Combining 16:8 with 6:1

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  • Hi,

    I started intermittent fasting about 3 years ago.

    First I was on the 5:2 diet for a years and a half when I switched to 16:8 (about a year and a half ago), because it seemed easier to maintain – which it was. I lost weight just like I did on 5:2 and was quite happy with being able to eat what I wanted (sort of) every day, and not having to count calories.

    I’ve now reached a plateau and can’t seem to lose those final pounds. I’ve been considering combining 16:8 with 6:1, which might be what I need to get to my ideal weight.

    When I was on 5:2, I didn’t eat at all on my fast days, because I found it easier not to eat then to eat a little bit and then stop.

    Today is my first fast day in over a year, and it’s going well so far πŸ™‚ I did realize that the combination of 16:8 and 6:1 would mean that I’m not eating at all for 40 hours straight (16+24), but I don’t think that’s a major problem.

    I wanted to ask if anyone else has experience with combining 16:8 and 6:1? And if it has made a big difference compared to just 16:8?

    Thanks in advance for any responses,


    FYI –

    I’ve been doing this combo for 5 weeks now, and I’ve lost almost 1 kilogram per week!

    The 40 hour fast (1 whole day of fasting + the 16 hours that I usually do) has not been a problem at all.

    I can still eat all my favourite foods and have had barbecues, roasts, cake, ice cream and still lost weight every week.

    I’d recommend this method πŸ™‚

    I’ve done 5:2 a couple of times over the years. The first was the most successful – lost 10lbs over 6 months and then plateaued. The second time I joined in with family meals on fast days but had smaller portions. Both times on non-fast days I just wasn’t careful enough – this time if I have a treat on a non-fast day I make up for it by missing lunch or I do portion control at dinner.
    But this posting caught my eye because I like the flexibility it might offer. Do you think you’re successful because of the 40 hour fasting window, or would it still work if I went Fast day / Non-fast day / 16:8 / non-fast day?


    I’ve been doing this method for over a year and really like it, for several reasons.

    It offers a lot of flexibility, like you said. I can choose any day of the week as my fast day, and often schedule around it.

    What I also really like is how good I feel after a fast day. I do tend to feel a bit bloated after 6 non-fast days, and one day of fasting always solves that.

    By sticking to my 8 hour window on my other 6 days, I still feel that I’m restricting a lot of calories that I would otherwise eat for breakfast (which I skip now) or snacking in front of the telly at night (my window usually closes by 8 or 9, so I don’t eat during the hours before going to bed, which I think is a good thing).

    I’ve gotten so used to it now, that it hardly feels like dieting – more like a lifestyle choice. I can have plenty of treats and not feel bad.

    I’m not sure if your method of fast – non-fast – 16:8 – non-fast would work, simply because I haven’t tried that yet. Occasionally I don’t do 16:8 (like on holidays and birthdays), but they are quite rare.

    I’m not sure how much the 40 hour fast contributes. After my fast day, I usually don’t have trouble at all to wait till lunchtime, because I just am not hungry after fasting. That changes the moment I start eating again πŸ™‚ And no matter what that food is, it always tastes super delicious! But I don’t know how big the impact is of fasting for 40 hours.

    Let me know how it goes!


    hi- I do 16:8 most days then at least 2 days a week I skip dinner
    so it’s a combo 5:2 as I dont eat b’fast any day…

    the skipping dinner really depletes my carb stores (liver and muscles) and my body starts using fat…

    I have been losing 1 kg ~2.2lb a week on this diet and not too hungry and still energy…

    good morning everyone . I report my experience hoping it will be of help. I practiced 16: 8 for a few months but suffering from gastritis it gave me a lot of stomach problems. 5 months ago I discovered Michael’s book and started putting it into practice with a slight modification.
    Not being able to have a big breakfast, I merged the concept of 16: 8 with 5/2 taking, I believe, the benefits of both. To avoid heartburn I therefore consume a very light breakfast (40 kcal) that allow me to stay on an empty stomach enjoying the advantages of fasting at 16: 8 until lunchtime without having the discomfort of gastritis. I therefore keep the two main meals for lunch and dinner, remaining within the 550/600 calories of the day in total. In doing so, I effortlessly went from 92kg in weight (180cm in height) to 73.5. I think it can be a good alternative for those who are not used to having large breakfasts and suffer from the lack of family lunch. Good day and good fast everyone β˜ΊοΈπŸ™πŸ»

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