Chronic constipation.

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  • Hi from Perth, going to be 44deg today!! I am suffering from chronic constipation and need help badly. Have done 5 fasts, been like this all the time. Take extra fibre but no help, drink plenty, now what?

    Hi Mikayla I put some ideas on the Southern site–Metamucil was recommended by a friend’s surgeon and I am a great fan of 2 kiwi fruit every morning ( and I don’t count them as part of my fasting calories because I get great bang for my bucks–so to speak

    Hi I also have a problem with constipation and IBS. I use ground linseed. I grind up two tablespoons every morning (one on fast days) and add it to muesli or porridge. This keeps me regular more or less. Metamucil is good but I don’t like drinking it very much it is very gritty and linseed tastes good and is good for you.

    I stopped the 5/2 a few weeks ago because of the constipation. It really scared me and bummed me out because I liked 5/2 a lot otherwise. I want to start again. I drank a lot of water and ate plenty of fiber. I ate protein on my fast days which Dr. Mosley said was important to keep regular. I have only been constipated once in my life and that was when I was pregnant! I like the idea of this survey and would love to hear that the constipation goes away (without laxative!). Thanks for starting the survey. Are you doing any better?

    Hi Mikalight yes I started a online nutrition course which is very informative. I understand than 100g of raspberries gives about 8 or more grams of fibre, add an apple and a pear then have 2 or three types of vegetables such as brocoli and peas with another portion of fruit after your evening meal.

    In addition I have started taking 10g -15g of metamucil before dinner with apple juice let down with water. on top of this I still add 1 tbs of ground linseed to my breakfast. The results of the have been excellent!
    At my age the hormones which play a part in regulating the motility of the intestines don’t work so well so more fibre is needed, 28-35g per day is the recommended allowance and in the US the average is around 15g and UK 14g. good luck if you go back on the fast diet. I love being slim!
    its work having a look and the fibre in the things you eat.

    I have been on the diet for 5 weeks now and the constipation thing is REALLY getting to me. It has been going on the whole time and every fast day kicks it off again! I have flaxseed (linseed) on porridge on non fast day and have started psyllin husk (one teaspoon in water) twice a day all week. The thing is I have tripled my veggie intake across the week and am eating way more lentils and beans. In fact my diet across the board has been vastly improved (much less protein in the form of chicken etc) so why am I constipated all the time? I complained to my GP who said to take Movicol but I hate to take laxatives everyday …not that it seems to be doing much
    curiously my GP didn’t seem concerned about the constipation at all

    Hey the answer is MAGNESIUM!! I have been on the 5;2 since Feb and had awful constipation. Like you I dont like taking laxatives all the time. So now I take one or two Magnesium tabs every day , which does the trick. I found I was depleted of this nutrient. Milk of magnesia does the same trick. Lately I have taken Magnesium and Potassium in the same tab as the potassium is supposed to be good for blood pressure etc. Good luck!!

    hm not sure about the magnesium theory. I have been taking magnesium supplements for ages (fibromylia) and I didn’t have a problem with constipation before 5:2 diet. I feel like everyone else is finding fasting relatively easy while I really really struggle with it… feel aweful and constipated which is a shame as I really love the whole idea

    Hi all. Should I be concerned. Thinking about starting 5:2, right before Xmas, good timing huh. I already suffer with chronic constipation, I take supplement daily to assist. Am I asking for further trouble be starting this diet? Feed back greatly appreciated.

    Hi all,
    Magnesium oxide does the trick,not magnesium citrate which is a good suppliment for those who drink much water and get /may get cramps in legs for example. I don’t know if the names are written right in English but try to figure out what I mean.
    Tuula L

    Hi all,
    I suffer from the same constipation issues. I have Irritable bowel syndrome which doesn’t help. Since starting the 5:2 diet its got worse. I’ve already added Yakut – a probiotic to my diet and take 2 heaped teaspoons of Psyllum Husks daily. I drink lots of water and try and have as much fibre in my diet as possible. This is really a problem as I do think the diet has lots of benefits as well as weight loss. I don’t want to have to resort to laxatives on a regular basis. It would be good if Dr. Michael Mosley could look into this problem and give us some advice. I think that there may be many others like us out there but are too embarrassed to discuss their bowel habits on a public forum.
    I will try the Linseed oil. As far as I know, Milk of Magnesia is sold as a laxative.
    I look forward to comments from others.

