLOSE TO the amount I would normally eat in those 2 meals anyway. Not difficult to skip lunch as sometiems you don’t get to have lunch anyway due to being busy(!), and I agree with Michael’s observation that sometimes after eating breakfast you can feel hungrier later than if you hadn’t eaten at all (especially after high-GI breakfasts), so those were the logical meals to skip. I find it hard to sleep if I’m hungry, so I definitely didn’t want to skimp on desert! 🙂

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