Celeriac – the new potato!

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Celeriac – the new potato!

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  • I am loving celeriac! It’s 17 cals per 100g but it goes a long way. Tonight we had it pureed with a dessertspoon of low fat creme frache and a couple of teaspoon sof jalapeno mustard and some chives and it tasted like lovely light mash. Along with a chicken breast marinated in lemon juice, garlic, ginger and ras-al-hanout it made a lovely dinner, and did not feel remotely like fasting. Hope that might be of interest!

    I make Coleslaw with it thinly slice raw with carrots and onion. For the mayonnaise I use phyllidiella light with garlic and herbs(156Kcal/100g)mix it up with some lemon juice and a tsp water to thin it, but it makes enough for several meals. I have a good spoonful on top of my salad instead of meat/fish, its much milder than coleslaw made with white cabbage.

    I got the calorie count from the Fast Diet book itself and have e-mailed in for clarification BUT everywhere else says calories are 42 per 100g not 17 as the book states. So don’t go crazy with it just yet until I get a response to what may have been a printing error …

    Hi Caledoniagirl – yes, Nutracheck (which we used for the book and is a market leader in cal counts) says 17 cals for 100g celeriac; other sites say 15-27 and up to 42, as you say. I wonder if the higher value is possibly for mashed (with added dairy?) In any case, celeriac has fewer cals than potato, so a good Fast Day option, particularly in a healthy coleslaw like DFaithfull suggests. Like the idea of the jalapeno mustard too!

    Another thing I’ve now tried with my NBF, Celeriac – Remoulade. I put the celeriac through the grater of my food processor and added a mixture of Hellman’s Lightest Mayo (70cals per 100g, same as low fat yoghurt) mixed with mustard and lemon juice and salt and pepper. Really tasty. Thaat mayo is useful for a bit of emulsification when you tire of yoghurt or lemon juice.

    thank you very much for the ideas. I suspect as someone with an interest in fod creation you are one to watch,

    Great celeriac tips, thank you. Tomorrow is my very first 5:2 day. Do you have any fave breakfasts? I’d love your advice… Thanks, Gravs

    Sounds good to me, will try it soon…………..

    Veggie curry for two on 5-2 regime:

    50g red lentils, 100g onion, 25g curry paste; squidge oil; cauliflower 100g; Celeriac 200g; tomato 75g; 2 cloves garlic, tabasco, 1/2 chilli pepper, salt and pepper, 1/2 an oxo cube…., cinnamon stick, dash of tumeric – comes up to 380 calories.

    Fry onion, add red lentils, add water(about 1/2 litre – go easy to begin with and add more as it thickens up. Cook about 5 mts. Add all veg (chopped) and flavouring, and slow cook (with lid on) for 15 mts or so.

    Lovely light curry – very satisfying with the lentils and the celeriac! Doesn’t feel like a fast-day meal at all…

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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