    I have found that drinking a couple of glasses of water first thing in the morning helps with the issue.

    I have also have this problem, after reading all the good advice I am hoping all will now be well. It is great to have a forum to go too so you know you are not alone.

    Hi all, I had awful constipation on the 5;2 whilst doing a low carb plan the other days. I completely cut out bread, rice, pasta, potatoes. But recently I have reintroduced potatoes some days. They are what keeps me regular and more effective than veg or fruit , and anything is better than that constipated feeling!!!

    I take psyllium husks in water when I fell this way. They are not too expensive and you can buy them in Holland and Barrett or on Amazon 🙂

    Hi Guys
    Try Chia Seeds for this problem but go carefully, it can have explosive results!! I buy ground Chia Seeds from my Health Food Store and the suggested daily recommendation is to take up to 15g but I find just 5g on top of my porridge does the job! I also take a little stewed rhubarb with a few drops of liquid stevia with low fat yogurt which also helps. I hope you find this useful, nothing is as bad as that awful bunged up feeling.

    I try to include a green smoothie in my daily intake on non fast days , spinach, kale, wheetgrass powder, Apple, frozen pineapple chunks( or any fruit) , mint, ginger, and coconut water.Then on fast days only I take Metamucil ( the amount depends on how I am going at the time). Works for me.

    You might see from my post below that I suffer from constipation caused more by IBS that my food. However last year I did the Whole30 an illumination diet. Since I have given up wheat and most grains I no longer have constipation. In place of wheat products I eat more vegetables and fruit.

    If you have bloating say four hours after eating as I did it is most probably wheat. I can’t tell you how much better I feel. My weight is pretty stable and I just fast once a week.

    I too have had chronic constipation. I am being treated by the doctor with enemas and laxitives. It’s called faecal impaction and as I have still not been after 10 days it’s not over yet. I have been on the diet for just over two months.

    Having read through all the posts above, I can’t see that anyone mentions the need for a little fat in the diet. After many years following a low fat diet and suffering with constant constipation, I read last year how important ‘good’ fat is in our diets. Butter, full fat milk, full fat yoghurt, coconut oil, olive oil and other unrefined oils and avocado (all in sensible quantities of course). Whilst I accept on a fast day any fat could use up a significant chunk of 500 calories, I suggest building more fat into non fast days. I have started eating a small avocado or half a large most days and that has made an amazing difference for me. A lovely meal is a slice of wholemeal toast topped with crushed avocado with poached egg on top. About 400 calories and very nutritious. Lots of fibre from fruit and veg, grains etc. are absolutely necessary and a little fat helps its journey through the digestive system. Another thing to consider is how our modern day lavatory design is not helping. See this link for a very informative little video. Since watching this, I find crouching right over and reading a book placed on the floor is a good distraction and helps me. Anyway, all the best for a lovely Easter.

    Thank you for that. The nurse left about an hour ago after giving me an enema. I have spent the hour on the toilet and finally after 12 days went. It was so painful and still is really uncomfortable. I think there is more to follow I will just have to build up to giving it another go.

    The nurse said to come off the 5:2 as my body can’t cope with the constant changes in routine. I have to stay on the sachets of laxitive until my body gets back to some form of routine Somehow I don’t want to come off I just have to moderate what will suit me as everyone is so different.

    I think you are absolutely right about the fat and the toilet position. I have just had a piece if hoy buttered wholemeal toast with marmalade. It was lovely.

    It is such a beautiful day I just want to enjoy it. Thank you everyone for your support. It really did help enormously Happy Easter everyone.

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