Chewing each mouthful 50+

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Chewing each mouthful 50+

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  • Hi been doing the fast plan for my 13th week now and i discovered a great tip for fast days AND on normal days just chew for longer… yep that’s it. I can give you some examples i have experienced since adopting this approach to my 50+ (as i like to call it).
    . Firstly on fast day meals gives the illusion of a larger meal.
    . A feeling of being full before finishing a meal.
    . You actually taste your food instead of just swallowing it mindlessly.
    . In my case less heart burn and feeling lethargic after meals.
    . Less or no hunger pangs during the day.
    I could go on and on ad nauseum but i won’t all i can say is i eat less and enjoy more every morsel of food i eat and as a result less running to the fridge for a top up on food after a meal (we all do it lol). so try it good luck guys.

    Thank you for this helpful advice. I will start chewing more straight away!

    Hi Andy303, I recently started a thread in ‘Support Chat and Encourage’ called ‘Why do different people react differently to fasting’ and your tip about chewing has, in my head, partly answered it. It is a known phenomenon that people who eat slowly tend to be thinner than those who eat quickly. Chewing a lot will slow your consumption of food down and although its obviously more complicated than that, basically slowing down is the crux of it. I am a slow eater and have always chewed a lot – I am relatively slim and find 5/2 easy. My partner is a very fast eater, is overweight and finds it hard. I’m convinced its all related. So thanks for the tip and I’m going to try to support my hub to slow down and chew.

    I understand the theory….that chewing longer makes you eat slower. But I just cant stand the nasty, gelatenous, mush that food turns into when chewed more than like 15xs.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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