Cellular Repair Fasting Requirements? Need help!

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Cellular Repair Fasting Requirements? Need help!

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  • I am hoping that Michael can respond to this question: If my 500 calories are spread throughout a fasting day, will that interfere with the mechanism of calorie deprivation that switches the body into cellular repair mode? For example, does eating an apple in the middle of the fast day (instead of going 12 hours with no food between meals) send mixed signals to the body and negate the “famine” signal that the body needs to turn inward and start repairing itself? Or are the 500 calories that are ingested throughout the fast day still so minimal, that the repair mechanism is not adversely affected? Hoping to obtain clarification ASAP. Thank you.

    Thank you susan j for asking this as I’d like it clarified too.

    Good question. I’ll watch this one too.

    I think he’s answered it already in the faqs: “Do the calories have to be in one meal or spread across the day?”

    There have been different studies using different approaches. People who took part in Dr Krista Varady’s studies of Alternate Day Fasting (ADF) had just one meal a day, at lunchtime. Those who took part in Dr Michelle Harvie’s studies of the 2 Day Diet at several small meals a day. Michael prefers having two meals a day, breakfast and an evening meal. Mimi prefers several small meals. Which approach is better? The one you can stick to. Some people find, for example, that eating breakfast actually makes them feel hungrier later in the morning.

    Thanks Humphrey, but I am still not clear (even though Dr. Harvie’s studies did spread food throughout the day) on the impact of some food vs. NO food in a 12 hour time span on the mechanism that switches the body into cellular repair mode with a famine signal. I understand that one needs to pick a plan that you can stick to, but my question is a very specific one that focuses only on the difference in impact on the efficacy of the body’s repair mode at the cellular level if the famine signal is blunted by a snack in the middle of the 12 hour span between 7am to 7pm on a “fasting” day.

    Page 76 of the book says that they just dont know which is better yet. That the science is still in its infancy.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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